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  1. Oops, I disappeared again! Didn't mean to do that but it's been a heck of a week. Highlights: Mental health Diligently taking my medicine every day, and so far it's going well. Had an exhausting but much-needed chat with a counsellor, who gave me some homework and some book recommendations. Next appointment is in a few weeks. Exercise Kept doing daily yoga and squats, except for Wed and Thurs. It's now Friday and I'll get back on track. Nutrition Experiencing some nausea as a result of meds, so to combat the icky feelings I've been eating a b
  2. Saturday update: first day on new meds, and the only side effect I've noticed is I'm really thirsty, but I've meaning to increase my water uptake anyway Mental health Gratitude, plus we donated a carload of books, DVDs and board games so the house is feeling much less cluttered! Exercise Yoga and squats Nutrition Mostly good, although I had a bit more sugar than I probably ought House stuff Aforementioned donation, plus boxing up the remaining games
  3. Oops, I didn't mean to disappear like that, there's been a lot happening. The rest of the week was fine; I've kept up with my exercises and doing pretty well on nutrition. Then on Friday I had the long-anticipated visit to the GP to get real about my mental health. He gave me some SSRIs and some homework to do. I've also made an appointment with a counsellor next week. So I've got an action plan in place to whip my brain back into shape. There are going to be difficult days ahead but it feels good to take a step in the right direction!
  4. Tuesday update: it was a good day until a bunch of stuff happened in the evening to murder my good mood Mental health Gratitude, went to bed super early Exercise Decided to start work later and in the morning did yoga and pushups, plus some squats as part of the NF Journey habit challenge Nutrition All tracked, treat for the day was a chocolate bar
  5. Monday update: it's so hard going back to work after a break! Mental health Gratitude Exercise Yoga, which has now got to become an afternoon habit since I refuse to get up any earlier before work Nutrition Logged it all and enjoyed some banana bread
  6. Sunday update: it was a bad brain day so I didn't push myself and spent most of the time on the couch, but only after finishing all my tasks for the day. Plus it was the last day of the summer break so even if I were feeling better it would've been a lazy day anyway! Mental health Gratitude, early bedtime. Meditation doesn't count because it had the opposite effect Exercise Yoga, pushups Nutrition Had a bowl of ice cream for a treat and no other sweets, also intermittent fasting is going well
  7. I was using headspace for a while a few years ago, and that was OK. But I've got enough app subscriptions as it is and I really don't want to add another at this time! I'll explore more options another day.
  8. A little more structure would probably be better; perhaps this particular meditation app/style is just not for me. I like the parts about feeling the heaviness of your body, counting breaths etc, but the mind-drifting stuff isn't doing me any good at the moment. Anyway, I'll take a break for now and maybe try something else another time.
  9. I've just been doing five-minute guided meditations by the same people who do the yoga app (Down Dog) and it's mostly fine, but then she said something like "Now... just let your mind... drift where it likes..." and I'm like nooo that's a very bad idea let's not do that. But it's one thing to recognise that and a whole other thing to act on it and prevent the bad thoughts taking root. I've got step 1 down, but step 2 needs a lot more work.
  10. Thanks! I'm going to press pause on meditation practice for a bit after this morning's five minutes of sitting quietly turned into 15 minutes of crying. Not fun. So I might just stick to the gratitude journalling and yoga for now and come back to it when I'm feeling more resilient. The yoga is definitely nice, though, it's quiet time but without the thought spirals because instead I'm so focused on figuring out what my hips are meant to be doing 😅
  11. Saturday update: Mental health Meditation, gratitude, many wins on the to-do list Exercise Yoga Nutrition My treat today was an ice cream at the cinema which must've been double-dipped or something because there was way too much chocolate, and that's something I don't say often. Otherwise all healthy and I wrote it all down House stuff Donated a box of kitchen stuff and good clothes to the op-shop, clothes to be recycled to H&M (and got a voucher for my next purchase, yay!), and old glasses to Specsavers. There's still l
  12. Friday update: happy new year, folks! My official 1 January weigh-in was 79.2kg. I haven't yet set any year-long goals, but probably one will be to stay firmly below 80kg. Plus today was the third good brain day in a row, hooray! Mental health Meditation, gratitude Exercise Yoga and pushups practice. I've managed to get a splinter in my foot so there shan't be any more long walks for a bit. Nutrition 16 hours of fasting. Had a fruit salad for lunch but it wasn't all that filling so I supplemented with chips a few hours later. Not a great choic
  13. Thursday update: another good day to wrap up the year Mental health Gratitude, and I bought some new pyjamas that spark so much joy Exercise Yoga, and my arms are still a little sore so I skipped the pushups for another day. Then in the evening Husband suggested a nice long walk and we ended up going about 5.5km! It's been an unusually cool summer so it was lovely Nutrition Intermittent fasting and a few wins. I was tempted to grab myself a McDonald's frappe as a treat to supplement a healthy lunch, but then when I ordered lunch it turned
  14. I forgot to mention the other reason I didn't throw away many clothes. When I did the cull last year I put everything back on its hanger backwards so that I would know if an item went unused for a whole year and therefore be a likely candidate for donation. But with three months of working from home and about eight months of barely leaving the house, there were a lot of outfits that didn't get used this year, so that didn't seem like a fair way to judge! So I've granted amnesty to almost all of those (after trying them on to make sure I still like them). But when we move into the new house (wh
  15. Wednesday was a much better day, no brain funk in sight so I took the opportunity to be extra productive. Mental health Gratitude Exercise Just yoga today. Also I spent all day thinking I must've slept funny because my upper arms were sore. No, fool, it's because of the pushups! Nutrition Managed to stick to an eating window. Had a bowl of ice cream but that was the only treat. Should've had more water though House stuff Finally tackled the mountain of clean laundry I've been meaning to put away for ages. And while I was at
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