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  1. JustCallMeAmber

    Tacking Sleep

    Here's mine from last week: Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk You may have already found it, but if you click on an individual day, you can compare that night's sleep to both the past 30 days of your own history, as well as the 'benchmark' for other ladies around your age too.
  2. JustCallMeAmber

    CM basks in the midnight sun

    So, a nice, quiet, uneventful challenge cycle, then? GL!
  3. JustCallMeAmber


    Congrats on a very successful challenge!
  4. JustCallMeAmber

    CM packs up her troubles

    This sounds like a good plan. Guard the sleep! All of the sleep!
  5. JustCallMeAmber

    Mike Wazowski: Just Barely Getting By

    I personally use the canned stuff; Taste of Thai and Thai Kitchen don't have a lot of additives (just guar gum) in them, and they're pretty easy to find, so that's what I usually get. I also feel like I should clarify that I use the unsweetened stuff. The sweetened stuff I imagine tastes more like coconut, and may affect the flavor. (I love coconut, but it might not pair too well with certain other flavors.) I've seen people use watered-down coconut cream too, but have no experience with it in a smoothie. (Just one 'oops' of putting sweetened coconut cream in a curry. Bleah. 0/10 would not recommend, unless you like curried coconut cream pie.)
  6. JustCallMeAmber

    JustCallMeAmber has a.. cold. Well, crap.

    I did not know that. Food for thought for my own screen time. I hope you find a strategy that works well for you! Yep! I have no idea how it got in my living room, but he was safely returned to the wild. (Or at least, the front porch. I live in Florida, but not in the Everglades.)
  7. *disengages lurker mode* If I may offer a recommendation, Harney and Sons makes a tea called Hot Cinnamon Sunset that is fabulous and very cinnamon-y. One of my absolute favorite things.
  8. JustCallMeAmber

    Mike Wazowski: Just Barely Getting By

    You can do coconut milk too. It doesn't seem to affect the flavor a lot, but it adds a nice creaminess to it.
  9. JustCallMeAmber

    Blocky does moderately difficult things...

    Yay for no shoulder pain!
  10. JustCallMeAmber

    JustCallMeAmber has a.. cold. Well, crap.

    Thanks!! Hopefully I can remember some of it the next time I have to sit on the sidelines for a bit, or things don't go quite they way I wanted them to Good point. I was thinking of Harriet's habits, but of course we've all had major changes/disruptions to our habits too! Oh, Ouch! I hope you're back on your feet soon (literally and figuratively)! If it makes you feel any better, that was the thing I struggled with most. Even though I didn't have a choice but to rest, it took some time before I was okay with it, and a little longer still before I really accepted that I was doing the right thing.
  11. JustCallMeAmber

    JustCallMeAmber has a.. cold. Well, crap.

    Planned to write challenge goals today. Due to unforeseen circumstances*, this has been postponed. Please check back later. Aaand we're back! Ok, so I posted on Tuesday, wrote most of my goals Wednesday with the intention of posting them on Thursday. Right. Then I caught the plague. SO. I'm going to post what I've got. There may be more added later once I can taste food and such. Youtube. I don’t know how I’m going to swing this, but I want to both increase and decrease time spent. You see, I’ve gotten into a very bad habit of getting distracted while looking for useful things. Like when I intended to pull up a yoga video and wind up watching puppies instead. (Not a BAD use of time, but typically I ought to be doing other things when it happens.) Step one is to disable auto play on the home screen. I can always save things to my watch later list after all. Now, the part where I add time is re-watch some videos about lifting form. I’m thinking no more than 1-2 per day. That should keep screen time manageable, and give me time to actually assimilate what I watch. I am once again experimenting with pre-portioned PB. Y'all know this has been my Achilles heel since day 1. But, this is a slightly different strategy. This is all about trying to alter the way I perceive it. It’s not about restriction; it’s about eating in a way that makes me feel good both now and in the morning. I know that eating too much of it at once makes me sleep poorly. I also know it negatively affects my digestion. While everything is allowed, not everything is beneficial to me. So we are going to enjoy the heck out of that 4tbsp serving of PB, and then acknowledge that we are full and say ‘no thanks’ when the little voice calls for more. If we fail, we take a step back and see what else was going on. Given this is going on my 3rd year of unhabitting the habit, I fully expect that I am going to mess this up at least a few times. So, not aiming for perfection and having a bit of self-compassion is the name of the game. After all, the point of an experiment is to learn and that often times means learning from failure. Brain dump at least once/week. Pretty straightforward. I have a tendency to get myself freaked the h out thinking I have a zillion things to do, but if I stop and actually put them down on paper, like magic I feel better. This is partly because a zillion in reality is more like 12, half of which don’t HAVE to be done that day. So, my thinking is 1) I’ll feel better if I do this routinely until waiting til I’m about to blow, and 2) have an actual list of things to take action towards. Less stress and higher productivity. Limit mindless internet on the clock. Restart pomodoro timer work flow on days where I’ve less to do and thus not as much incentive to get ish done. This was pretty effective when it was a tracked goal. It disappeared once it was no longer a part of a challenge. Shocking, just shocking. Week 1 to also include making sure to do the basic self-care things of making sure to get to bed on time, drinking plenty of water now that it doesn't hurt to do so, and eating regularly even if everything tastes like salt and ash. I did ok with this for the most part during zero week, but my fear is that I'll neglect them as I continue to recuperate from this stupid cold. That's it for now! Hopefully I can get caught up with everybody shortly. Leaving these because <3 Garfield Rolling goals: Daily Devo. Daily Duolingo. Bonus points for doing both languages. Daily Skin care. Walking. 8,000 steps minimum. Bonus level: 10,000. #Yoga365 730 1095. Bonus level: 2 sessions/day.