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  1. Tried to ease my way back onto the weights! Heavy day! 2x5 120lbs + bar. 2x5 170lbs + bar. 1x5 220lbs + bar. WARM UP 3x5 270lbs + bar Squat. Better but needs a ton more work. 2x5 100lbs + bar. WARM UP 3x5 140lbs + bar Chest Press. Better, one more round then up. Tried static holds on the parallel bars machine. I have 0 triceps, it has been pointed out and never found the need to work them before. Will try to remedy that slowly but surely. Statics holds! 1 x 28 seconds. 1 x 15 seconds. 1 x 26 seconds. The thing is, I feel my hands giving up over the weight first. And I am shaking throughout. O
  2. Took an unintentional four day break, starting Friday till yesterday. Went in with a "light cardio day" just to jump start the week. I had a light hand on my diet the past weekend but looks like the four straight days of workouts paid off, weighed in today at 213lbs. Not too shabby. Ran for 10 minutes at 10kph. Next 15 at 10.5kph. Last 5 at 12kph. TAXING! 2x5 40lbs + bar Overhead Press. Warmup! 3x5 80lbs + bar Overhead Press. 3x5 Pullups. Felt good about this! All for now!
  3. Went into the workout today, sore as hell, especially my chest and thighs. But I tried to push through it, nothing bad but it did throw me a little off. Was supposed to do a heavy day but opted to ease myself in some things instead. Did Bear Complex with 50lbs + bar. 5 sets of 7 reps. 3 x 5 Pullups. Pretty happy with this one, powered through. 2x5 100lbs + bar Chest Press. WARMUP. 2x5 140lbs + bar Chest Press. 1x1 140lbs + bar Chest Press. Stalled, but it's okay. Was going into a jump rope routine but my leg caught a cramp, so decide to drop it. Anyway, not bad. Pretty happy with this week! Ke
  4. Hey guys! Good week so far! Going to update my last two workouts: YESTERDAY: Tried to get back on the horse via heavy squats, skipped it for 3 weeks due to international travel and whatever else. Eased myself back on with a deloaded weight of 270lbs + bar. 2x5 120lbs + bar. 2x5 170lbs + bar. 1x5 220lbs + bar. WARM UP 3x5 270lbs + bar. Super difficult, my legs are sore as heck today but hopefully I get to do a full 5x5 set tomorrow. 2x5 100lbs + bar Chest Press. WARM UP 3x5 140lbs + bar Chest Press. Okay, will move up. 2x5 minute deep squat MWOD. 10 minute HIIT Jump Rope routine. 1x5 Pullups. 1
  5. Hey y'all! Haven't had the time to update but I've been easing myself back into the workouts. Today though (lol my birthday) I plan to change things a bit. I have officially backslid to 215lbs. I've hit an all-time loss of 210 a month back, it just slowly started to go downhill from there. At least the "damage" is not as extensive as I thought. Here's the challenge. I want to try to hit 205lbs at the end of 4 weeks. I'll elaborate on the rest of my plan tomorrow, but for now--workout update! Did 2 sets of 5 minute deep squat WODs. HIIT interval type training on the jump rope for 10 minutes. 5
  6. Today was just a quick workout. 6 minute deep squat, stretch out a bit, and then capped it off with 4 minutes. 10 minute jump rope semi-HIIT routine. 3x5 Pull-ups. All for now!
