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  1. DAY 20 Terrible showing on my last day at Singapore diet-wise, but it's okay--now I'm back in Manila and I'm looking to get back into business, headfirst! Lunch: Two kinds of dumplings. Afternoon snack: Dumplings yet again and Taosi spareribs, Chinese style. Dinner: A croissant After Dinner:Chicken stew CALORIE FEST. Will look to do a heavy workout tonight! I'll update you guys! Singapore was awesome though!
  2. DAY 19 Lunch: Chinese dimsum and mixed rice. Afternoon snack: Mushroom quiche. Dinner: Raspberry vinaigrette salad, chicken wings, squid, bone marrow on toast + the best effing pizza on Earth via Mozza at Marina Bay Sands! Great food once again today! Promise, I will recoup come Manila.
  3. DAY 18 Lunch: Hainanese chicken rice, steamed vegetables and soup Afternoon snack: Chinese dumplings! Dinner: Chiken tandoori, cottage cheese tandoori, kofta curry and roti! No workout again! Little time! But diet was okay, some carbs here and there but eh! I'll just recoup when I get back to Manila on Monday!
  4. DAY 17 didn't manage to exercise today due to rain, but I was on my feet the whole day manning our booth at this trade fair. Nutrition suffered but you do what you can. Lunch: Bibimbap. This Korean rice dish. Dinner: Indian food: Chicken Curry, chickpea soup and then some roti. Wow I only ate twice today, but a lot of carbs in there and odd lemon teas here and there. Not as good as I had planned! Thanks for checking up on me guys!
  5. DAY 16 or otherwise known as the day I succumbed to CHICKEN RICE. Checking in from Singapore! Spent the most part of the day completely Paleo but then lunch came around and I was put face to face with Singapore's national dish: Hainanese chicken rice and I just couldn't say no! I'm really the type to live life to the fullest so I'm giving myself a free pass here for now! But that doesn't mean I won't try to put in some exercise. Here's to me waking up early enough tomorrow to go for a quick run around Fort Canning near out Hotel! Lunch: Hainanese steam chicken, steamed vegetables, soup AND CHI
  6. Checking in from Singapore, going to update my DAY 15 Breakfast: 2 hardboiled eggs + bacon Lunch: Salad + fried chicken Afternoon snack: Green mangoes and a cob of corn Dinner: Shawarma and beef kebab Pretty busy day, didn't get a work out in.
  7. DAY 14 Breakfast: hardboiled egg + a slice of pork Mid morning snack: 2 hardboiled eggs + a slice of prok Lunch: Big salad, chicken leg, soup, chorizos Afternoon snack: a few pieces of candied nuts Dinner: beef stew Had a calorie fest for dinner. Ugh, need more willpower to eat slower as not to over eat! At any rate, heavy day today! 5x5 285lbs + bar Squat. Did this barefoot since my new shoes had unexpected "foam-age" under the sole. IRRITATING but shucking them off proved effective. Pretty hard but managed it. 2x5 100lbs + bar Chest Press. Warm up. 3x5 150lbs + bar Chest Press. Pretty okay
  8. DAY 13 didn't manage to go to the gym today, no time! But opted for a quick outdoor run! It's really a world of difference, running on a treadmill and outdoors (read: HILLS). Mapped out a quick route around my neighborhood and clocked it in at 24:35. Will try the same route another day to see if I can minimize the time. It'll be a good test. Pretty tiring overall. Looking forward tomorrow so I can put in some much need gym time! No breakfast today because, ehem, I woke up at 11:30pm. If that's not IF, I don't know what is haha. Lunch: Two pieces of roast beef + gravy, stir-fried vegetables. A
  9. DAY 12! No workout today, busy day at work! On my feet the whole day. Will try to scrounge something up tomorrow. Breakfast: Scrambled egg and bacon. Lunch: Big salad, chicken wings and some so Afternoon snack: 2 slices of ripe mango. Dinner: Korean BBQ calorie death but 100% Paleo! All for now!
  10. DAY 11! Pretty tiring day, pre-launch of our big ass birthday sale and I was on the floor the whole day. I love selling and all but it can get really tiring, and once again, pretty much didn't have time for a workout. So glad I already got three workouts in this week though! Today was meant for a heavy day but alas, no dice. Good news though, for those of you who know Tyra Banks (whuttt), she featured our stuff on America's Next Top Model! Well she featured it on herself by wearing it! Check it out here: http://twitpic.com/9jcajc We're the first Filipino designer to ever dress her up. Pretty
  11. DAY 10 Rest day, nothing major. Didn't have time to exercise, just got home actually from a long day at work. We fixed up our store for this huge sale and we ended up assisting clients well into the night. Made tons of money but bad news is, none of it goes to me HAHA anyway. Breakfast: 1 hard boiled egg and a hotdog Midmorning snack: 1 hard boiled egg and a hotdog Lunch: Big salad, chicken leg, vegetables and some soup. Afternoon snack: a cup of green mango. Dinner: had 3 pieces fried chicken. Pretty okay day but still tired as crap because of work. Ugh, hope I get time tomorrow to put in a
  12. Hey KSwiss! Just checking in, we're on the same squad! Great goals here, I think you're already in fantastic shape and I can really get behind your goals of bringing your time lower. I'd love to learn a thing or two also from your travails. Right now it's not my priority to bring my 5k time down (as of last race, 25:30) but I would appreciate any tips on how to bring them down in the future. Go kill that sub 23:30 goal! We'll be rooting for ya!
