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  1. I think he said as of Sept. 1 they were no longer active or able to be posted
  2. I applied and interviewed - the Board Chair called me yesterday to tell me I was selected. CRAZY! Everything will be official tomorrow when I sign my contract!
  3. So I've been off the grid for a minute - well long enough that I had to ask ETF what the hell happened to my blog - but I am back. I'm not only back, but 20lbs lighter and where I want to be weight-wise and working to get to back where I need to be where my fitness is concerned. I feel like everything is falling into place and that feels pretty good. Especially since yesterday I found out that I will be the next CEO of the non-profit I have worked for since I was 25! It's not a small place, 200 employees $20 million budget - and I'm excited and just a little bit terrified! WOOT!
  4. I'm currently on Day 7 of my Whole30 journey. I have done bits and pieces (no gluten/dairy, no sugar, etc) of this over the last 8 years since my diagnosis with MS. What I realized lately is that, although my symptoms are minimal, I just wasn't feeling good (and I wasn't eating good whole foods *hand to forehead*). So I went full out, cold turkey and am already feeling better. I found this link - http://whole9life.com/2012/06/the-whole30-timeline/ - which helped me to understand how I have been physically/emotionally feeling in these first few days. Thanks for the support thread, it's exactly
  5. Morning squad! I'm back from vacation so I'll be back at it. Hope you are all doing well!
  6. Thanks so much for your post.

  7. Sorry folks, I'm going to be MIA for the next 7 days on a vacation with my family. I'll still be working out, however, I may not be actively on line.
  8. Today I spent 6 hours with my husband cleaning up from having trees cut down in our yard. There were four giant trees removed and then stumps ground down creating a giant mess. The day was spent moving brush and larger logs, stacking wood, shoveling saw dust and dirt from the stump grinding and yelling at the dog to, "Drop the sticks." Tonight although we are both tired, my husband is sore. His back hurts and his waist from turning with the shovel. I, on the other hand, feel fine. Thank you Dumbbell Division!
  9. Quentin, I have a spreadsheet and track all my workouts for that exact reason - which is also tracked each time on my blog here at NF. I was unable to track my planks because I forgot my watch and the meatheads were in the way of the clock! Thanks for the input. Grllpwr
  10. Sorry folks, I planked today but didn't have my watch.
  11. I'm in for SqWAT - 1min30 sec for planks for me today. Awesome job Quentin with 7 mins!
  12. We have a SQUAD CHALLENGE if you didn't see it...planking, planking, planking. FYI - I'm not a great planker (is that a word?).
  13. Hey Squad S! Linking to my latest update: http://nerdfitness.com/community/entry.php?5244-Dumbbell-Division-Day-13
  14. grllpwr


    Can I be added please?? http://nerdfitness.com/community/entry.php?4066-Challenge
  15. I had the paraguard, which is the IUD without hormones because I refused to put them into my body. I still had horrible crampy periods and just didn't feel right. After having the thing about a year, I asked my husband to have surgery so that I could have it removed. He did and I've been without it for three months and feel so much better. One of the issues for me, I think, was that I've never had children so the insertion was extremely painful and my body was never quite the same after.
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