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  1. Oops, looks like I haven't updated in a few days. Well it's Sunday now and I thought I'd better check in on my current working from home goals. Get back under 80kg My next weigh-in is tomorrow but honestly I'm not sure what to expect. Been keeping up with my exercises but I've had an awful lot of sugar this week. Graduate to standing-up yoga I've levelled up from Restorative to Gentle, which does include some standing up and a lot more kneeling. Mat still hasn't arrived (it'll be officially late on Tuesday) but so far I haven't fallen over yet Continue with daily pushups after the end of the official pushups challenge Completed my first full week of pushups beyond the challenge Abstain from mindlessly plucking my eyebrows Haven't achieved 100 per cent yet but I'm definitely more aware of the habit and stopping myself Two weeks to go until I plan to go back to the office, and they're going to be busy work weeks with a weird schedule just to make things interesting.
  2. The switch to afternoon exercises didn't throw me off yesterday, which is good because I'm going to have to do the same again today. We're gearing up for a busy upcoming fortnight at work, and also it's just too cold to get out of bed early. As for my sugar limitation goal, that's off the table for now. I'm getting cravings like crazy this week and I don't need to be hangry on top of everything else.
  3. Wednesday will be a real test of my resolve. I've had to start work early to get some urgent stuff done, and I didn't have time for yoga. For the last five weeks that's been the first thing I do in the morning, so I'm having to break that streak and catch up this afternoon. I'm going to have to switch to afternoon exercises in a few weeks when I go back to the office anyway, so I might as well start the transition now. Might set an alarm reminder just in case!
  4. It's been a very lazy long weekend Monday! I did all my exercises first thing (well, after my obligatory sleep-in), updated my personal finance tracker and immediately ran out of plans for the day. So I spent a few hours getting through some movies in my Netflix queue and lazing about. Not gonna lie, it was pretty sweet!
  5. Well that was silly of me. I just did my morning yoga, and on the app I switched the type from Restorative to Gentle, but apparently I forgot to switch the difficulty from advanced to beginner. So that was interesting. It wasn't too bad, except I can't touch my toes so I had to sit out of a few moves. But I'll definitely make sure it's on beginner level tomorrow! I've got this problem where if I'm not instantly good at something I want to walk away from it. It's a hangover of being a former gifted child or something, but I do recognise it as a problem. The best way I've found to overcome it, at least with exercises, is to start with the absolutely easiest option and work my way up from there. That way it's less likely that I'll find it to be too hard too soon and get the urge to rage quit and stop working on myself. In fact that's how I found Nerd Fitness, by looking up something like "Level up exercises" OK, now I've got that off my chest it's time for some pushups, starting at the beginner level and working my way up!
  6. Week 3 Recap: A much better week, brainwise. 1) Food tracking = 7/7 2) Morning yoga = 7/7 3) Self-care = 7/7 4) Maintain the sanctuary = 7/7 5) Pushups = 7/7 Result = no change! Maintenance isn't a bad thing. Plan for Week 2: Graduate to the next type of yoga, keep doing pushups, keep doing flexibility training, try to go for a walk or two (weather permitting). Get serious about snack limitation; it started well last week but then the pent up sugar cravings went haywire over the weekend.
  7. Oh no! I had to set a reminder for Sunday for the very same reason. I do remember Thursday being particularly bad so well done for doubling up like that! We had a team of eight so I had a much easier time of it for someone who had done zero pushups recently before starting. Three weeks of peer pressure seem to have been just the thing to get me going again!
  8. Might be worth a look now! I was also too late for the Rona yoga bandwagon. I couldn't find a yoga mat IRL a month ago so I ordered one off Amazon. It still hasn't arrived but I could've picked one up at Kmart the other day for $15, dangit! BTW how did you go with the pushups challenge? Was nice of them to let us finish on a relatively low target
  9. It does in Australia! In fact it's thriving; they just announced they're going to convert a whole lot of Targets to make more Kmarts.
  10. Hooray for the long weekend! It's off to a good start. Saturday I did my necessary yoga and pushups, and then we went for a good long walk. I did have more snacks than planned, but not so much that I feel really bad about it. I forgot to mention as part of my shopping mission on Friday I went to Kmart and saw they've finally been able to restock their fitness section! So I grabbed a set of resistance bands to help me stretch my legs straight up while I'm lying down. I think you're meant to practice with your legs against a wall, but my living room doesn't have a bare patch of wall I can lie in front of so I'm having to go freestyle.
  11. Hi folks, long time no see. I've been lurking but I dipped out early on the last challenge because of reasons (spoilerised because sad; feel free to skip). Anyway, the end result is now I'm over 80kg (175lb) when I'd rather be closer to 70kg (155lb). I took the last week off work to basically recharge and restart, and dip my toe into reinstating certain good habits. Now I'm ready to dive back into my journey for good health. Here's the plan: 1) Food tracking I'm going to revive my colour-coded system from a few challenges ago, which highlighted unhealthy food and drinks. Since I can't bear calorie counting, this has been a good way for me to stay mindful of how much I'm eating. 2) Morning yoga I've been doing this consistently for a week now and I plan to keep it up. Also I impulse-bought a yoga mat from Amazon and it'd be really awkward if I'm not going to use it once it finally gets here. Bonus points for any additional exercise. 3) Self-care Including, but not limited to, a new regime to keep my hair healthy without getting it cut. It would be a real shame to lose all this lovely length I'm growing once the pandemic is over! 4) Maintain the sanctuary Currently there are no active cases of coronavirus in my city, yay! But Husband and I are both working from home and spending almost all of our time at home, so it's more important than ever to keep the house tidy and clean. All of the above are daily habits so I'll try to check in regularly. I found an awesome new notebook for tracking this stuff (in the early days of the last challenge, actually tracking my progress was my biggest issue) so with a bit of discipline I should be able to stay on top of things this time around. Good luck, everyone!