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  1. Captain Jack, a techno-ish artist that I discovered when playing DDR has always been my favorite to listen to when I want to get moving.
  2. Walking is the only exercise I've ever been relatively fond of, and I luckily enjoy fruits and veggies. xP And yes...The bookstore is my heroin, there are days when it's real bad. xP
  3. Yes I have and the incremental training is what I've been doing, it feels great once it's done.
  4. Well right now it's low calorie, cutting out most processed foods and just eating my fruits and veggies. As for fitness I walk a lot and jog a bit, trying to get more into it but it's tough around my neighborhood since footing isn't the most stable. I love going to my local park on my days off and walking a few miles so that's what I do most of the time.
  5. Hello there. Just joined in my everlasting quest for fitness and happy health. I came across the site on stumbleupon as a recommendation and after reading nearly everything on the main site I'm very excited to join such a community. I've been a geek all my life, just ask my parents, socially awkward and it hasn't changed in my twenty four years and it probably never will. I've been a rampant tabletop rpg player for a bit more than three years now, and have been a big gamer long before that. I'm into reading a lot, mostly science fiction/fantasy, love comic books, computers, movies, pirates, an
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