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  1. A timer app is great to have. If you are into vipassana meditation, these 2 kindle books are those I enjoyed the most so far: Mindfulness in plain English: really good book in my opinion. I consult it often. Vipassana, the journey of a thousand steps: It's more a story than an instruction book. You follow a woman during her 10 day meditation in a ashram. Following her experience helped me understand some things better.
  2. Just for the sake of challenging myself, last week I decided to try the peacock pose. I failed miserably, of course. I think I understand the technique but my elbows keep sliding out to my sides. I can't hold the pose without my elbows firmly anchored. Any tips to prevent that?
  3. Hi all. Thank you for your help and sorry for the wait to get back to you. All your answers are great and each of them gives me stuff to investigate. So many options! its a bit overwhelming. I'd like to know more about the quote above. joints vs muscle pairs? Where can I learn more about this?
  4. Hello, I have been stretching for 45 minutes twice a week for a year and now 3 times a week. I saw huge flexibility improvements during the first 6 months but very very little (if any) over the last 6 months. It's a bit frustrating. Anyone has advice for this or would know reasons for this? Thank you
  5. Hey thanks! I have been thinking about giving yoga a timid try actually. We'll see. I already pick all my stretch ideas in a yoga book so... As for pilates it is the first time I hear about it. I'm checking it now as I write this. Looks interesting. I'm very interested in the fact yoga helps flexibility though. I still need more of that. Talking about flexibility, I need to research for new tricks cause my improvement has been very little over the last 4-5 months.
  6. Two and a half months since my last entry. Things are still doing alright on my side. I have been meditating a lot lately. I don't do too much at the time but I try to do it regularly (like 30 to 40 min a day). I quite enjoy it. Right now I'm reading a book about meditation and it is quite interesting. Meditation is a lot more work than I thought but good work at least. For the new year I decided to change my workout a bit. I feel good about my shape and physical appearance so slowed down on strength training. I now do only 2 workout per week. The other 3 days of my work week are dedicated to stretching. 3x 45 min stretching week is a lot in my book. Oh and I am still working on this challenge to stand on my head. I have been at it since september. Right now I succeed a little more than half the time.
  7. It has been a year since a joined the rebellion so I figured I should login post a little something to celebrate. It has been a good year and I am very proud of it. I know I don't update my page here very often but it doesn't mean I gave up. Here are some of the big highlights of my year: 1) I went to the gym 11 months out of the last 12 months (at one point I took a break for hunting and for the sake of taking a break). 2) I have been stretching 3 days a week for 45 min for almost a year now. I am so much more flexible than I use to be. 3) I'm not as skinny as I use to be. I was 150 lbs and I'm now 170 lbs. Seems I have a hard time going over that though. But it's fine. 4) I ended a 10 years relationship. It was sad I admit but it was for the best (for multiple reasons) so I am adding this in my big achievement of the year. 5) I overcame an addiction I have been struggling with for years. 6) I am not meditating as much as I wish I would but at the very least, I discovered meditation and want to do more of it. That's great. 7) I felt in love again and it has been a very enjoyable and healthy relationship so far. Yay! 8) I noticed my self confidence increased by quite a lot this year. It's hard to explain but it's very real. I think that's a great year! If I can do half as much next year I'll be happy. This year I want to diversify my workout more. I'll continue to try to meditate but most of all, I want to learn to let go of stuff more easily. I want to learn to say no more, so I'll do less of what I don't like, obviously. It can be boring at home now that I live alone so I decided I will practice acrylic painting (we'll see about that)
  8. After a long month without coming to the forum I think it's time to at least confirm that I'm alive and well. I am still on track with my workout and stretching. Actually I never missed a single day. My weight that was in the 155 lbs is now at 171 lbs so there are muscles here and there that weren't there before. That's good news! When I look in the mirror, it shows.... even with my shirt on. That problem I use to have with knee pain when working out my legs is less and less of a problem. Meeting with a trainer really helped and I'm working with what she showed me. It's great. Meditation: yes, I still meditate all the time. I'm not always great at it but some days I am. Now I'm about to fly down south to Cancun and I will face a new challenge while there: to keep on working out. I'm positive I can do that... if only to show off haha Cheer
  9. Monday: 6km walk Pullups: 5 8 5 4 4 25lbs squats: 10 10 10 25lbs Lateral stepup 10 10 10 Inverted pushups (9 high) 11 11 10 Now today (Tuesday) should be a real rest day cause i won't have time to do my 45 min stretching at lunch time. I'll walk 4km but that's it. That said, it's time for my meditation Have a good day
  10. Pat

