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  1. Before anything else! Recap of WEEK 1 Apart from my running goals, I managed to keep everything in line. But as for my nutrition, it definitely wasn't right all of the time. I had a couple of cheat days (read: Saturday and Sunday were insanely bad) and I had a lot of carbs in between. Definitely need to rein it back in. I give myself a B for week 1. But anyway, still a lot of time to make a dent! Surprisingly though, I weighed myself in (expecting to slide back a couple of lbs) but lo and behold, I'm currently 208-210lbs! I lost 2lbs from last week! HUZZAH! It really must be the IF protocol ta
  2. Miguel I think you better work on systematizing your nutrition! Judging from your posts, it's either you're hella undernourished or you're binge'ing on the nuts you seem to have everywhere with you HAHAHA! Come on guy! Let's do this! 1 week down, we have 5 more to go to make a dent!
  3. Had a workfilled past two days! I had a terrible weekend, nutrition and work wise! At any rate, will post a full week update after I go to the gym later! Ghastly, I need to make adjustments!
  4. DAY 5, WEEK 1 Friday, Friday! WORKOUT: Did a light day today! But a full day at that! 5x5 85lbs + bar Overhead Press. Not bad, one more round then up. 5x5 125lbs + bar BentOver Row. Not bad, move up. 5x5 65lbs + bar Bicep Curls. Will move up. 30 minute run, 27 minutes at 10kph with the last 3 at 12kph. NUTRITION: Diet wise, I felt like I clunked today with the choice of food. First meal at 1pm was big salad, slices of meat loaf and a TON OF FRIED SQUID. Not cute. Second meal at 4pm was supposed to be my usual breakfast food but instead, I ate a small plate of noodles. Terrible. It was someone'
  5. Good luck on your goals, excited to see how you'll fare in the challenge! Question though, what's a pause squat? If it is what I think it is, I just might die down there if I try it HAHAHA.
  6. Great job on conquering that goal! Inspiring! And so early in the game!
  7. I know! It sucks, I can't even get my center of gravity down there (in a full deep-seat squat) without having to extend my arms forward. Lol, puts new meaning to the term "bottom heavy" Have you managed to conquer it?
  8. DAY 4, WEEK 1 God caught up at work today but I managed to sneak in a bit of gym time. WORKOUT: Supposedly a heavy day for me but I only managed to get in the squats! Which is totally my priority so I'm happy. Going into these things (especially at my working weight), it's always a mental battle under that bar. I dread going into each and every set but I can't describe how "accomplished" I feel after doing it. So today: 5x5 285lbs + bar. If I follow the timeline correctly, I have this week and the next to master this before I move up to make my goal. If not sooner. Today was harder than usual,
  9. Wasn't that bad Miguel! At least your diet was kept, that's one day for you! Small steps will add up!
  10. That should be your gauge (moreso than just the plain number of calories) is how you feel. You didn't make something in the gym that you've been doing for a while now, that's a sure sign of fatigue and not having enough to refuel yourself. Sustain yourself and eat well! With that said, I admire your discipline though! I'm sure with a few tweaks, you'll get this all down pat!
  11. Go kill that 5k time goal nightlight! Just keep the runs consistent and you'll get there!
  12. Great stuff I also pretty much started (and stuck, albeit modified) weight lifting with the 5x5 protocol! It gets you lifting heavy weights with great pacing! Just let me know when you begin to stall, take his advice and de-load. It always helps! I'm currently at 5x5 285lbs + bar Squat just because of his book, and I'm about to go 3x5 (FINALLY UGHHH) for the 290! Good luck and kill this challenge!
  13. Great job on the running (and lol at the "it was HADES out there", always reminds me of Bring It On). Looks like you're off to a good start! Just be careful with those calories (but hey, if you feel spritely and well enough, just go for it!).
  14. DAY 3, WEEK 1 but first things first, starting pictures (LOOK AWAY!!!): Anyway, forgive my derpy-face and body. I took this in-between client fittings at our store LOL inside one of the fitting rooms (HARSH LIGHTING MUCH!). I just shucked off my shirt, that explains the shoes and the shorts HAHAHA I swear my outfit looked good today. At any rate, there you go. Looking to make another 10lb dent this challenge! I contrasted this from a few shirtless pictures I had of a few months ago, and my stomach is definitely less round. HUZZAH! NUTRITION I had an okay day! Ate lunch at 1pm: big salad, sli
  15. You only ate twice today? That's intense! Miguel! Go post your starting pictures, I'm posting mine in a bit hahaha! It'll help us in the long run to see if we made a dent!
  16. Awesome starting point KW, very inspiring! I hope to be as imposing (size-wise) someday! Right now, my "shape" just elicits a lot of unsolicited hugs instead of intimidating people to submission. Hahaha! @Nightlight, I'm about to post my starting pictures too! But I'm having second thoughts after seeing KW's HAHAHA. I kid. Good luck the rest of this week.
  17. Thanks for the words of encouragement! It was a long journey (and still is a long way to go) for me but I got there, I'm sure you can too.
  18. Great job so far nightlight! Let's turn this out!!!
  19. A 20 minute 5k is a goal I put into my "lofty but still achievable" category. It's not impossible, but you'll need to pull out all the stops to get there! Like Loren said, it's a mighty one! Go for it! Update us! I really want to hear how your Tabata stuff will go.
  20. Good luck this challenge KW! Here's to better nekkid pics!
  21. Thanks for the never-ending support guys! DAY 2, WEEK 1 WORKOUT: Light day today, "light". Worked on getting back into the groove of my secondary workouts. 5x5 80lbs + bar Overhead Press. Damn, I lost the grips on this one. Will need to work from here on out. 5x5 120lbs + bar Bentover Row. Same story. 5x5 60lbs + bar Bicep Curls. Ready to move up! After that, did 27 minutes run at 10kph with the last 3 minutes at 12kph. SOLID! NUTRITION Check with the leangains protocol today! Only slip up? I had red rice for lunch, but no big. I feel like it was totally worth it. Had eggs and sausage for "lun
  22. Be careful of the nuts, I know it's a good source of protein and all but it packs a lot of calories also! Great job on the basketball! Cardio!
  23. DAY 1, WEEK 1 WORKOUT: Heavy lifts today to kick things off! 5x5 285lbs + bar Squat. Quite the difficulty for this, will do one more round then move up to 3x5 290lbs + bar Squats. 2x5 155lbs + bar Chest Press. 1x1 155lbs + bar Chest Press. STALLED! No time for deadlifts. Did a 10 minute high-intensity jump rope routine. Pretty tiring. NUTRITION: Managed the IF protocol nicely today, it's practically second nature to me. I am not bothering yet with the protein/carbohydrate macros as yet, I just augmented my current Paleo nutritional lifestyle with the feeding windows. I find that it really k
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