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  1. JustCallMeAmber

    JustCallMeAmber's unnamed challenge

    I don't think you're supposed to eat the outside.. Suspicious pineapples are suspicious. The recipe actually calls for canned pineapple, which is what I used. I'm curious to try it with fresh now. Will it yield even more yummier, tenderer, porkier goodness? (Find out next week! Same pork time, same pork channel!) Go for it. Few dishes + lots of flavor (and multiple servings for leftovers!) are all good things. Thanks! I think tomorrow will be the test. So far it hasn't made a repeat appearance, but Wednesday makes it a week and in theory it should have the most variables in common.
  2. JustCallMeAmber

    JustCallMeAmber's unnamed challenge

    Perhaps the particular pork product pairing is what read a little weird to me, i.e anything other than bacon. But yes, I think I'm a convert now. Hmm. That bears investigation. I figured whatever was in the cereal was enough, but I don't eat much of it outside that and the pb, so..? Could be that I've just been eating too much of it again and as such have trained my brain to expect a fix. But, it has not been a regular occurrence. (Let's hope it stays that way!)
  3. JustCallMeAmber

    JustCallMeAmber's unnamed challenge

    Lol. Your 'cats' are adorable! Yes, I have walked around at random moments, getting in as many steps as possible. It got a little nutty during one of the PvPs. I don't think I sat down except for in my car for a month lol (Although the cats are used to my antics and pay no mind to any shenanigans.) I know that dance too! It was pretty frequent when I was 'trapped' in my office while they were working up in the attic at my office a while back. "No, I have no idea why there would be a paw print there. Must've been the dog." Also, dogs aren't always actually helpful. They try, but sometimes the opposite occurs. Like when mine tries to give me CPR when I come in post-run. ETA: glad to see you back challenging with us!
  4. JustCallMeAmber

    JustCallMeAmber's unnamed challenge

    Week 1 complete. Collect the dots. Aim to get it back to at least 7 of 9. Not terrible out of the starting gate. 7.7 average. Did manage to collect all 9 once and was reminded that they give you a little victory message. Probably a sign it had been a bit since I did that lol Pomodoro-esque work flow. This was largely successful. Did not do every hour of the day, but it was helpful for getting started instead of twirling around in my chair avoiding certain tasks. Once I got started, I got a lot done. Only hiccup was on my very first scheduled break, my boss came in my office and I didn't have enough time to pretend I was working. Awkward. Play with the floofballs at least 15 minutes a day. Check! Brush teeth directly after last meal. Ah.. right. I knew I was forgetting something! Lax ball feet. 3 days/week is the current goal. Check! 4/3 //Life goals, i.e. boring but important\\ DMV before my b-day (joy) Taxes (also fun) Check boxes: Repair jewelry Darn/toss socks Re-hang closet rod Check! Also cleaned out some stuff, so while it took longer than anticipated, I felt very accomplished once I was done. Eye doctor (NEED new glasses and WANT sunglasses) Daily Devo 7/7, plus memorization for accountabilibuddies. Daily duo 6/7. Skin care 7/7. Walking. 7/7. 8k steps 68 weeks straight. 10k bonus: 4. #Yoga365 730 1095 . 7/7. Bonus 4. Don't forget front split practice! Skipped this week. Knee gave a funny reaction to my usual post-run cooldown stuff, so I didn't think it was wise to push. Of note this week, adventures in food. The good; instant-pot-spicy-pineapple-pork. A little weird to be adding pineapple to pork? Maybe. Tasty? Yes. Yes, it is. The rest of the adventures spoilered for length/possible triggers: So yeah, it was just... weird. Not pictured, the Great Kitty Toy Round-Up of February 2019. (Because the basket full of toys isn't enough, we must go digging them out from under furniture and rugs.) Final count: 9 balls, 4 springs, 3 darts, 5 hair ties, 5 stuffed toys and a couple of unidentified-but-safe-to-return-to-cats. A half a dozen or more other 'toys' were confiscated by the warden. Anyways. I've rambled long enough for one post.
  5. JustCallMeAmber

    Miss Marissa idk let's not do a creative title

    You and your fancy meteorological terminology..
  6. JustCallMeAmber

    Harriet's Year of Transformation: Act V

    Let it be stated for the record that the words "Holy crap, she MADE that?!" were spoken aloud at my desk. That is seriously cool!
  7. JustCallMeAmber

    JustCallMeAmber's unnamed challenge

    Well, it's only illegal if you get caught, right? Hi! Lol. That is basically my life for the past week. (Or walking to the fridge once an hour or so, eat a grape and return to my desk.) TRUTH. Much tomfoolery has been done in the name of bonus points for me. Hi! Yeah, it's apparently a lot easier to get me to do stuff if there's any sort of entertainment value to be had. Go figure.
  8. JustCallMeAmber

    JustCallMeAmber's unnamed challenge

    Ok, so most of the time my challenges don't have themes anyway. Those are fun, but require more brain power than I have to spare at the moment. So without further ado, here's what I'm planning on this round: Collect the dots. FitBit says I've been moving less during the day, which puts the pressure on to get the bulk of it done after I get home. Sometimes, that's fine. Sometimes (like, oh, I don't know, maybe LAST FRICKIN' NIGHT!!@ailrhjh) it means making the choice between curfew and dailies. To that end, I'm 'collecting' the little dots they give you for moving at least 250 steps/hr. Aim to get it back to at least 7 of 9. Not really related to above BUT it kinda also is; I want to try out a Pomodoro-esque work flow to see if that helps me focus on the days where I have some stuff to do, but cannot brain for some reason. I feel like work for 20/break for walk/20 more, etc. could be helpful to both collecting dots and also maybe actually getting stuff done instead of scrolling puppy gifs. Play with the floofballs at least 15 minutes a day. This one is pretty straightforward. Been having some minor behavior issues with my cats, and we think part of it might just be boredom. So, introducing daily playtime to get that energy out before something gets broken. Brush teeth directly after last meal . Also pretty straightforward. The aim here is twofold; one, to hopefully curtail mindless snacking in front of the TV, two is that maybe I'll actually floss. (Gasp!) Lax ball feet. It has come to my (rather painful) attention that the old feet need a little TLC. It is hard enough doing Bulgarian split squats without my feet cramping. So a little in the way of massaging/foam rolling is in order. 3 days/week is the current goal. If I can do more, so much the better. //Life goals, i.e. boring but important\\ DMV by my b-day (joy) Taxes (also fun) Check boxes : Repair jewelry Darn/toss socks Re-hang closet rod Eye doctor (NEED new glasses and WANT sunglasses) Rolling goals: Daily Devo. Daily Duolingo. Daily Skin care. Walking. 8,000 steps minimum. Bonus level: 10,000. #Yoga365 730 1095. Bonus level: 2 sessions/day.