  13. Hey Squadmate! Just checking in and boy am I super impressed with your challenge! Super inspiring! I'm thrilled to find out how much progress you will make by challenge's end. This is the way to go! With the combination of your running, your incessant burpee-ing and the IF stuff: you'll surely make a dent. Go for it sir!
  14. Thanks Missjazzyfe! Yeah now that I think about it, it was still worth the time in! Wuhoo. Anyway today was supposed to be a rest day but I found the extra time so I decided to make up for yesterday: DAY 9 Breakfast: 1 hard boiled egg and two fried chicken wings Midmorning snack: 1 hard boiled egg and a friend chicken wing Lunch: Big salad, a cup of chicken soup (no noodles), some sausage, some stewed pork and green mango for dessert. Afternoon snack: raw peeled cucumbers and some green mango (HEY, they're in season!) Dinner: a cup of stewed ground pork soup, a plate of steamed broccoli and an
  15. Congrats on the Front Squat PR! That is insane! How do you set those things up for yourself? From a standing perch? (lol forgive the term). In my gym, I can't find any apparatus that would facilitate the front squat for me other than the Smith machine. But oh well, at least I have a cage to do my back squats in.
  16. Thanks Crooked and Nightlight! I'm so glad to be with you guys in this challenge! At any rate, DAY 8 "Light" day today! Was feeling pretty heavy coming into the workout and I missed more than half of my exercises, but the good thing is I nailed my run down for the first time in 2 weeks! Huzzah. But first, the diet: Breakfast: 1 hard boiled egg and a boiled chicken breast with ginger sauce Midmorning snack: 1 hard boiled egg and a boiled chicken breast with ginger sauce Lunch: Big salad, a cup of steamed shrimp, a piece of pork barbecue and some stewed pork. Half a cup of green mangoes for des
  17. Your thread is always a joy to read! I feel like we're right there with you (and in some ways, we really are!) conquering those mountains! Keep on, keep on!
  18. DAY 7 and start of Week 2. Heavy day today! Coming into the workout, my "wings" were sore from the chins I did yesterday. I rarely get sore these days other than my legs and my chest so I welcomed the feeling. Hopefully it means I'm getting stronger somewhat! Breakfast: 1 hard boiled egg and a porkchop Midmorning snack: a hardboiled egg and a porkchop Lunch: Spicy tuna salad with a lot of bad sauce (mayonnaise based I felt) and a bowl of Japanese soup Afternoon snack: 2 cups of raw turnips Dinner: Poached chicken with ginger sauce (Hainanese style), 2 cups of fabada (bad) and half a plate of
  19. FIRST WEEK Recap! STRENGTH I clocked in four workouts for the 6 days in the first week (4/7 if we're going to be anal about it hahaha, which we SHOULD!). Which is a pretty decent number, I got to put in quality work at least. I managed to beat my PR on the Squat of 280lbs + bar to 285lbs! Which is huge, a month and a half of staggered workouts in the making. So glad I got to lock it down. Got some ground on my light workouts. But my last workout (yesterday) had me doing chin ups and the Bear Complex again. Pretty exciting. Two heavy workouts this week, one light workout plus one "Crossfit" da
  20. DAY SIX Sunday! Breakfast: Beef in consomme Midmorning snack: N/A Lunch: Two pieces fried chicken, one hotdog with mustard, ketchup and cheese Afternoon snack: Beef in consomme Dinner: A chicken breast done in sauce, taco salad (cabbage, ground beef, tomato and cheese), some spaghetti sauce, a handful of cashews, small slices of mango Not ideal diet wise (especially for dinner) but I didn't veer into non Paleo category and I stuck to water which is golden. Honestly, I tried the scale today and HUZZAH I'm registering below 220lbs. Not such a big deal at this point but at least I'm not above 22
  21. DAY FIVE yesterday! Rest day Saturday, just tried to watch my diet a bit more than usual. Breakfast: 2 hardboiled eggs and a hotdog Midmorning snack: a hardboiled egg and a hotdog Lunch: Roast pork, grilled garlic and a crab and corn soup Afternoon snack: a cup of turnips and a cup of green mango Dinner: Korean barbecue eaten with lettuce! I must admit, the last meal was a bit of a binge but I was happy with the fact that it was all Paleo! Had nothing but water, one of my bigger goals for this challenge is to not drink anything that isn't water so I'm pretty happy so far! Today I need time in
  22. Great goals, excited to read along Snake McClain! It's shaping up to be very entertaining haha! Good luck with your sprint goals, the first step is always the hardest. It'll be really worth it when you reach the end of this challenge and you've done the entire 4 minutes! Go for it.
  23. So with you right there nightlight! DAY FOUR Unfortunately, could not get a workout in today because of the massive traffic. But good news is, I kept up with the Paleo! So I'll just chalk this up as a rest day. Breakfast: one hard boiled egg, two slices of meat loaf. Midmorning snack: one hard boiled egg, two slices of meatloaf. Lunch: big salad, a chicken thigh, a cup of chicken soup (without the noodles) and some sausage. Merienda was two cups of turnips. Dinner was an omelette, two pieces of sardines and some stewed fish. Not bad at all, the biggest win of the day was resisting all sorts o
  24. Awesome progress man! Would love to hear more about your diet plan, I'm really struggling with results here in terms of "shredding the fat" but otherwise I like how I've been feeling. But like I said, could use more tips! Thanks and good luck! Excited to read along.
  25. I love the fact that you're tying in AoM Articles to your challenge! Interrresting! Nice job so far Loren!
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