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  1. Rybach

    Rybach Chapter 2: Rebuilding the Dojo

    Placeholder for when I think of one. No luck yet.
  2. Rybach

    Rybach Chapter 2: Rebuilding the Dojo

    Wall shelf is intended for my office area to hold the way too many movies I won't give up because I still watch them and streaming services often don't have the weird thing I want to watch at the moment and no I don't have a problem I can quit whenever I want.... Sorry. The idea is to anchor belts to the wall to hold shelf boards. Here are the inspiration pics: The zig-zag shelf is something I ordered from Amazon years ago, assembled, and didn't put up until very recently. This is it in my bedroom: One day I won't have bare walls. Baby steps.
  3. Rybach

    Rybach Chapter 2: Rebuilding the Dojo

    Challenge 2 (10/28/19-12/1/19) Quests: Week 3 Nutrition Quest: Maintain NF Diet Level 7 Still flunking. Fitness Quest #1: Start Every Day with a One Mile Walk Nope. Fitness Quest #2: Begin the Nerd Fitness Academy Workout Program Nope nope. Life Quest: Rebuild the Dojo A few years ago I bought and assembled a zig-zag type of corner shelf, but I never installed it. This week I finally put it up in my bedroom. I'll post a pic if anyone is interested. So yeah, this challenge is more or less an F. But I keep coming to the rebellion forums out of inertia, and I keep posting challenge updates because my dojo rebuilding habit is actually sticking. Silver linings and such.