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  1. Holy crap how'd he do it? Pure diet, no? And may I ask, how tall is he? He sure doesn't look 220 in the before shot. He must be 6 foot something! At any rate, DAY THREE Booyeah, pretty fun day life-wise. Got to get out of the office and do something different for a change. Diet was okay but then I was in a situation where I was in the field and all I had to eat was KFC. Not bad, but not good either. Breakfast was two eggs and homemade burgers, lunch was a salad + 2 pieces KFC. Merienda was 2 cups of turnips, dinner was 2 pieces of KFC AGAIN, mung bean soup and a ground pork omelette. Ugh, I
  2. Thanks nightlight! DAY TWO today! A light workout day and I managed to keep up with my main challenge! No slip ups today so I feel good. An egg and a slice of pork for breakfast. Another hardboiled egg and a slice of pork for mid morning snack. A big salad, a cup of soup, servings of meat for lunch. A banana for a snack. 2 cups of turnip for snack. And finally dinner was a cup of mung bean soup, two hardboiled eggs and 3 pieces of homemade burger patties in gravy. I know, I overstepped my caloric levels I feel for my last meal but at least I stuck to my guns. As for the workout: 5x5 85lbs + b
  3. Overall for me is staying on track with the 100% Paleo thing (my main challenge). Normally, I would scoff at the idea of being so strict with a diet (I mean, that's what cheat meals are for right? To let loose a little) but frankly, I'm tired of working my butt off in the gym and not getting the results I want. I need this challenge to prove to myself that I can muster up the discipline for at least 6 weeks. Who knows? There might be some lasting effects, and I'm hoping to make a real dent on my fitness. Hopefully together, we can all do this! Let's go!
  4. Long time KnightWatch, still kicking butt I see! Looking forward to reading along, some great goals here!
  5. Rooting for you Loren! I'm so with you on the nail-biting and knuckle cracking, I'm guilty of both! I actually like the idea of going for a manicure pedicure twice a month. Let me get on that... Good Luck this week!
  6. Challenge accepted! One of my goals is to increase my steady-state pace on the treadmill to 10.5kph (not such a big jump from my current pace of 10kph, but it does add up!) Starting tomorrow, I will try to put in two 30 minute runs at 10.5kph! Let's do this Rangers!
  7. Hey Loren Wade! Thanks for the welcoming, I feel great coming into this. Let's rock it out! Oops, let me go redistribute it!
  8. Thank you Crooked for the squad! DAY ONE is upon-eth. Today, I pretty much stuck to my guns for the main challenge--which is maintaining a strict 100% Paleo diet. I had a yogurt for breakfast, two hardboiled eggs for mid-morning snack, a big salad at lunch + some odd cuts of meat, some fried bananas for merienda and then some squash soup, a slice of pork and steamed carrots + string beans for dinner. Not bad if I do say so myself. As for the workout, heavy day today: 5x5 280lbs + bar Squat. Definitely moving up next challenge to 285. 5x5 145lbs + bar Chest Press. Still a challenge, one more ro
  9. Hey guys! Can't tell you how glad I am to be back here! I took a few months off, slackened a bit but I kept writing my progress down. I wasn't held accountable at all because I knew it was just me who could read it, I think it's time I joined the fray again. I'm ready to take the plunge with this new 6 week challenge! Breaking down barriers, and taking names down hahaha. I wish everyone the best of luck and will to conquer all! Let's do this!
  10. Hello Nerdfitness! It's been a while since I last posted here, due to time constraints--I decided to take a break of broadcasting my progress (or lack thereof) for a while, but the good thing is I didn't stop working out. And I didn't stop writing it down. It's just, not a lot of things were held accountable and I'm looking to change that. With your help, I'd love to be able to make headway this time! 6-week challenge? Let's do this! Race: Human Class: Ranger Age: 23 Height: 5'10 Weight: 220-ish Attributes: STR: 4 DEX: 4 STA: 2 CON: 2 WIS: 1 CHA: 2 GOALS My main goal for this challenge is basi
  11. Thanks Scotticus! Couldn't log in my workout yesterday, did a "light" workout: 5x5 85lbs + bar Overhead Press. Difficult, will stay another round. 5x5 115lbs + bar BentOver Row. Difficult but can move on to 120. 5x5 55lbs + bar Bicep Curls. Quite easy actually, will move on to 60. But a world of difference can 5lbs make on this exercise. 3x5 Chin Ups in between each set. Ran for 25 minutes at 10kph, with the last 5 at 12kph. Surprisingly, it got easier after the last two workouts! It wasn't as painful as I anticipated, great news! Looking to workout later tonight! Cheers guys.
  12. Heavy day today! Was actually caught in a time pinch but managed to pull it out just fine. 5x5 260lbs + bar Squat. Pretty okay, will up the weight next session. 5x5 135lbs + bar Chest Press. Will up weight next session. 25 minute run at 10kph, with an up pace of 12kph for the last 5 minutes. Honestly surprised I managed this, just pushed myself mentally minute after minute at the end. Couldn't fit in a deadlift because the gym was about to close, but oh well. Diet wise, I did pretty badly today--won't bore you guys with the details but yeah, it was my own fault. Big surprise there. In o
  13. Couldn't find the time this whole week but today is Sunday, my only rest day! Snuck in a 30 minute run at 10kph, with an up pace of 12kph for the last 2 minutes. Pretty tiring. Will get back into the thick of things tomorrow, emphasis on thick! Haha I kid. See ya.
