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  1. great job Quentin! Holy Moly!!!!!!!
  2. LOL its TOTALLY worth the HUGE GRINS! completely Alas- I came on to land, and seem to have contracted the plague. And since my lungs are rattling around like the bones in Davy Jones' locker, Im down for the count for a few days.
  3. thank you! (and yes, its a good thing. We're both very happy)
  4. thank you for that however, the universe has made a decision for us.....
  5. YESSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Both Mr Pirate, and his uncle have epic handle bars!!!!!!!! Very Jaunty indeed!
  6. no ruh-roh here... Im still in. Just one of those life things... *HUGE GRINS* can't share just yet........
  7. well, life has done it again! Looks like Im going to have to do some revamping on the goals. The running will stay the same. Strength training, and Bikram Yoga may need to be swapped out for something else. I'll know more in a couple days. So for right now- we RUN!
  8. slushy gets the pint! (LOVE the last one)
  9. yep. You nailed it! I really don't like brekkie unless its large and hot. LOL (hmmmmmm......waits for jokes to start) so yes, I really have to force myself to eat in the morning. I think Ive tried just about every protein shake on the planet at this point, and these are WONDERFUL and hands down the best ones all around. What does your wife use? And Slainte' to husbands/partners/signifigant others who make us brekkie!
  10. I do not, but will but a pint for the first person who can show us how!
  11. just stopping by to beard, cheer you on!!!!!
  12. Also- adding in, that my gym is doing a 5 day Shakeology Challenge. The price was good, and I have been curious about it. So I signed myself up for that. (Also- being out of groceries in the house, and not wanting to cook eggs every morning for breakfast since so much brekkie stuff is gluten-laiden and I can't have it, this is an appealing option to me) Im in the middle of drinking the Chocolate Shakeology right now, and I must say, its pretty damn tasty. I did Chocolate Shakeology Pack, 2T of PB2 powder, and 1C So Delicious Almond Milk (Cause they were out of my plain Coconut Milk, I figure
  13. bwahahahaha!!!! Epic pic. Thanks Quentin!
  14. Uh-oh, I haven't seen the post yet Quentin! I checked in here first!!!!! I DID go get fitted this weekend. And with the pairs that I tried on, and ran with on their treadmill, I clocked a good 25 mins on the treadmill in store! LOL I did my first run with Z,R! this morning and it was a HUGE difference. No shin aches, and the outsides of my feet felt great! my calves seemed to be burning more, and my arches were like, WOAH what is going on here?! (Not in a bad way, just that I could feel them working differently) So Im keeping on, Keepin' on!
  15. Today: did more body weight exercises, AND had time to get another mission on Zombies, Run! in! SQUEE! Then- two and a half hours of Belly dance class. Needless to say- Im sore already and excited about tomorrow being a rest day!
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