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  1. Hey, great idea!! Let's motivate ourselves and others, I've never actively participate on forums, but this one I sure will, love it here! I was at work yesterday when I found out this wonderful place, and barely didn't work anymore, hahahaha, I'm sure that I'll make some good friends here! Brasil in the house!
  2. Hey! Ok, let's start! How do we start? My aim is to lose 25Kg or 55lbs (I think, I live in Brasil we use metric system...), so, how do we gonna track our weight and motivate ourselves? Monthly? Weekly? Daily? But first things first: How I get one of those progress bars things??????? Edit: I'm a complete newbie to forums in general...
  3. Hey, I'm not a woman but I want to lose weight too, and I'm new here, so I could use some help! And I'm willing to help others iin the ways I can!
  4. My first album? Easy, but to situate you, I'm from Brasil (huehuehuehuehue br), and in the late 90's early 00's four great musicians made a series of shows, and recorded 4 cds. One of them Alceu Valença, is a great frevo singer, and I was 9 or 10, don't remember exactly, but for christmas I asked one of he's cds, bunt instead my mom gave a cd from those shows. Well, sorry about my english... I'm trying to improove it.
  5. Any muse fans here? I'm addicted to their new album, so many great riffs, great lyrics(as always). The Handler, this song is awesome!
  6. Opa! Acabei de conhecer o nerdfitness, estou tentando voltar a me exercitar e perder algum peso. Meu objetivo é me tornar um hibrido ranger\assassino. Tenho 1,78 e 102kg, vai ser difícil eu sei, mas é a minha quest épica, quanto maior a dificuldade maior a recompensa!
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