  7. Hey guys! Haven't really found the time (read: fell of the wagon) to update via my 6-week challenge thread. But it doesn't mean I stopped making time to exercise. I'll utilize this log in between (or if I'm not up to snuff) challenges. Yesterday was a trip back to the gym after a full 6 days of nothing but mobility workouts. Put in a warm up MWOD of deep squat, held it for 5:45 minutes! Record! Went ahead for a squat workout after. 1x10 120lbs + bar Squat. 2x5 170lbs + bar Squat. 1x5 220lbs + bar Squat. (Warm up ends) 3x5 270lbs + bar Squat. Just to ease myself back in, "ease" is an understate
  8. WEEK DAY, DAY 4 Aieee! Lost a lot of ground there. Coming back from the food fest that was China: I gained back 3lbs! Currently hovering around 212-213lbs. Well I can't say exactly that I backslid, since I left the country however many days ago with the same weight reading on the scale. But recently, been getting a lot of comments that I lost weight! Puzzling. But hey, I'm not going to contest it! WORKOUT: Finally back on the horse! Started out with a warm-up deep squat of 4:45 minutes. Not bad! 15 seconds to my 5 minute goal! 2x5 120lbs + bar Squat. 2x5 170lbs + bar Squat. 1x5 220lbs + bar
  9. Hey guys! Quick update! I just got back from China! Guangzhou to be exact. Man oh man was it an experience. It was literally an endless pile of stuff. We stayed at the best hotel, ate a crap ton of Chinese food (chao fan anyone?! That's fried rice in Chinese!) but worked our asses of sourcing the entire day. The good news is, I managed to run 4 out of the 5 days! Hey, gotta take advantage of the nice hotel gym! I didn't do any weights, but I did work on the MWOD squats every day. From starting out to barely holding a 1:30 set, I've graduated to doing full-deep squats for 4:30 minutes a piece!
  10. Thank you Seabright! I'll do my best to keep everything up! No workout last night, got caught up at work. It's going to be an interesting week in Guangzhou! Hope I get to update over there! SEE Y'ALL REBELS!
  11. WEEK 3 ASSESSMENT! So I managed to go to the gym today, and lo and behold--I back slid 3lbs. The scale reads I'm currently 212lbs or something again. To be perfectly honest, I was a bit bummed but I just had to remind myself that the scale doesn't tell the whole story. I'm doing well with my MWOD Bonus Goal (feeling pretty good on this!) and I'm top of all of my lifts + cardio, so it could be muscle weight. ORRR it could be the fact that I've totally let go on my carb intake on cheat meals. Which was basically the entire weekend. So for analysis sake, I give myself a B for last week. A on the
  12. Nice picture! I wish I can come visit New York soon! It's been years since my last visit! Keep up the stellar work!
  13. Thanks for the words of encouragement! Let's just hope I stick it up until the end!
  14. WEEK 3, DAY 7 Just coming in to report. Yesterday was a full-on cheat day if anything, I had pizza for dinner and ended up having drinks at a party. It wasn't a huge bender but I finally broke my almost 50++ days of having nothing but water or liquid calories. A factor I attribute highly to my progress so far. Today was okay, but no workout. Will resume tomorrow. I did, however, try to put up some progress on the 10 minute squat MWOD and successfully broke it down to 4 sets of 2 minutes and 30 seconds! And I'm finally doing it without the aid of a chair! I found my center of gravity. Huzzah I
  15. WEEK 3, DAY 5 officially rounding off this week with a complete set of gym workouts! Huzzah! That HAS NOT happened in a while. I hope it's an addiction to exercise, god knows I need it hahaha! WORKOUT: Light day today! 2x5 80lbs + bar Overhead Press. Warm up. 5x5 95lbs + bar Overhead Press. Pretty okay, still powering through the last few reps with a jump but yeah, few more rounds. Did a 2:15 minute deep squat. Lol forgot to do it at the start. 2x5 90lbs + bar Bent Over Row. Warm up. 5x5 135lbs + bar Bent Over Row. Needs work! 3x5 70lbs + bar Bicep Curls. Still stalled on the last two sets. F
