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  1. Phew, it's been another busy week. I haven't made much time for exercise but I have been very strict with my nutrition goals. I shared all the biscuits with my coworkers so I wouldn't be tempted. Someone else shared an enormous bowl Cadbury Favourites and I took a couple but didn't eat them. They're in my snack drawer for a later date when I'm taking less drastic measures. This afternoon a coworker gifted me a massive cookie as an early birthday gift, which was lovely, but that's also in the drawer for another day. Luckily it's properly wrapped and sealed so it'll keep. After all that, the sugar fast ends tonight! Husband got us a box of fancy mini cakes we're going to ration out over the next couple of days. So I'm throwing caution to the wind for the next four days, but after that it's back to work limiting sugar to recalibrate this sweet tooth of mine.
  2. Monday morning is weigh-in time and I've lost a whole kilo (2lb), yay! That's a pretty good result I would say, and most of it due to nutrition changes like the sugar boycott. This week is a busy one with lots of overtime, so I won't have many opportunities for jogging but I can make time for yoga before work and maybe some short walks on my breaks. Ordinarily on these sorts of days I might leave home a little earlier to increase my chances of getting a parking spot at my building and not a 15-minute walk away. Instead this morning I did a yoga session and embraced the risk, since a little extra incidental walking would do me some good (even if it's all uphill in direct sunlight, boo!)
  3. Don't tell my husband but I'm totally the favourite 😉 I've been building a reputation as the cool safe aunt since day one, mostly by acting as the literal safe zone when there's a game of chasies happening. Totally worth it!
  4. To be fair it was super cute and I don't really hold a grudge, but I am glad that he asked quietly (don't need my MIL getting excited over rumours). I think he must have been told it's not a very polite question but he figures since it's just Aunty Lateral it doesn't count if you whisper 😅 It's been a good weekend. Didn't exercise on Saturday but I spent most of Sunday chasing after the toddler, which more than made up for it. I've now managed a full week without any sugar! Nearly gave in at the picnic I brought the biscuits to. Had a moment like Bilbo Baggins, "They're mine, I made them, why shouldn't I have one?" But then I realised how close I was to the seven-day milestone and pride won over gluttony. And I plan to keep going for another week. It's my birthday next weekend and come on, I'm not going to skip my birthday cake. Bet it's going to taste so good after two weeks of abstinence 😊😊
  5. Thursday was yoga and Friday was a jog down to the shops and a walk back laden with groceries. Still eating well--no sugar yet! Friday I haven't been able to stick to my eating window, but I'm not mad about it. I was feeling a bit low energy this morning so I started the day with a banana and a cup of tea, and dinner's going to be late. But everything I've eaten has been healthy. I made some choc chip biscuits (cookies) for an event this weekend and I didn't even do a taste test!
  6. Tuesday and Wednesday have both gone very well. Been managing to keep within my eating window but also just having less to eat in general. In fact it's been three days since I had anything sugary at all, which I haven't done since the week before my wedding lol Did yoga on Tuesday because I didn't have time for a jog once you factor in time to get changed, cool down afterwards and then shower. But I did go jogging this afternoon and I made it a challenging one. My house is at the bottom of a big, steep hill and all the streets sort of zigzag up, but there's a path that just cuts a straight line all the way to the top. It's about half a kilometre (1/3 mile) to the top and today it took me 7:20. Next time I want to do it faster... and be running up that hill
  7. Well last week was a mixed bag. I didn't manage to make time for any exercise, but I did stick to my food goals, so I was feeling pretty good about things. Then a three-year-old asked me if I had a baby in my belly. Ouch, kiddo. So I'm laser focused today. 20min of yoga locked in. Also did super well with food goals; it helped that I was super busy at work so I didn't even get time for snacks. In fact there was a net deficit of snacks because I made banana bread over the weekend and I shared it at work without even having any myself. Take that, toddler!
