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  1. Im trying to eat every three hours, best as I can, but my biggest problem is eating in the morning. I seem to throw up anything I eat in the mornings, and have to wait several hours until my stomach settles enough for me to munch down even a yogurt. Even as a type this, Ive been up since 430 (couldnt sleep), its now 720, and Im still feeling nauseous. Once I can eat, I do try to have *something* every few hours, no matter how small, but they *are* small. Im starting to wonder if this isnt something I should see my dr about.
  2. I measure everything - always have. Im very careful about portion control, so its never been a problem. My problem is that I just *cant* seem to eat.
  3. Im just not hungry. I know Im not eating enough - I average about 1000 calories a day. But Im just not hungry. I have a breakfast - yogurt, nuts, fruit, protien drink. If I work out in a day, I have a protien bar after that. I have some dinner - usually salad, nut s meat, or veggies and meat - Ive added sweet potatoes when I remember to buy them. But at the end of the day, Im so full I can barely move. Yesterday I had a couple eggnog cookies, just to ramp up the calories, and I was almost sick from them. Just couldnt eat any more. Im trying to add in a bowl of oatmeal to my day - rais
  4. Been calorie counting, and coming up around 1000 calories each day. This, obviously, is not enough. How do I add more calorie heavy healthy stuff?
  5. So, still doing body weight workout #1. I can do five strict push-ups. But today I lvl'd up - I managed to do 5/10 getups, without using my hands. Im so damn proud of myself. Also, I found a website I think Im going to use to keep track of my diet. FatSecret seems to have the best database so far, although Im having some trouble adding new things to it at the moment. Got myself some protein powder too. Since Im having trouble making calorie count, protein lvls, so on. It should help. When I can do ten of everything, than Ill add the second set. Maybe a few more weeks now. Its the p
  6. 1) Im doing the jumps because I *want* to. 2) Im doing the jumps because in Ranger Training, it was the first quest listed there. 3) It amused me to see how I could do on those. I do a great deal of working out "just to see if I can do it" Its how I learn that I like doing some things, and not others. Its how I expand my horizons. My only "goal" as *you* would probably see it, is to be healthy. Its not specific, its not targeted. I do that, and Ive *instantly* set myself up to get frustrated, and lose interest. For me, and I know myself very well - I do best keeping a steady presence a
  7. First day of bodyweight 1A - hoooly *fuck* did that kick my ass. 10 push ups. - I did 5 strict push ups - than 5 on my knees. Im getting there. Just realized I forgot the squats entirely, and just did 10 beginner squat thrusts instead - badly, but I did do them. Next time, prisoner squats... 15 sec plank is getting easy, might go up to 20. So - beginner squat thrusts instead of jumping jacks - did ten, thought I died. Also tried jump rope today - wow, did that make me feel both stupid, and out of shape. managed 20 jumps, slow. Deadlifted 90 pounds, 5 times. going to get to ten times bef
  8. Been a while since Ive posted here, but - I havent given up, I havent stopped. Ive dropped 10 pounds, and Ive *finally* completed the recruit workout! Im so proud of myself. Im logging my meals in my diary, its just easier, but as soon as I start a "real" bodyweight workout, than Ill start posting those here I think. Staying with the recruit just till monday - finish out the month, and make sure Ive conquered that beast!
  9. So - how high is a lateral jump to be considered a box jump? Im jumping about 12 inches at this point, - does that count to complete my 10 box jumps mission, or does it need to be higher? I find the lack of specifics very frustrating sometimes.
  10. The only reason why Im getting off my ass today and continuing is my kids. I feel like this whole week has been a total wash out, but - Everytime I tell my kids Im going to the gym they cheer. They ask me everyday if Ive gone, and if I have, I get hugs. For that, I'll keep trying, keep fighting. After all, The thing that really made me decide to get back into shape was the trip I took with them this summer - and I couldnt climb with them. It was terrible, how hard it was to keep up with them. Id never felt so weak. This year, if we go to the Rockies, like I hope - Im going to be able to c
  11. OK, so I havent gotten to the gym, but - despite the cookies I made last night (Honey Oatmeal Chocolate Chip) My diet hasnt been too bad this week. I havent logged it all here, but I have been keeping a complete diary in my paper journal. Its easier. I dont always yet think of coming here to write, and also - it would mean alot more posts, which I find cumbersome. Going to gym tomorrow for sure. Ive decided to try for three times a week, and only two of those for weights. Anything more than that and my body at this time seems to revolt pretty hard. Its discouraging, but Ill work with wha
  12. Got to the gym yesterday, still didnt finish the whole workout, but I did better than I did on friday. Diets been - scraggly. Too much, too little, today has already been too much. Im going to have cut fried chicken out entirely, its just *such* a weakness for me. Granted, I only ate two pieces, instead of 7, but *still*. At least my breakfast was healthy, but probably too much for a day I dont work out. Im wondering how long until I start to see honest change on the scale. Two weeks at the gym - almost three weeks, and still nothing. I mean, I know it has to be my diet, but - its harder
  13. SO its thanksgiving. Yesterday I didnt eat anything until dinner, and than I had turkey, lots of sweet potatoes, a *little* bit of mashed potatoes, and lots and lots of carrots, broccoli, celery, cauliflower. Yes, I had some gravy, yes, I had a *very* small slice of apple pie, and a n equally small piece of pumpkin, but - I dont even feel bad about it - thanksgiving at the inlaws and I *survived*! I havent worked out since my failed attempt on Friday, but Im going to go back today and just see how I do. After all, it couldnt be any worse, right?
  14. All right - yesterday I had to realize a few very hard truths - and in an effort to keep my food log honest... *sighs* 7 pieces of KFC, a handful of skittles, six pieces of beer sausage, a handful of fries, a 1/4 cup of gravy, and some ground turkey/tomato mix with 1 cup of rice I couldnt believe how *hungry* I was - just, insane. Unsurprising, after all that - today Im not hungry at all. Also, I dont know how many cigarettes I had yesterday.. it was alot. Today, so far, Ive had a lire of water - no smokes, no food, I slept till 9 though, and I seriously over did it yesterday, so - yeah.
  15. How long have I been working out? - This time, its been two weeks. But I was a trainer at that Gym for three years - before I had my kids, and really, I started working out when I was 18. - and Im 41 now. I know how this all goes, I just keep forgetting that its *hard* to go back, and most importantly - that a 40 yr old body is *not* a 20 yr old body. *laughs*. Its going to take a lot longer this time. I hate it, but theres no point in hating the truth of something you cant change. You just have to change how you *deal* with that truth, So, Im taking a few days off before I go back, an
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