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  1. Random Thoughts of Randomness

    I'll trade you..
  2. JustCallMeAmber and the black rabbit of death

    New squats/dl form vids are up https://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/105658-justcallmeamber-squat-etc-form-check/
  3. JustCallMeAmber squat, etc form check

    Okay, I've posted updated vid for the squat and deadlifts. Let me know what y'all think, because to my eyes I haven't made much of any progress. (For those not following my challenge, this is my 2nd week with extra volume and both lifts are at 67.5%). Thanks!
  4. Mike Wazowski: Nationals Prep

    Bit belated now, buuuut
  5. Grumble investigates a Murder on the Gastroport Limited

    Can't help but notice the lighting changed right as you were gathering your will for the 1st PR...
  6. JustCallMeAmber and the black rabbit of death

    Bahaha! Oh you nineties with your deep, introspective lyrics. Also, that's going to be stuck in my head for a bit.. Also, it comes in bow tie form for those formal occasions. This is why I'm usually eating whilst checking NF. Well, that and the occasional food porn.. .. .. I need a snack..
  7. Grumble investigates a Murder on the Gastroport Limited

    Well, it looks like things are rolling along pretty well here. Carry on. Congrats on that PR!! And the cleaning (though I don't envy you the toy box task..) and commonplace book reminders working!
  8. Mike Wazowski: Nationals Prep

  9. CM eats snaaaaaaaacks

    Good point. Box of fluffy kitten wins, no matter the contest.
  10. CM eats snaaaaaaaacks

    I searched for heal: Somebody please explain, because I have no idea. Anyways, hope that mish goes away and you're back on your bicep/shoulders again soon!
  11. Farflight grows the f@#$ up...a little

    ..I mean, it's fine.. We can use the same gif..
  12. JustCallMeAmber and the black rabbit of death

    Hey! *waves* I always said I would keep the gray when I got it, figuring I would have "earned it". I suppose I will be putting my money where my mouth is in the next few years lol. I love that you are able to still find joy in your highlights Right?! I cannot figure out why the designer thought that would be a good way to summarize a night's worth of sleep. Ah well. I shouldn't complain since it was free anyways lol. Oh, and apparently I need to add a metric for whether I dreamed (or at least whether I remember dreaming) because there have been a couple of doozies the last couple of days. (This is what I get for taking my challenge title from a song called Lucid Dream ) Looooove that owl gif! One of my all time favorites Also, lol, you know I can't resist a bad pun. It's in my Warrior DNA! On an unrelated note, I need that pepperoni tie..
  13. JustCallMeAmber and the black rabbit of death

    Lol. You are fashionably on time! Search result for fashionable.
  14. JustCallMeAmber and the black rabbit of death

    Goal One- Fix squats, etc. Volume. Basically running inverted juggernaut (which featured 10 sets of 5 each day's main lift for week one.) Did not die, though the DOMS were real. Also, on the 8th set of floor press I FINALLY got some reps where my wrists were straight. So, I'm hoping this actually helps. (Side note, I think I must have great wrist mobility because I have this problem on all lifts save deads.) Updated form videos. Also still owe OHP vids. Not today. I'll see what I've got on film and may post something this week. Find some food consistency. 1) do not skip dinner Check! 2) pre-measured PB. Out of the 6 days I ate nut butter, I used the pre-measured twice. One was really helpful because I was trying to bump cal slightly without going nuts (teehee). 2nd time was less helpful because I was still hungry after my portion and hit the super chunk...hard.. Saturday's total was just over 2800 cal lol Sleep. Week one results inconclusive. Forgot my knock-off fitbit has a weird way of tracking sleep. (Instead of counting from 10pm to 5:30am as one night, it counts in 24 hour increments only. Thus, the timer currently shows the hours past midnight I slept last night and it will include the hours before midnight tonight towards the total for today.) So, I am revising the way I'll be tracking/logging. I have pictures of the watch face that shows overnight movement (not accessible from the app), and a log for notes (1-10 scales for wake up energy level and overall energy level). Active hangs/pull-up practice. 2 active minutes, thrice weekly. Check! Current schedule is Sat/Sun and Wed. Also, I need to remove the cushion thingies because they hurt my hands more than the smooth bar. One checkity-box goal: update measurements and progress pics. Done! Not a great deal of difference showed in the photos but I was surprisingly pleased with the mirror for once, which was most definitely worth the effort. Since it's early, adding 2nd check-box goal: now that ALL of the paperwork has arrived, file taxes. Misc rambling. Only 2 headaches logged this week. Missed conditioning drills again, and also no running. I did however have lots of fun times with shoveling dirt into a wheel barrow and bringing it to the front of the property (up slight hill because of course it was) and removing roots with a pickax. Come to think of it this is probably why I was hungry Saturday evening and zombified Sunday.. Rolling goals Devo 7/7. Walking. 7/7. 8k steps 15 weeks straight. 10k bonus: 5. #Yoga365 730. 7/7. Bonus 5. Don't forget front split practice! Yep. (Please ignore spelling. Not my gif.) WEEK 2. BEGIN.