  8. So my last challenge was a sort of a soft start, dabbling in a little exercise and mindfulness. Now it's time to establish some rules for myself. I drifted a bit in the last couple of weeks so I need some firm goals to keep me focused. Starting small this week and will re-evaluate next Monday: 1) Do something every day Either a bit of light jogging or some yoga stretches, at least 20 minutes in a row dedicated to some kind of exercise 2) Eating between 12pm and 10pm Easing back into intermittent fasting, which I was really into. Gonna narrow that window down over the next few weeks.
  9. Still here, still doing the NF thing, I just haven't had a chance to check in. It's been the sort of week where everyone is demanding my attention all at once and I'm not getting much opportunity to focus on myself. On the other hand, I also didn't have time for idle snacking so it's not all bad lol Monday: 20 min walk/jog and a healthy lunch, but we had Maccas for dinner and I don't say no to nuggets. Tuesday: 15 min yoga and healthy meals all the way. Wednesday: way too tired for a jog so instead I did yoga so I could say I'd done something. Mostly healthy food except I treated myself to an ice cream after dinner. Thursday: 25 min jog and good food. I will not be having dessert.
  10. So I spent most of Friday lying down trying not to move. I also took it super easy on Saturday for good measure; although I wasn't as sore, I didn't want to push it too much just in case. But I managed to eat pretty well both days so it wasn't a total disaster. The big takeaway from this is that I need to do more stretches. I did not enjoy having my mobility limited and don't want it happening again soon. So Sunday started with a cheeky 15 minutes of super gentle yoga. I was feeling achey just in child pose! But the good kind of achey, if you know what I mean. Basically I'm taking baby steps to get back to where I was at a couple of years ago. I've enjoyed getting back into walk/jogging again. I even started Zombies Run from the beginning again just to try to capture that "start of journey" spirit. Gonna aim to alternate jogging and stretching for now and start sprinkling in some bodyweight exercises in a few weeks when I'm feeling a bit more flexible.
  11. Well Friday has been an adventure already. Took the day off so I could get a four-day weekend but didn't really know what to do with myself this morning. It was nice and overcast so I decided a walk would get me energised for some choring around the house. Problem was my hair kept falling down while I was running and I must have twisted weirdly trying to put it back up again for the umpteenth time because I twinged a muscle in my back. Big yikes, big hurties. Luckily I was already on the home stretch! Now I've had a shower and some nurofen, I'm lying down on the floor with a heat pack, and my hopes for a productive afternoon (and possibly the rest of the weekend) have been dashed. At least I can entertain myself with a laptop down here.
  12. So Tuesday was a quiet one. No exercise but I did eat pretty well, by which I mean hardly any sugar. Wednesday was way more active. My car needed servicing so I had to walk to and from work, half an hour each way in direct summer sun, oof. I managed a few stints of jogging along the way, even a little but uphill. Super glad there are showers at the office! Today I've been lazy again. It's stupid hot and it's a public holiday so I ain't leaving this nice air-conditioned living room lol. Might do some little exercises later when it's cooled down a bit.
  13. Hi Flea! How's it going? California is like a little mini Australia, if it's not on fire it's flooding 😅 Hope it calms down for a bit
  14. Thanks! Good to see you, buddy, hope you're doing well 😊 I heard N America's been getting battered lately, stay safe! It's just plain old rain where I am, but I still hope it clears up because I have to walk to work tomorrow 😅
  15. Monday was a pretty strong start to the week I would say. Had a nice healthy lunch and dinner and as far as sugar goes I had two Lindt balls after lunch. I even turned down some chocolate biscuits offered by my grandma and you know how hard it is to say no to your grandma's baking so that's an achievement! Had plans to go for a walk with some folks after work but it was cancelled at the last minute due to an incoming storm. But when I got home it wasn't raining yet and I was already dressed for it so I went straight out for a quick 20-minute circuit--made it back home just as it started pouring down! Glad I seized the opportunity to squeeze in a bit of exercise. It was mostly walking with just a few bursts of jogging in the first half; I don't want to go too hard and risk injuring myself! I don't feel like I'm starting completely from square one, or at least I can already jog for more than 15 seconds at a time so I'm already ahead of where I was the first time I tried jogging. But it's been a long time since I had a regular exercise habit so I'm going to build up to it gradually.
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