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  1. A JustCallMeAmber Christmas

    Excellent point! I guess I should know by now that I can't just punch in a formula and expect things to work exactly as intended. I will stop over analysing it and just be happy I shed a little fluff however the heck it happened. Also, that gif! Thanks! Been working pretty well so far for me. Great way to wind down for the evening. 10 of 10, would recommend.
  2. A JustCallMeAmber Christmas

    But..but.. science! Don't get me wrong; I am not upset so much as terribly, terribly confused lol. I can't replicate it if it doesn't make sense/don't know what I did. ATM, I plan to keep eating more/enough and (hopefully) continuing to feel good. PRs > zombie brain. I had a streak of several months where things were rolling along pretty well and I should like to get back/keep on that path. Also, apparently big cats like Christmas trees too..
  3. ixaera does a new program (who dis)~

    If you've got the freezer space, go for it. Stock up on favorites/whatever things you can *only* get at TJ's and avoid the holiday crush.
  4. ixaera does a new program (who dis)~

    Yeah. I have no shame about stocking up on all the frozen veggies, PB, etc. so that I can avoid my usual grocery store (Target) like the black plague this time of year for this reason..
  5. A JustCallMeAmber Christmas

    No sweets for the duration of the challenge. Check! Yoga. New poses, NF yoga. Check! Ran through the 1st full program and did a couple of the shorter mobility ones. Post SOMETHING every day. lolnope! Skin care. Boo dry skin season. Take care of thy hands daily, either post-shower or before bed. Check! Friday was a near miss, but I got it done. Reading. Carve out 20 minutes per day to just sit and read. Check! Rolling goals Devo 6/7. Walking. 7/7. Bonus 7! (Score / reward TBD) Check! New high score: 5 weeks straight! On a roll. #Yoga365. 7/7. Bonus 3. (Score / reward TBD) Don't forget front split practice! Check! Bit of slacking on the double up. Other things had priority/wasn't home as much. Week 2 was fairly productive; the Christmas decor is now 99% complete, some shopping was done (much procrastination here, because who doesn't love high stress shopping with a million of your closest strangers..), and managed to check most of the boxes. I also managed to make it through The Tempest, which I mostly just skimmed in high school. Mental was ish, which is part of the reason I wasn't posting around here much. It seems heightened awareness does not actually translate to me emerging from lurker status. Go figure. I do think part of the brain o' doom was just not eating enough, despite intentions to eat more than the previous week. It just tracks too closely to the symptoms I had the last time I tried to cut (exhaustion, zero BS tolerance, emotional whirlies, poor lifting, nausea/not hungry/ EAT ALL THE THINGS, etc) plus my scale says I somehow lost 2.5lb over the last 2 weeks (5, if you count from last SW fluff 3 weeks ago.) ANYWAYS, feeling much more myself today so perhaps I've finally (re)balanced the force and I can go back to maintaining and PRs and rainbow sparkles.
  6. O! For a muse of Gemma ...

    Sorry to hear you had a bit of a rough week! Stress + not sleeping well + not eating enough= bad time. I don't have much in the way of helpfulness as I've rather hit the rumble strips along the side of the road myself as of late. (Let's just say I understand that 'excessive emoting' particularly well, and know how exhausting that can be in and of itself.) But, it is ok to take a step back and focus on getting yourself rested and recuperated. And, you did do MOST of the things anyways. You did your front squats, you did the streaking, you did the pull downs and inverted rows (count towards pull up, yes?).
  7. Grumble is feeling PHULish

    Apologies for spelling; not my meme. Just felt appropriate considering EVERYBODY seems to be getting/has been or currently is, sick. Good job getting some work done, particularly whilst not breathing! And hope you get some rest and feel better soon!
  8. A JustCallMeAmber Christmas

    Oh hai! Happy to have you following along
  9. TiffanyD - Stays Home, Loses Weight... What!?!

    Me whilst reading of gym drama above. People are weird..and petty.. and a lot of unprintable things. Sorry you had to deal with that mess! Great job getting in a jog/walk today! Looks like it was a pretty day for it
  10. A JustCallMeAmber Christmas

    QFT I mean, they are there for a reason. We earn them lol
  11. A JustCallMeAmber Christmas

    Going to keep things pretty simple for this round, on account of the fact that there's a lot on my to do list. (Both work and personal lists.) Without further ado, here are the promised goals: Nutrition. No sweets for the duration of the challenge. This includes (alas) Aunt Tracy's Christmas cookies. I intend to also start reducing added sugar from prepackaged sources (see cereal, flavored yogurts, etc.). However, I stocked up on a lot of stuff thinking I didn't want to hit Target more than necessary through the holiday season. (Seriously, that place becomes a zoo this time of the year.) So that will be on the next challenge (or however long it takes to go through current stock). Yoga. Coming up on my 365 anniversary (this Friday!) I would like to challenge myself a bit more to learn new poses, and I think I'm going to reward myself for surviving a full year by investing in the NF yoga program. Post SOMETHING every day. I failed pretty hard at this last challenge. Not sure if this round will go much better, but we're going to give it a whirl. Skin care. I am absolute rubbish at remembering to put lotion on my hands up until it gets to the point where they actually hurt. So the goal is simply to do this daily, either post-shower or before bed. Reading. I tend to let relaxation go by the wayside this time of the year. So, I'm making it a point to carve out 20 minutes per day to just sit and read. If that means early bedtime, so be it. Rolling goals Devo Walking. 20 minute minimum. Bonus level: 8,000 steps. (Score / reward TBD) #Yoga365. Bonus level: 2 sessions/day. (Score / reward TBD) Don't forget front split practice!