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  1. Hi folks, I am 34, 6'1 and weight about 89kg and have been following Stronglifts for about 3 months and have seen improvements in strength and physique, my best weights were 90kg squat for 5x5, 100kg deadlift for 1x5, 47.5kg OHP for 3x5, 70kg bench press for 5x5 (this was in a 3d Smith machine so might not be a true representation as if id done it on a regular bar and bench). I am beginning to plateau a little bit and the sessions are becoming really long due to the rest periods between sets so a bit of boredom has set in with going the gym. I am looking to mix my routine up a little bit and i would like to combine weight training and bodyweight training. I was looking at the Greyskull LP strength program, has any one used or had any success with this program? Or i was thinking of doing my own A/B split which would look like:- A Barbell Squat 3x5 OHP 3x5 Barbell Row 3x5 Pushup variation 3x8-12 Pull up/chin ups variation 3x5-8(depending on difficulty) Core work B Deadlift 1x5 (building up with warm up sets) Bench Press 3x5 Bodyweight Squat Variation 3x5-8 (depending on difficulty) Pull up/chin ups variation 3x5-8(depending on difficulty) Bodyweight dips 3x5-8 (will work up to weighted dips) Core work Does this seem like a ok/balanced split, my goals are to improve strength and gain some hypertrophy? Any feedback or advice would be really appreciated
  2. Hi folks, im currently doing a barbell strength routine and am so far pleased with my weight progress. As the weights I'm lifting are beginning to become higher I'm trying to be a bit safer in my training in regards to squat and bench press as I work out alone. The gym I use has a squat rack with safety pins that can be used so I pretty confident I can continue squatting safely my main concern is with the bench. I could maybe get a bench in the squat rack and use that if the rack are suitable height for bench, alternatively there is another machine that I think is a smith machine however the barbell is not fixed to just go vertical the bar can be moved off the vertical axis but is still attached the main frame if that makes sense? Is this still classed as a smith machine? I've heard smith machines are not as benificial as just using the bar and I'm concerned that because the bar is still attached to the rack you don't carry the full weight you think you are. Not sure if any of that makes sense I really should have taken a photo but if anyone thinks they know what I mean I'd love to hear your views many thanks Dave
  3. Thanks for the quick replies I'm currently doing the GMB elements program which is tackling my mobility during the workouts, I just thought I'd benefit from doing a bit more mobility work in the morning and evening aswell. I mentioned foam rolling in a the evening because I've seen it mentioned in jelly starretts book supple leopard so wondered if peeps shared the same views
  4. Hi folks, i want to start incorporating short morning and evening mobility sessions into my daily routine. I'm thinking of doing 15 mins foam rolling in the evening before bed as it meant help you to relax, but I was wondering if a 15 min foam rolling routine in the morning would be a good idea? What do you guys do to get your day started and finished, any particular movements/routines that are recommended? Thanks to anyone who reads/replies
  5. Ive just finished day 2 of elements and the last two days have been really humbling. I knew I had pretty poor flexibility/mobility but this has really highlighted how stiff I am. Just trying take it at my own pace and not get too disheartened that my movements aren't that fluid or graceful, I think this is the perfect program to help loosen up my body and get moving better . As for performing the movements outside i'll maybe wait until I'm moving a bit less like a injured animal :).
  6. I have purchased elements and I'm excited to start, I think its really going to highlight how poor my mobility and movement is, but it also looks like a good program to improve that weakness. Will have to ignore the strange looks at the gym when I start acting like a monkey, bear or frog
  7. Thanks for the quick reply, sounds like you've had a good experience with GMB so maybe ill give elements a whirl
  8. Hi folks, ive been debating whether to take a punt on the GMB elements program, I'm a bit put off by the price tag so wondered if anyone on here had any experience with the program and whether they thought it was value for money? Thanks in advance
  9. Thanks for the reply I did mean pushing/core for the Tuesday workout so I wouldn't be overdoing the pulling, I will take your advice on seeing how my body adapts to the schedule though
  10. Hi folks, I have been doing 3 full body bodyweight workouts at my gym in the morning before I go work, if I get there as the gym opens I have about an hour before I have to leave to get work on time. It is sometimes difficult to complete everything I would like to in this time as well as including a decent warmup and stretch at the end. Would a split routine be more beneficial like maybe do pulling/legs on Monday and Pulling/core on Tuesday and repeat this on Thursday and Friday? Or are full body workouts more beneficial especially for someone just getting back into training? Thanks in advance for any help
  11. Hi folks, im aiming to train early in the morning 3 days a week doing resistance training, I was planning on doing some static stretching at the end of my workout, especially on my legs as they are really tight. If I was to do this would I risk injury if I was to do some other exercises later that day, namely a few physio exercises I'm undertaking for my dodgy knees, or would it be better to do a static stretching session at the end of the day after all my exercising is done? hope that makes sense, and thanks for any feedback
  12. Yeah I didn't think training fasted would be a smart move and isn't 30g of protein 30 mins after waking supposed to be a good thing to do?
  13. Hi folks, im making a big effort to get in shape and eat better and I'm putting together a meal plan etc, my aim is to do my resistance training 3 days a week before work at the gym, so I'll be there at half 6 in the morning. I'm just looking for a bit of advice as to how I should eat around this in regards to should I have a decent breakfast before the gym then maybe a protein shake when I get work? Or a protein shake before the gym and something more substantial and carb refuelling at work? Or train on a empty stomach? Any hints, tips or advice will be greatly appreciated Cheers
  14. Hi folks, I'm starting to pay more attention and put more effort into my mobility and restoration exercises to help with some niggling aches and pains. I was wondering if anyone had used or recommends any of the original strength material and if so which book should I start with as there are several on Amazon? Or if there are better source materials I should look at? Thanks in advance for any feedback
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