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  1. I love your challenges you've got this! Sent from my XT1039 using Tapatalk
  2. Glad I could inspire you! Sent from my XT1039 using Tapatalk
  3. You helped a lot! And so did monsupee. Thanks both! Sent from my XT1039 using Tapatalk
  4. So, here is the updated Quest 1: Quest 1: Fitness - First 3 weeks of challenge (pre-dance showcase) : fitness will happen in the form of cycling to the studio and dancing. No extra exercise required - as I realised rest is also important, and I already don't get enough. - Next 3 weeks of challenge (post-dance showcase) : fitness will happen in the form of 3 sessions of exercise a week, divided in: 2 short sessions (15 minutes) to pick and mix between jogging/resistance training/yoga depending on the mood/energy, + 1 longer session (45 minutes) which will be either a strength/cardio full-body workout, or a swim. Measurement, based on 3 days a week of exercise: A: 15 to 18 days B: 12 to 14 days C: 9 to 11 days Reward: (+2STR, +3STA) What do you think of that?
  5. I love you all. I shall adapt. I guess I wanted to add strength training in my schedule because dancing doesn't build up strength, but that's obviously not working for me... I'm at work now but will update you on decisions later. Likely to drop quest 1 completely before showcase... And choose 3x/week of exercise after that. Thanks for the help and support! Sent from my XT1039 using Tapatalk
  6. Hello Koaladle; and thank you so much for your message! I felt like giving up after a miserable first week, but your positive message gave me motivation again, and you might be right, I might be too hard on myself. Maybe I need to redefine my goals. The thing is, my life rhythm is gonna change drastically in two weeks (after showcase), going from 5/6 hours of rehearsals a week (and cycling to the studio, so about 10h exercise a week) to complete potato couch again, and I struggled to choose goals that would work both now and then. Maybe you have ideas? I thought about choosing a certain amount of hours of exercise a week as a quest, but even that seems hard to adjust (like, if I choose a goal of 3h/week, it'll be an automatic win for the next two weeks, which feels like cheating, but quite a tough one after showcase...) Thoughts welcome! And yay for dancers!
  7. Hi! Thanks for your lovely message I grew up in Brussels. I have now been in a dance group for 2 years and will dance anything that will feel right : contemporary, ballet, Cabaret, swing, lindy hop, hip hop, hula hoop... I've had my first go at ballroom dancing last week and it was much fun, I definitely intend to do more next year. On another I failed my first day of exercising because I was stupidly late for work so no time for exercising (or maybe I didn't use my morning time correctly, procrastinating again...)and came back stupidly late after rehearsals (I rehearse for a dance showcase in 3 weeks). On the one hand I want to forgive myself because I did 2h of dancing and 1h of cycling to get there and back, but on the other hand it feels like it's another bullshit excuse because what I'm trying to commit to is exercising at home in the morning, no matter what the day is made of next. Feels really bad to have a wrong start Sent from my XT1039 using Tapatalk
  8. Hi Sam! I think we have similar goals - I'll follow your progress hoping to boost mine so... go you! go me! ^^
  9. Hi everyone! My name is Jenny and I’m a 30-year old Belgian girl currently living in London, UK. Main quest: To get stronger and more flexible, and be physically able to do more activities and be better at them. To hopefully get the added benefits of exercising: feeling more energised and slimming down my waistline would be nice. Motivation: I am an amateur dancer, and want to use this challenge to become a better dancer and try aerials or pole dancing in the coming year. Quest 1: Start each weekday with a 15-minute home workout, and a protein drink. Total: 30 workouts, allowing myself to catch up at the weekend if I missed a day during the week. Measurement: A: 26 to 30 days B: 21 to 25 days C: 15 to 20 days Reward: (+3STR, +2STA) Quest 2: Keep a food and exercise log on weekdays, weekend optional. Total: 30 days of log Measurement: A: 26 to 30 days B: 21 to 25 days C: 15 to 20 days Reward: (+3 WIS, +1 CON) Quest 3: Stop snacking after dinner. I will have my last bite of the day at dinner, which will happen no later than 20h, and won’t eat until breakfast the next day. Again allowing myself cheats at the weekend, so again, a total of 30 days. Measurement: A: 26 to 30 days B: 21 to 25 days C: 15 to 20 days Reward: (+3 CON) Life Quest: Go back to journaling. Morning, evening, on the bus, anything counts, but I should unload my thoughts on paper every day, filling at least a page. Total: 42 days. Measurement: A: 35 to 42 days B: 28 to 34 days C: 21 to 27 days Reward: (+3 WIS) Let me know your thoughts or if I should change anything. Gimme a shout if you’d like to be accountability buddies, too. Thanks! Looking forward to this journey J Also, ridiculous question: Do I have to also sign up to Nerd Fitness Academy? I’m guessing yes but couldn’t find the info. Jenny/Enelyah
  10. Enelyah

    Start or wait?

    Thanks, and yes, it is! At lleast what I've been trying. Decided I needed to gain upper body strength the day a circus friend of mine did a free trapeze taster session and I couldn't pull my weight up there... Once she helped me, and I was on, I had a great time, so I really want to be able to get up there by myself!
  11. Enelyah

    Start or wait?

    I'm an amateur dancer who's becoming frustrated with not being able to do more, and want to gain strength and flexibility. On the long run I'd like to be fit enough to start aerials or pole dancing. It seems that I do indeed need to complete a full 6-weeks challenge in order to earn my place in a guild... but I also don't want to wait a month :/ I'll go through the goal-defining process with quests and side quests and post tomorrow so I have something to get started with as a "trial" before the next challenge. Half a challenge is better than none!
  12. Enelyah

    Start or wait?

    Thanks! I was unsure there was a point. I'll see what's possible in regards to joining a guild and stuff. Excited!
  13. Enelyah

    Start or wait?

    Hello all, Enelyah from the UK. Just discovered about NF and it looks fantastic. I quite literally can't wait to join your next 6 weeks challenge... So would like to join for the 2nd part of your current challenge, but maybe it defeats the point? When is the next challenge planned?
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