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  1. Back again, to say that I'm still here. Goal #1 Been at about 75% on this one. With all the moving there's been a lot of lifting built in, but as we've gotten more and more heavy stuff taken care of I'm going to have to start hitting up the gym more often. Goal #2 Only about 50% on this one. It seems that when push comes to shove and I have to eat on the run fruits and veggies are the first thing to go. Goal #3 Packing has been automatic. Unpacking not so much. We've still got boxes galore. Revising the goal to unpacking at least one box a day. So far at 100%, but my desire to keep this up is fading fast.
  2. Ok, still here, I promise. Had to take a week off due to the move. I'll be back on track soon.
  3. I'd call it an intent to 75%
  4. Congrats on the 5K. Glad the knee issue didn't keep you from doing it. Good job on the going to bed early and lack of bad snacking. Hopefully you can keep it up for the rest of the challenge and beyond.
  5. Accountability is the big thing for me with these challenges too. Even when I don't come anywhere close to my goals I still feel like I got a lot done.
  6. Walls happen. Concentrate on the fun and positive. Got three weeks left in this challenge. Tear them up!
  7. Week 4 Day #1 Stupid day Goal 1 - working out Missed dance. Had a computer go down at work I was there until 8 o'clock getting it back up. Goal 2 - fruit and veg Orange at breakfast and carrots at lunch. By the time I got done with work the baby was already in bed, so I just heated up a can of cheesy broccoli soup and the went to bed. I'm counting that as 2.5. Goal 3 - clearing the house Didn't happen Week 4 Day #2 Kids all day Goal 1 - working out Took a walk with the boys. Goal 2 - fruit and veg Didn't really get a whole meal at any point, but I did eat an orange, a bowl of grapes, and munched on carrots all day. Goal 3 - clearing the house Cleared off two dressers Week 4 Day #3 Nothing special Goal 1 - working out Didn't happen Goal 2 - fruit and veg Orange at breakfast, salad at lunch, husband made tacos for dinner and I devoured me some tomatoes. Goal 3 - clearing the house Got another box packed up and got papers together for the closing Week 4 Day #4 Closing time! Goal 1 - working out Moved a ton of furniture. I am sore. I'm counting it. Goal 2 - fruit and veg Ate a ton of carrots while moving things. I'm counting it as 1.5 Goal 3 - clearing the house Got a chunk of stuff moved to the new house. Still got a lot to go though.
  8. Nothing like a challenge to get you going, huh? Glad to see you're on track with your other goals too.
  9. Oh, Arby's is my biggest junk food weakness. I've learned to skip the fries and soda and just get a bigger sandwich, or get a kid's meal.
  10. Week three recap Goal 1 Did it. Got in three workouts Yay! Goal 2 Missed a few fruit and veggie opportunities. got 95% though. Goal 3 Not so good. I gave myself half points for the days I got other move related stuff done. Still only at 57%. Better than bad, but not good.
  11. Week 3 Day #5 Nothing out of the ordinary Goal 1 - working out Did a yoga video before bed Goal 2 - fruit and veg Banana with breakfast. Carrots at lunch. Had dinner with the sister and BIL. Fortunately I have converted them to the cult of the avocado. Goal 3 - clearing the house Didn't clear anything, but I spent a chunk of the afternoon dealing with mortgage paperwork. Week 3 Day #6 Took the kids to the science center Goal 1 - working out Walked all over the science center. Took my pedometer and it clocked a mile and a half. Seems about right since I spent most of the time chasing my son as he ran around everywhere. Goal 2 - fruit and veg Orange at breakfast. Ate lunch on the run so I didn't get a fruit. Did have carrots at dinner. Goal 3 - clearing the house Gathered up some boxes and filled them with stuff that we won't be needing any time soon. Week 3 Day #7 Lazy Sunday Goal 1 - working out Didn't happen Goal 2 - fruit and veg Everyone slept in. Even the baby. So, I didn't get breakfast before going to church. I doubled up on veggies at lunch. Had both a serving of carrots and a serving of tomatoes. Then had an orange at dinner. Goal 3 - clearing the house Didn't happen.
  12. Doing well. A little behind on workout goals thanks to my anniversary celebration, but I should be able to make that up tonight. Wonder how the rest of the team is doing.
  13. Week 3 Day #4 Nothing eventful Goal 1 - working out Now that husband is home I can go to the gym much easier. As soon as the kiddo was in bed I ran out to the gym and got in a long walk/jog. Goal 2 - fruit and veg Banana at breakfast, orange at lunch and carrots at dinner. Goal 3 - clearing the house Found a basket of random crap on a high shelf in the bathroom. It had a bunch of the most random crap. A ton of perfectly ponytail holders, samples of various items that were still good. Had some stuff that was expired, and all of that went into the trash, but the good stuff has been moved to places where it is accessible and can be moved.
  14. My condolences. I'm glad to hear you're using this as an inspiration to do something positive in your life.
  15. Week 3 Day #3 Was my husband and I's anniversary. This also makes three years in a row that we forgot about it until my dad reminded us. Goal 1 - working out Sister and BIL agreed to watch our kid while we got dinner. By the time we got back from eating I was wiped out. Goal 2 - fruit and veg Had an orange at breakfast, carrots at lunch and at dinner got vegetable to dip in some haydari. Goal 3 - clearing the house I did throw out a lot of old mascaras and lip glosses along with cheap hair clips I never use while getting ready for dinner, but I'm not sure that counts as a full drawer.
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