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  1. SnowOwl

    SnowOwl Starts

    Ran last Thursday and went for a hike today. Today was supposed to be a run but my husband got distracted by a new trail. Prepped lunches and smoothies for the week too!
  2. SnowOwl

    SnowOwl Starts

    Made it for a fast 2.5 mile hike today!
  3. SnowOwl

    SnowOwl Starts

    Didn't do great this week, but I'm trying. Missed my run this morning, my running friend got sick and cancelled and I stayed in bed, but I helped my husband stack wood this afternoon and have plans for a run after work later this week.
  4. SnowOwl

    SnowOwl Starts

    I keep forgetting! Maybe I'll set some fun alarms and whenever they go off everyone has to get up and do X 10 times. Squats, jumping jacks, push-ups, etc. Once the kids have it down they will be able to jump up do the thing and go right back to work - big surprise for anyone observing me! Maybe we'll change the thing each month so they can really get the hang of it. I went for another run/walk today after work with my husband. It felt good to go out after work, I never do that as it starts getting too dark. I need to get out there while I can!
  5. SnowOwl

    SnowOwl Starts

    Went for a run/walk hike today. It was good to get out and push myself! Also did a brief hold for the mini - had to carry some heavy buckets anyway.
  6. SnowOwl

    SnowOwl Starts

    Great ideas, but unfortunately not as I'm a teacher and have my kids with me all day. I could maybe do some squats during lunch on days I don't have meetings though - the few kids in the room then will think I'm crazy, but oh well! I'll give that a try next week. Remembering will be the new challenge! I got in some last minute squats last night and am hoping to go for a hike today! (Have to get grading done first though...)
  7. SnowOwl

    SnowOwl Starts

    Yesterday I didn't get any movement in. I worked late and was busy until bedtime. Work is crazy busy this week, but I still need to move! I did do a 15 minute yoga session tonight though! It felt good to follow through with something, even a short something! Tomorrow I'll try to get some strength in for the mini.
  8. SnowOwl

    SnowOwl Starts

    I did box jumps, some negative pull-ups and wall push-ups for the mini-challenge yesterday, plus two gonoodle dances with my class. That tiny amount made me sore so I may go for some yoga this evening. I prepped lunches and smoothies, but not breakfasts for this week. Not too bad, but I need to get that piece figured out.
  9. SnowOwl

    SnowOwl Starts

    I've been gone, but it's time to come back. Just simple tracking and hopefully lots of support! I need to exercise and stay healthy, which can be challenging as a teacher. So, simple goals: 1. Meal prep breakfasts and lunches for the work week every Sunday. 2. Exercise daily. Anything counts - yoga, walking, body-weight. To help with this I signed up for the assassins' mini-challenge. That's it - move and eat properly. I'm excited to be back!
  10. Thanks everyone for all the support this challenge! I think it's time for a break. (Not a sit on my butt and do nothing break, but an intentional, I need to take care of some things break.) I find out if I get to keep my job or not on Friday and that will send my life in one of two very different directions. Either way feels pretty overwhelming and I think I need to greatly reduce my computer time and start working on improving how I make use of the time I have. I hope to be back soon, and will at least check in on threads now and then. Good luck with your new cha
  11. Ummm, no. I guess at least you can learn lots of relationship don'ts from her?
  12. I am so impressed by your forthright communication this challenge! I need to learn from you.
  13. Thank you so much for all your support this challenge!
  14. That perseverance and struggle is what makes you so inspirational.
  15. I didn't even realize it was over! This challenge went great. I think this challenge became second nature because I picked quests that were small and that were important right now. I also remembered to check in everyday so I couldn't forget what I was supposed to be working on. I didn't get as much running and pull-ups in as I had hoped, but I am feeling active again and that is wonderful. I have been hiking, walking my dog, working in the yard - all those things that dropped out of my life that keep me in decent shape even when I don't get "fitness" in. I feel like th
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