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  1. Today was alright: got in my walk with CareBear in the Becco carrier, for 20 minutes until she started crying (which, considering yesterday she cried the entire time was a vast improvement). I was good with the water when I'm home - i have a bottle I keep filled up next to the rocking chair i nursed her in. The problem was when i was nursing her visiting my dad at his hotel (he can't make it up the stairs to our condo anymore). The second time I remembered a glass of water, but the first time i sat there thirsty, and then got distracted by crying baby. Oops. I did do a little stretching when t
  2. Baby bear Caris (i.e. CareBear) was born at the end of February. Like waking up from a deep sleep, the next 6 weeks are about doing things that will help shake of the grogginess from a long hibernation. Goals: 1. Go for at least 5 15-30 minute walks each week. 2. Drink 8 oz of water every time I sit down to nurse CareBear. 3. Stretch every day, especially the posture/boob holding/baby lifting muscles in my shoulders and back 4. Write in my journal at least once/week to keep track of emotional well being.
  3. I foresee using a version of this quote a number of times in the coming years. @Catspaw... i showed that video to my husband, and he def had an "awww" moment
  4. It's already driving me crazy. It seems so real to me in ways... i mean, i guess i'm the one peeing every 2 hours or more, and my boobs hurt, and i get these twinges in my belly,... and he's kinda like "duh... ok... sure..." At least outwardly. We even had a counselor tell us "you can't expect him to act now how he'll act then, it's just not part of the deal" :grumble: But I know he'll be a great dad.
  5. Congrats to you!! Any advice i can pass on to my husband? To everyone else... thanks for posting! I want to respond to everyone individually but, srsly, i'm exhausted!
  6. I was supposed to go to yoga today. Instead i had a smoothie and finished reading a book. I'm tired! i just got back from a 30 minute walk though so i feel pretty good about that. Yesterday I did the first Level 1 Rookie workout. I wasn't able to do some of the stretches (stretching out my abdomen feels weird, so i'm staying back from that) but instead i did a Cat stretch and childs pose which both felt really good, and just some other stretches. Def. listening to my body which is more important than forcing myself to do things. Calories have been a bit high, but i'm eating healthy stuff. Sinc
  7. Thanks! I'm actually going to deliver at Birth Care & Women's Health, a midwifery center in Alexandria. If any complications arise they'll transfer me to Inova Alexandria, but it's definitely good information to have... if i'm determined to be high risk i won't be able to deliver at the birth center and will have to find a traditional OBGYN/Hospital. I've heard AMAZING things about Reston though and that would have been my choice had we not gone the birth center route.
  8. I did this when I was still working and called it my "Wandering Monster". It really does help because I'd get stuck on something and then end up somewhere completely different... go to wikipedia, click a link, click another link, and all of a sudden i know a lot about the president's but got no work done at all. Towards the end of my job, I actually installed a tracker on my computer that logged every program and website i went to, so i could see exactly where i was spending my time. the statistics were really interesting.
  9. I found out last week that I'm pregnant with my first geekling! I'm at 5 weeks and am due Feb 19th, 2013. Would love to hear from other ladies who are also pregnant or recent new moms. I tried to go on the "What to Expect" forums but I'm finding I have a low tolerance for people there, and people don't seem to have forum etiquette. (for example, in the "February 2013 Babies" forum someone was like "Is anyone due in August?!" and I'm like "i don't have time for this". :sigh: sorry, crankypants over here. We're so excited and terrible at keeping secrets. Just really terrible. You're not "suppo
  10. Great advice. I checked and the prenatal has 23%, plus I've been taking a tums every night (heartburn is one of my weird symptoms that is normal) which has 30%, and I've been eating yogurt and drinking milk more than i used to. I was going towards the Paleo thing but decided to hold off on that. And i eat a lot of leafy greens and broccoli and other vegetables. So, I may be OK but I'll definitely bring it up with my midwife when I go in!
  11. Thanks! I guess this means no 3 Manhattan NF Meetups for me!
  12. It sounds like you have some really good goals to get you back on the wagon. They are very attainable. Kudos for dropping the soda habit and replacing with tea. One I really like (if caffeine isn't an issue for you) is Blackberry Sage from The Republic of Tea. it makes really awesome iced tea. on days you really crave soda, try iced tea because you may just want something cold. I also drink a lot of flavored sparkling water which helped curb my soda cravings also.
  13. Hi there! Thought I'd pop on over and I have to say that i'm really impressed with your pictures! I can't run anymore but having stopped and started a few times, the bit of advice i can give is... the first month or so sucks. that runner's high that people get... i never got it until the 5th week, the first month was hard and i had to force myself to go. So, if you're a beginner, keep that in mind, just do it, and soon you'll love it! (or you won't, but give it some time before you decide.) and Shine your Sink!!! Yeah, Fly Lady! You're off to a great start!
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