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  1. Tuesday went well and Wednesday is on the right track so far. I didn't make it to the post office but I did achieve everything else I planned for this morning. The post office mission has been migrated to tomorrow's list. I'm determined to get it done this week, dangit!
  2. Monday is done, so far so good! I managed to finish off everything I planned for the day, plus a few extra things that popped up. I was going to share a pic as evidence but my handwriting is so terrible it wouldn't have helped. Perhaps I should add "practice writing calmly" to tomorrow's list! Another thing I did was construct a big list of everything for quick reference. This is for stuff I've had in the back of my mind for ages and haven't gotten around to, like renewing my passport (not that I could use it these days), cleaning the oven, updating some spreadsheets etc. Then I can pick something off the Big List and actually nominate a day on which to do it. I have some free time tomorrow, probably enough to go to the post office and start my passport application, so on the list it goes!
  3. Absolutely, after a lot of lofty goals fizzled out lately I've decided to set the bar super low! Best of luck to you to! Yep the training for the job takes about two years, so this is my life now. Annoyingly our workload has been so crazy lately that we haven't been able to take a step back and do any formal training, which is another factor making me feel overwhelmed. Hopefully the super time management skills I build in this challenge will help a bit. It's only day two but so far I've been doing the list in the morning and then updating it throughout the day when I get a chance. I've already added a few things for tomorrow's list though, so it's very ad hoc.
  4. Hi folks, long time no see. I totally flaked on my last challenge (despite the super cute wombat theme) and the one before that... and the one before that. Basically, I've been struggling to stick with my goals for weeks at a time. After carefully making plans for how awesome I'll be for the upcoming month, something trips me up two weeks in and I never quite manage to revive that initial spirit. Lately the thing tripping me up has been just a general sense of being overwhelmed. There's a lot going on in life right now, and I seem to keep oscillating wildly between "I'm totally on top of things" and "I'll never get on top of things". It's exhausting. So in light of all of the above I'm committing myself to only one goal for now: every day, create and maintain a to-do list. I hope to achieve a lot with this single goal. The main thing is it'll help my time management by setting out a clear plan for everything I need/want to do each day. Putting the plan on paper will also relieve some of the pressure on my brain to remember stuff. I can just take things one day at a time rather than try commit to a five-week exercise goal or whatever. I don't even need to complete everything on the list each day; I just need to make a list and use it, and that's enough to foster the consistency and mindfulness that I really need right now. I'll also try to check in here once in a while and visit some other threads (something else I totally failed to do last time). Good luck everybody!