  14. Light workout today! My legs are still dying from yesterday but doing my best to push forward. 5x5 80lbs + bar Overhead Press. 5x5 110lbs + bar BentOver Row. 5x5 50lbs + bar Bicep Curl. 23 minute run at 10kph with 3 minutes up pace at 12kph. Not a bad workout, but scaled it down with each exercise and will slowly build up to my max again. Diet today wasn't bad, just felt like I overate at lunch. Something to remedy! Cheers!
  15. Anyway, holy hell I've been out for two weeks. It's insane. I had a massive amount of work the past couple of weeks, the fruit of which you can see on my blog http://somuchtrouble.livejournal.com. But in a nutshell, we shoot our look book collection, finalized the look of the store construction and then launched everything just two days ago! It was epic, I have to say but the late nights at the office took its toll on me. I have a slight confession: I have this problem of when things go south (in terms of diet, exercise and fitness) I let everything go down hill. Like for instance, if I know
  16. I needed to transfer some graves, ya dig? HAHAHA kidding. Todos los muertos--aka All Saints Day! In the Philippines, it's practically expected for people to visit the dead on that specific day. Intense traffic all around, people tend to make a picnic out of it.
  17. Didn't get any time to put in a workout recap yesterday: 5x5 270lbs + bar Squat. Still difficult as ever. 1x5 275lbs + bar Deadlifts. Changed my grips, but managed to complete it. 5x5 90lbs + bar Overhead Press. Substituted for the Chest Press I did prior. Was going to put in 25 minutes or running, but only managed to put in 15. Felt pretty winded after everything. Today was a holiday, the gym was closed and enough cemetery duties kept me away from doing anything remotely healthful. Couldn't watch my diet either. At any rate, looking to pick things up again tomorrow! Cheers!
  18. Nice to hear you got your PR so early on, keep it up!
  19. I am in awe of your commitment to the challenge, your diet is super on track! Can't wait to see your progress. And P.S, your profile pictures is deathly making me miss the Erg! I have no access to one right now X_X
  20. Thanks for the encouragement guys! Again, had an exercise black out the past four days. Work ramped up--well, at work so I couldn't find the time. Anyway picking up where things let off today. It's going to be a holiday the next couple of days here in the Philippines, looking to do my body a (dis)service by keeping up with the workouts and the diets. Today I ran for 30 minutes, at 10kph with a 12k up pace at the last minute. It was tough, today I just wanted to catch up on my running, a break from my usual 25 minute runs. I was aiming for 40 but really, I was never built for longer runs haha.
  21. Great news on the progress on your sleep goal, keep it up! Care to elaborate on your work/life goals? For me, it's super important to find the play in work--I'm lucky to have realized that early on and shot for my dreams as soon as I could. Right now, I couldn't be happier with what I've been given--sometimes it just takes that extra leap of faith. Just draft a plan of action, asses and strike on it. Looking forward to reading along! Cheers.
  22. Thanks Nightlight! I definitely need to work on this part of my diet, it's the snacking that kills me. Terrible stuff. At any rate, couldn't get a workout in today--I had some stuff to do for work. Couldn't log in last night but I managed to put in a light workout, skimped on the cardio though over lack of time. 5x5 90lbs + bar Overhead Press. Quite the doozy of a weight, will retain this. 5x5 120lbs + bar Bent Over Row. Will retain. 5x5 60lbs + bar Bicep Curls. Difficult, needs more getting used to. 3x5 Chin ups in between each exercise. Yesterday, I had my diet all fully mapped out but my
  23. It's really challenged to juggle a full day at work, a treacherous commute and an hour and a half gym session at night! That's what bowled me over last challenge, but hopefully this time I'll get a better handle on it. Looking forward to reading along with your progress! Let's see each other through!
  24. Hey guys! Looking forward to tackling this challenge with you guys! Some basic stats: I'm 5'10, 220lbs (yes, I weighed myself earlier and I gained 2lbs from last challenge). Vital measurements remain the same at 41 Chest circumference and 40 Waist circumference. This 6 week's challenge goals are basically this: not to fall off the horse for the next six weeks. If I run out of time after work to go to the gym, I'll see to it that I make time enough for a simple run outdoors or some indoor mobility exercises. Main goals will be, in order of priority: 1. To maintain a stricter Paleo diet--cu
  25. Had a 9 day work-bender it seems, had a super hectic week last week prepping for our Holiday 2011. I didn't have time to hit the gym at all, just got to put in the time today. 2 days after the challenge! Yikes. Anyway, the shoot is over and today I got a little bit of time in. But not a lot. Put in 5x5 270lbs + bar Squats. A5x5 of 140lbs + bar Chest Press. Couldn't put in a run since I ran out of time, nor the deadlift. Full update later! Anyway, I'm really happy with how the shoot turned out, the clothes and the models and the accessories all came together so well. GUSHING but yeah, let me
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