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  1. I really haven't been updating as much as I intended at the start but you know how lockdowns are
  2. Well, the covid koala saw his shadow and now there'll be two more weeks of lockdown. So far so good, I guess. Thankfully they were still able to deliver my fabulous new sofa today, but they weren't allowed to stay and assemble it. So today's exercise involved a whole lot of heavy lifting! I was pretty wiped afterwards but I had somewhere comfortable to recover. Just another reminder that a certain level of fitness makes everyday life that much easier.
  3. It's Monday and time to check in. Last week went pretty well despite the disruption of the lockdown. I lost around 1.5kg (3lb) since last Monday! So the combination of sugar reduction and the occasional walk during lunch is doing me some good
  4. I really don't mean to keep disappearing! Found some fake sugar and that seems to be OK, I mean it tastes a little different but I'm getting used to it. On Tuesday I managed to hurt my back, so I spent a day just lying down and trying not to be sore. Mostly back (ha!) to normal so it's time to fire up with some exercises again. And literally as I was writing this they announced I'm going into lockdown for a week, which is a bit annoying but shouldn't mess with my goals too much considering they're mostly about eating and doing a few light exercises at home. Sigh.
  5. Oops, been away for a few days. I was busy apprehending a criminal: This sweet little runaway has been coming around all week to nom on my succulents. Finally I was able to gain his confidence and take him to the RSPCA, safe and sound! Anyway, the challenge is going pretty well so far. I've averaged about 30g of sugar a day, which is a little high but the main goal for now is tracking and mindfulness; restrictions come later. Been doing all my NF missions as well. I used my lunch break to take a nice walk for three days in a row! It's so much easier to do whe
  6. Wednesday has gone well, 30g of sugar and did all my NF missions. Also my "lunch" break was at a weird time of day so instead of eating I went for a nice walk. Might do it again tomorrow if the weather holds out.
  7. As always there's an easy solution I'm overlooking 😅 I did think about Splenda a while back but I could only find the single use sachets and I mean it feels a bit silly and wasteful using those in my own home. But I've since moved and my new local supermarket is a bit bigger so when we do the big shop this weekend I'll check out what they've got. Thanks for the reminder!
  8. Welcome! I'll try to be a good influence
  9. Because it's delicious! Black tea with two sugars and milk. I've tried black tea with less sugar and different flavours without any sugar etc and I just don't enjoy it as much and it's just not worth it (as they say, it's not my cup of tea). So instead I simply limit myself to one cup a day and only on workdays. It's my special treat. Yesterday I was mindful enough to realise I didn't really want another tea; I just wanted my hands to be warmer. What I actually want is for spring to hurry up and get here but I'll just have to wait.
  10. Monday went well overall. I smashed all my NF Journey missions. Final sugar count was 28g, which I think is a bit over the recommended daily intake but still way less than I had on Sunday so I'm feeling good about it. Highlight of the day was when I whipped up a hot broth with some random stuff I had in the pantry and accidentally perfectly recreated the taste of a delicious soup I'm sure I had in Japan once. Really I just needed a cup of something hot to warm up my hands, but a second cup of tea is another 10g of sugar. So that was a very happy accident!
  11. Good call, better safe than sorry. Our problem is plenty of people want to get vaccinated but the rollout has been so slow that hardly anybody has been able to. What a shambles.
  12. Tateman! Thanks for dropping by. I'm glad to hear you're able to go bowling again, it's another step towards normality. That could be a factor. If I want fresh Krispy Kreme or Starbucks it's a three-hour drive... not really worth it lol
  13. It's Monday, day 1! So far so good. I've been faithfully tracking all my food and making special note of how much sugar in particular. My special treat for this afternoon was a donut from Krispy Kreme, which until recently were super rare in my area and I haven't had one in years. But it turns out I don't like Krispy Kreme as much as I think I do; it just wasn't worth so much of my sugar allowance. Lesson learnt!
  14. It's Friday and I've seen the last of the office for a few weeks, hooray! I've decided to set myself a few rules for working from home so I don't slip into bad habits: 1) Wear comfortable clothes to enable impromptu exercises 2) I can buy lunch once a week but it's got to be from a proper restaurant and not fast food. Otherwise just use what's already in the house It's gonna be great. I'm also doing some weird hours next week so I'll have some extra time in the mornings to get stuff done around the house, and there's plenty to do!
  15. Two things is a whole lot more than nothing! You got this my dude
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