  16. Lol I love the "he just wanted some extra good livin' is all" HAHAHA!
  17. WEEK 3, DAY 4 on a roll! WORKOUT: Managed a heavy day today! Minus the deadlifts, boo. 2x5 120lbs + bar Squat. 2x5 170lbs + bar Squat. 1x5 220lbs + bar Squat. Here ends my warm up sets. 3x5 290lbs + bar Squat. Pretty okay, I think it has a lot to do with the fact that it's only 3 sets! 2x5 100lbs + bar Chest Press. Warm up. 3x5 155lbs + bar Chest Press. Kind of a doozy this time. Hmmm. Did a jump rope routine for 10 minutes. Huzzah! NUTRITION: Big salad for lunch, chicken stewed in tomatoes and Filipino sausage. Had a piece of cake for a snack (BAD!), then proceeded to eat my two eggs and slic
  18. WEEK 3, DAY 3 WORKOUT: Light day today! 5x5 90lbs + bar Overhead Press. Not bad, few more rounds. 5x5 130lbs + bar Bent Over Row. Not bad also, few more rounds. 3x5 70lbs + bar Bicep Curls. Weird, couldn't finish the last 2 sets. Not my day. Ran for 27 minutes at 10kph, sprint for 12kph, 3 minutes. Great stuff! NUTRITION: Big salad, pork stew and a bit of pasta for lunch. Two hardboiled eggs and two pieces of small fried chicken at 4pm. Dinner was beef in soysauce and ground pork soup. Not bad! BONUS: I finally found my center of gravity on the deep squat! The trick is to squat in between you
  19. WEEK 3, DAY 2 Not much to report today, got stuck at work so no gym time. NUTRITION: Big salad for lunch, chicken drumsticks and some fruit. Had a bit of pasta at 4pm, with corned beef and vienna sausage. Dinner was mung bean soup and fried chicken wings. WORKOUT: No workout, just tried to catch up on mastering the 10 minute squat WOD. So far, I beat my old record of breaking it up into 9 individual sets. Just did it in 6! I can totally feel the progress, it still hurts though after 2 minutes but I feel great. I think I'm well on some way to master this, prognosis might be able to keep it at
  20. WEEK 3, DAY 1 I won't be able to rate my week last week because I don't think I did it justice. I ate a lot more than I should have but the good news is, I seemingly did not backslide on the scale. Which is always a plus. Will try to get a handle on things this week! WORKOUT: Heavy day today! Broke through my Squat PR! And totally on schedule too. 2x5 120lbs + bar Squat. 2x5 170lbs + bar Squat. 1x5 220lbs + bar Squat. Here ends my warm up sets. 3x5 290lbs + bar Squat. PR! I'm scaling my total number of sets down to 3, finally! It feels like a giant load off but I still had a tough time. Maint
  21. Thanks for the advice, I think I may have listened to my body too much this past week! WEEK 2 ended yesterday on an okay note. Wasn't able to exercise fully last week due to time constraints, but I managed a quick run yesterday.
  22. DAY 3, WEEK 2 WORKOUT: Light day today! Was planning on putting emphasis on cardio but... 5x5 85lbs + bar Overhead Press. Move up! 5x5 130lbs + bar BentOVer Row. Not bad, one more round. 5x5 70lbs + bar Bicep Curls. Just okay, few more rounds. Was coming into a 30 minute run but clocked out at the 12th minute mark, intense side split. Wow, never thought that would happen again. Not too bummed, I'd rather listen to my body. NUTRITION: Pretty okay day! 1pm was big salad and a few slices of meat. 4pm was two hard boiled eggs and roast beef. Dinner at 9pm was cucumbers in vinegar and callos; Spani
  23. Great job so far! P.S It was only now, after reading your update, that I found out that "double unders" are in fact, a jump rope maneuver. HAHAHA I feel like I've been living under a rock! I do them once every 50 skips or so on my jump rope routine, let me see if I can hit the "gold standard" of 2 minutes! I just might die.
  24. Hoping it wasn't a fluke! Thanks! Thank you nightlight! I will take this into consideration! Yeah I have this counter-productive habit that I set conditions for myself, if a and b are met--then I am in a good enough position to put some time in. A and b meaning energy levels and the time I get home. Sometimes I guess I just have to push through and do something! Thanks for the advice!
  25. DAY 2, WEEK 2 So I seemingly skipped Day 1 yesterday because I got stuck at work, no time for working out. Today though was a different story: WORKOUT: Heavy day today! 5x5 285lbs + bar Squat. Managed to maintain the solid descent down into the squat, feels a lot more powerful than last time going up! 3x5 155lbs + bar Chest Press. Powered through this! Will maintain. 10 minutes hardcore jump rope! Pretty spent after this. NUTRITION: I was featured in a magazine today, spent lunchtime at the venue. I scarfed down a small slice of pizza, no big. Had lunch of salad and some pork at 2pm. Had a fri
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