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  1. Lateral Planet

    Lateral Planet Takes A Break

    Managed to hit my two goals each day this week. It's kinda nice having a low bar at the moment! This week I'm going to add an extra goal: track my spending. This is going to be a part of the next challenge but I figured I'll make a head start to get into the habit of writing stuff down. I have an app that's quite good but for now I'll use the ol' pen and paper method since it's much more customisable.
  2. Lateral Planet

    Lateral Planet Takes A Break

    He sure did! We're very proud As always, the trick will be actually following through with all those plans
  3. Lateral Planet

    Lateral Planet Takes A Break

    Well step one will be to get back to where I was before the wedding, because I've been seriously slack since then. Can't remember the last time I went for a run or did any exercise, and I haven't been eating all that carefully either. Plus just generally I'd like to slim down a bit further and be fitter anyway, but it was really helpful having a set goal/deadline so I'll try to come up with another one. I'm not all that into sport but I would like to get back into jogging again... WHICH REMINDS ME!! I totally forgot to mention that my puppy had his last chemo treatment a few weeks ago and is officially in remission! My running buddy being unwell and also the lousy winter really slowed me down (ha!) in the last six months, but now both of those things are over so we can get back into running together again! As soon as I can shake this darn cold, that is... Here's a happy lymphoma-free Frankie for your enjoyment:
  4. Lateral Planet

    Lateral Planet Takes A Break

    Not much I've had this headache for a week now and nothing tastes good. Plus I haven't had energy for walking the puppy, so he's a bit hyper at the moment! I guess I'm just waiting for the headache to clear up. So there was no chance of any proper challenge-type stuff this week, and the next two weeks are going to be crazy at work. So the next challenge seems like a sensible respawn point! The thing is, I rejoined NerdFitness with the goal of losing some weight before the wedding, so now I'm just like, "Now what??" So I'm taking some time to think hard about where I want to go from here, and find my new motivation
  5. Lateral Planet

    Tateman - The Reset

    If you do get a blackout, try not to open the fridge at all and it should stay cool enough that nothing should spoil for a day or two. Also, that's ridiculous about candles, candlelight is the most fun part of blackouts! Glad you've escaped so far, good luck in round 3!
  6. Lateral Planet

    Lateral Planet Takes A Break

    Wednesday was a bit annoying, being sick and all, but I managed my two goals pretty well. I know it's early, but I'm starting to make plans for the next challenge, it's gonna be a good one!
  7. Lateral Planet

    Dalish is a fat kitty

    Good for you! I gave myself a new name when I came back to NerdFitness after a long absence; the original just didn't vibe with my new goals and new outlook. A fresh identity is a great way to reset and respawn
  8. Lateral Planet

    Depression fights Countess D'If

    I'm so glad you had a good time! You're doing amazingly
  9. Lateral Planet

    Tateman - The Reset

    That sucks! At least they were able to give you a heads up, but I sure hope you won't be affected
  10. Lateral Planet

    Rookie Does Things

    I agree. Can confirm Universal/Harry Potter is a lot of fun but it's not going anywhere; if you can't make it work in March you can save up and go some other time
  11. Lateral Planet

    Lateral Planet Takes A Break

    Tuesday went well, I had my bottle of water and remembered to go to bed before I nodded off. I also booked my car in for a service and emailed HR about changing my name at work. Today I'm off sick and my car's in the shop so there's not much I can do. Gonna take it easy and hope I'm back on top tomorrow!
  12. Lateral Planet

    Lateral Planet Takes A Break

    It's back to work day and I've decided to just start a mini challenge to help get me back into the swing of things. Also I'm not feeling 100 pet cent at the moment and I'm not sure whether it's just allergies and dehydration or if I'm actually coming down with something. Also there's a few things that I really need to do soon so they can go here too so I'll remember. Mini Goals: 1) Drink more water At least a bottle a day, which is not enough but better than none at all 2) Sleep in bed, not on the couch The last few nights I keep nodding off watching TV, I need to embrace the tiredness and go straight to bed To Do List: 1) Get the car serviced 2) Get the wedding dress cleaned and preserved 3) Write out all the thank you cards 4) Look up the process to change my name
  13. Lateral Planet

    Lateral Planet Takes A Break

    Thanks! I know, I was sure my jeans were feeling tighter but it's a mystery.
  14. Lateral Planet

    Lateral Planet Takes A Break

    We got married on Saturday (yay!) and slimming down for that has been my main goal since I came back to NF in 2018. Now that's done, and the general exhaustion of the last several months has well and truly caught up with me, I'm ready to just kick back and relax in all aspects of life for a few weeks. The honeymoon starts on Thursday! I may or may not actually update this thread very much until I'm back home, when it'll be time to focus up and get back to work on being a fit and functional person. In the meantime, I'm contemplating a slice of leftover wedding cake for lunch