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  1. For sure! It'd be great to meet a fellow Rebel! I'll PM you with some details.
  2. I just logged in for the first time in a long while. Oof. Hello fellow neighbors! I'm also Pittsburgh-ish. 2 hours north in Erie. Though I do visit the city once a month or so to see family.
  3. I just got back from my first run since beating the Beast last weekend. My knee was bothering me for a while after the race, but it's finally as back to normal as it's gonna get. It was only about a 20 minute run, but I miss going to the trail and I've really been wanting to, so I just got up and went. I'm glad I did. The fall always feels like a time for fresh starts, so I've been busy these past few weeks sort of reorganizing my life and my priorities. I will have some fun posts coming up with pictures of my little "academy notebook" I'm making to help keep me on track with e
  4. Thanks Stella!! Yeah, that sand...whew. Whenever we hit dirt or pavement, it was heaven. And omg, Mike_d, that's hilarious! That scene definitely sums up how I felt, hahaha!
  5. Yaaay! Keep up with the great work!
  6. I beat the Beast! The 10 mile Barber Beast on the Bay was my own personal boss battle and I destroyed it yesterday. I'm so proud of myself! I was able to do 26 of the 29 obstacles. Of the three I didn't do, one I at least attempted but failed at (I'll get it next time!) and the other two I simply was running extremely low on energy (it was around mile 7 or so) and I didn't have it in me, but I know what to focus on and what to expect for next time because I'm definitely signing up to do it again next year. It felt so great crossing that finish line What I'm most proud about is
  7. The Barber Beast on the Bay is a 10 mile obstacle course AND I BEAT IT!! Yaaaaay! I was so so so excited when I signed up for it a year ago and as it got closer...I became nervous and almost didn't even go! I was afraid I'd be bad at it and judged by the other participants. I also was originally going to run it with a friend but during the weeks leading up to the Beast, we had a falling out and aren't friends anymore and I knew that'd be awkward seeing them. But I really wanted to cross that finish line. And I had already told all my other friends, my boyfriend, and
  8. Check in time! Overall, I'm feeling a lot better. I still am dealing with some of the stress, but I'm managing it much better now and my emotions aren't riding on a rollercoaster anymore. I just submitted my job application to this illustrator gig I really want that's in a different city (and state!). My boyfriend is completely cool with relocating if I get contacted and possibly hired. I don't really have my hopes up, but you never know. At least I submitted it. The Barber Beast 10 mile obstacle course is one week away and I don't feel ready for it at a
  9. So far so good, I'm still keeping up with some sort of activity each day. Also, I painted today! I haven't painted in months. I didn't really feel up for it, but I turned on some music and went to work on a canvas anyway because I thought maybe after I started, I'd have fun and get back into it again. I only got the background done, but I can tell already I'll have fun figuring out how to get it to where I want it to go. I talked to my boyfriend more about a new job and possibly moving. He's being very supportive and said he'll figure things out with me. I just really feel li
  10. After a very long break, I am respawning and starting over. I have some issues I'm dealing with and trying to sort out, and some days are better than others. I look back and see that I had kept up my routine for 128 days...and that impresses me. I never stuck to something that long before - especially a work out routine. I don't think I'll be updating everyday like I used to, but I will at least update once a week. I find that writing on here helps organize my thoughts and feelings. At some point I want to go back and reread what I had accomplished, but as silly as it sounds
  11. Well, I guess it's confession time~ (It's going to be a long one as I'm going to be sorting out everything as I type it here...my mind's been going in circles lately, I swear) Almost a whole year ago I joined the Academy and was so thrilled to be a part of this community. I found a trail by my apartment and started running. On days I didn't run I made sure to get outside and walk - either on the running trail or just around the neighborhood. Occasionally a friend joined me on my run or I worked out with a few friends at the gym and I even started learning some self defense. Th
  12. Day 128 I am still able to do one minute on the challenge - it's a struggle, but it's doable. I've been so focused on my arms and shoulders lately that I had to remind myself to work other areas, too. So I popped in my Jillian Michaels Ab DVD and did level one. There's a move she does that I could never do before because I didn't have the arm/shoulder strength...and I can do it now! I felt really good when I realized I could do it. Around this time last year I tried to begin working out and it only lasted for about 2 weeks. I'm insanely proud that I've been going strong since Octobe
  13. Ahh, I love Lindsey Stirling Good choice! When I go running and I start to get tired, I find Bruno Mars' Runaway Baby just because of the repetitive "you better run" lyrics haha.
  14. Day 125 Everyday I've been working on my push ups. Today I hit 1 minute on the challenge! Whoohoo! Let's see if I can do it again tomorrow. A few other things of note since I haven't been updating as much: My new laptop (yep, I found going the desktop route would be the same price after buying a screen good for graphics so laptop it is again) should arrive Friday (technically tomorrow but I know I won't be around to sign for it), and I went to the gym with two friends the other night. It was heaps of fun working out with others again! And I got a new job! I know, I feel like I'm al
  15. Day 117 This morning I lasted my personal best at :55 seconds on the push up challenge :)
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