    Pat join the Ranger

    oufff I was not very good at keeping things up to date here over the last week. The challenge went well yes and no. Some things went well, some not as well. Slay the Stretch Monster I'm giving myself a 55% here cause it turned out I missed most of the Monday, Wednesday and Friday stretch sessions. It felt forced to fit them in my schedule those days. I stretched a lot more because of that challenge though and I'm happy for that. I'll maintain the Tuesday and Thursday 45min stretch sessions even though the challenge is over. Unfinished Business Some great improvement with my pullups and some little improvement with the pushups but I'm not where I want to be yet. I've put a lot of work on those two and I'm very happy of the little improvements. Climbing Mount Doom Part 1 Well, my boss never allowed those vacations so it kind of killed the challenge quick. I still have this in mind though. I'll see what happen this month. Defeat a Matrix Boss I did great at this one. Only last Saturday I spend a little over 10 min on it so I can't give myself a perfect score but I was very very close.
  11. Narnia of the Ring! I agree with you that keeping the calories you eat under control will help, especially if you can't burn as many calories as you'd like. Some me-time, some meditation and good feeding is more than what many do so I say you are on track
  12. meditating sitting straight on the floor is new to me. I use to just sit on a chair. I had this head dropping thing to and also back pain at first. It's still not 100% perfect but it's getting easier each time. This video helped me correct my posture and this made a big difference. I also agree with Raincloak; reajust your position if needed.
  13. Wednesday: 4km walk Inverted wide pushups (x9 high) 10 10 10 15lbs lateral stepups 10 10 10 15lbs single leg deadlift 10 10 Pullups 5 5 7 4 4 4 Thursday: 4km walk 45 minutes stretching Friday: 4km walk Pullups 5 7 5 5 7 (new record!) 25lbs squats 8 8 8 Plank 60sec 60sec 60sec Pushups 20 I'm very happy about my pullups on Friday. After being stalled for weeks I can now go to the next progression level I'm following. Edit: Actually that was a lie. I just checked my log and I was only stalled for 2 weeks lol. I guess it felt longer.
  14. For the second time I kind of skipped a few days without logging my progress. Looks like my main motivation problem is to come on the forum lately lol. Oh well, that will pass. Friday Wide push up (8 high) 10 10 10Lateral step up (4 high) 12 12 12Single leg deadlift 10 10Pull up 5 7 5 5 5 The lateral step up is something new. I like it. Next time I will try with weight though. The single leg deadlift is also new and what is most challenging with is is to keep my balance. Monday Wide push up (9 high) 10 10 10Squat 15 lbs: 10 10 10Side lunge with knee lift: 12 12Pull up 5 7 5 5 5 The squat was alright and the side lunge to. That side lunge thing look easy at first but by the end of the second set you kind of feel it in your leg. Today my legs are a bit painful from it. Wednesday45 min stretch. My flexibility increased quite a bit over the last few month Otherwise I still do breathing meditation every day of the week. I got sick of the guided meditation apps so I'm now using just a timer. I do 20 min before work and one or two 10 min sessions while at work. Today I tried to use the cross legged meditation pose that is recommended. I'm not sure I like it yet. I kind of like it better when sitting on a chair or the couch. I'll try that position again and will try to get more comfortable with it. For Lady Hawk. Check this video about thoughts and meditation. it can be explained more easily: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rqoxYKtEWEc
  15. Pat

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    I did a good 45 min stretching again this Thursday.
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