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  1. Scalyfreak stops playing the game and goes her own way

    Oofta. Sorry you and hubs have been sick! Hope you're both feeling better soon! Also, this gif has nothing to do with anything. It just made me laugh and I thought you could do with a chuckle today
  2. Taddea gets off the roller coaster

  3. JustCallMeAmber is just going to wing it

    ^^me trying to laugh discreetly when I saw this earlier and couldn't because I was supposed to be paying attention to coworker. Thanks!
  4. JustCallMeAmber is just going to wing it

    Week I'm-not-sure Summary: Cutting still. Post calories here for accountability, aiming to do this daily. Did better this week, mostly staying near target and mostly remembering to post. Still eating PB for now, but must measure it carefully. Even if I go over, I'd rather be sure of how much. Did better this week, mostly. Cut progress; Sun Apr 22= 144.6 Sun Apr 29= 143.4. Sun May 6= 142.4. Sun May 13= 140.8. (With sharks.. IDK..) Sun May 20= 139.6 Sun June 3= 140.8 Sat June 2= 139.4 Sun June 17= 140.6 Remember I said something about using Saturday's number causing oddities the following week? Yep. Can confirm. Attributing to what ended up being 3 PB extravaganzas between weigh ins. TBH I am not surprised, nor particularly upset. It is what it is. Adjustments have been made, and I only goofed once after said adjustments, so I will wait and see how things pan out this week. Regardless, between increasing calories (or rather, eating much closer to the actual target) and sharks finally rolling their way through, I felt much better the last several days. Lifty things. Goal is to do heavy singles once per week, aiming for 90% range. (Can go higher or lower, if I feel hulk strong or too beat up). Apparently did not film that squat sesh, but the thing got done. And I'll throw in a 90% deadlift vid under the spoiler (Yeah, I'm still working on that whole 'form' thing. I'll get it right eventually..I hope ) Run faster. The goal here will be more 'do yer dang research' than ' just run faster..' I did not read anything, but I did alter strategy. Probably counter productive to goal, I basically jogged for a bit then did a bunch of sprints (sprint thru sunshine to shaded area, walk thru shade to sun area) then jogged til I hit 3 miles. Slower? Yes. But all things considered, ok. Also I apparently haven't done sprints in a while, as I have lovely quad DOMS today. So I've got that going for me. Do one of the following every day: read/write/journal/duolingo. Check! Actually managed to do two or more most days. Quite happy with this Rolling goals: Daily Devo 7/7. Skin care 4/7. Woohoo! I got more than 3 twice in a row! Walking. 7/7. 8k steps 32 weeks straight. 10k bonus: 6. #Yoga365 730. 7/7. Bonus 4. Don't forget front split practice! Check!
  5. JustCallMeAmber is just going to wing it

    Fri 1748 Sat 1852
  6. Juni0r83 re-evaluates and refocuses

    Just my .02, but I tend to feel like that's one of the more important times to hang around. Nerds have a way of helping out with coming up with a different way of attacking the problem, or reframing things so they don't feel so overwhelming, or offering support/encouragement/kick in the backside as needed. Or, Sometimes it helps just to keep updating so you can see you're making progress, even if it doesn't necessarily feel that way. (Not that I've ever had a week where I felt like I got zero things done only to add up the score and find I actually had a pretty good week.. ) Anyways. Keep on keeping on!
  7. JustCallMeAmber is just going to wing it

  8. Mike Wazowski: Becoming Unbreakable?

    I mean, I'm sure it's fine..
  9. Mike Wazowski: Becoming Unbreakable?

    Not dying is a legitimate goal. Just for the record
  10. Blocky gets back to the grind

    This is both awesome and also makes me feel guilty for usually just googling random crap and/or watching movie trailers between sets..
  11. JustCallMeAmber is just going to wing it

    Pretty good so far, thanks! I've felt less tired in general and haven't been having the nap attacks in the evening, plus I've mostly been more like myself mentally. I did end up eating a bit more pb than I intended yesterday, though. Not sure if that was an indicator of something still being amiss. Not going to sweat it too much at this point, just filing for future reference. Which reminds me, yesterday's score 2152. (Probably why deadlifts felt pretty solid this morning lol)
  12. JustCallMeAmber is just going to wing it

  13. Grumble Officially Puts His Petals to the Metal

    Honestly if I took out food network and/or baking shows, that would eliminate about 75% of my TV time. Baking is science and art, so you know, it's educational