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  1. My husband and I saw it last night. It was fantastic! We did see it in 3D but this was one of the few movies where I felt it added to the experience at all. I still got my requisite headache (every single 3D movie ever so far, which is infuriating considering often there's no other choice) but it faded to the background quickly as I was thoroughly immersed in the movie's scenes and characters. Can't wait for it on bluray!
  2. I currently have the MaddAddam Trilogy by Margaret Atwood, book 2, "The Year of the Flood" at the top of the stack. Also a few new comics: "Empty Zone #4" and "SHIELD #10" remain from my most recent pull stack.
  3. Ohaitherr! You can call me Dani. I joined the Rebel Alliance a week ago and I've made enough headway since then to be able to say I'm ready for action! I'm a big geek in too many ways to count (who isn't?), but some of those may or may not include min-maxing and stat rolls... so, suffice it to say I get a pretty big kick out of the way this Nerd Fitness thing is laid out. I've been trying to lose weight and get fit for years and have had on and off success - the "off" parts usually timing with life changes and the resulting routine disruptions and depression that follow, but the "on" par
  4. Hai! Edmonton Rebel Recruit, checking in! I did a few 5 and 10k runs a couple years ago (the Night Race was awesome!) but fell right out of my habit. It's too late for me to do any of the colorful summer runs this year, but if any of you are crazy enough to join me this winter I'm taking it back outside. I'm going to aim for the Resolution Run to start.
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