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  1. POOP JOKES? I'm in! Dang already 3 pages I got some work to do
  2. I don't like to let sugar from meals count against me, I guess unless I'm actively shoving sugar into the recipe, then sure. Not having to cook is the best treat of all. Especially when migrainey ><;
  3. This is actually on the shortlist of things to try out! I was also looking at this: http://www.menshealth.com/fitness/reverse-hyper it uses an adjustable bench instead of a reverse hyper contraption, so in theory it should be easier with my body size. The drawback is that you can only modify via angle, though you could potentially use the weighted chains I guess? I tried cable kickbacks at one point early on post-injury and they were a big no, but might be doable now. I've healed a lot! My back has been very accepting of the crap I've been doing lately (having to sit at work more, to train, this week of back-iffy moves in every workout). If anything, I'd say it's ENJOYING the new stuff (maybe not the sitting, that'd be nutso), which is how I wanted it to go *crosses fingers* I don't think I've even had noticeable sciatica (yes, a little bit, but less even than normal) this week. WOOOOOOOOO not taking it for granted, though, my back has a history of the three steps forward two steps back style healing. The deadlifts Sunday will really show me where I'm at (only doing 65 lbs). This is the face I made this morning on my bench sets. 94 lbs was HEAVY. I got through the first set fine, but the last rep on sets 2 & 3 was super hairy. Like, within a hair of failing hairy, got stuck on the way up and hulked my way through the rep. (LEG DRIVE! IT WORKS!) My lats were like "oh hi, I mean, I was just gonna be a wallflower at this party but I can see I'm needed now" I really wish I'd bothered to film anything today ><;; I wanted to see how bad that looked. step one: lift the heavy things! step two: consume muscle parts!!! step three: ???? step four: hulk out of your clothes, repeat
  4. 5/25/17 Lifts Bulgarian Split Squats 5x6 50 lbs Swapping to barbell style next time I think, depending on how much of a pain it is to get a bench or box set up at the right height in/at the back of the rack. Overhead Press 6x5 45 lbs Got weirdly light-headed??? I blame early morning gymming. Fasted + caffeine, perhaps. Reverse Hyperextensions 3x8 5 lbs Gotta figure out another way. The machine thing with the straps and lever is just Too Big. I have to climb onto it then belly hop to get in the middle and the strap tends to fall off, and welp. Also found that I literally have to think "lift with butt" or I lift with my lower back, which absolutely does still hurt. Close-Grip Bench Press 3x8 60 lbs Superset with! DB Rows 3x8 25 lbs Just meant to be light on bench b/c HEAVY DAY is tomorrow. Elliptical 2/4 Naw. Probably shoulda to make 4x but oh well. Earned: Vidja games time! Spent: Nothing, so 2 in the bank! That's a lot wow Average intake: 1553 Protein: 95g 4/6 Added sugar: 21g 3/5 DID have 2x of those amazing coconut date rolls that Sprouts sells, but those count as not added sugar \o/ Sat. Fat: 14g 4/6 Reward (buy something fun): On Track And another victory: I went grocery shopping this morning and nabbed a cookie intending to eat half as my chores reward, saw my added sugar might be a little too high for it and went for cheetos instead \o/ Did not eat cookie (yet) (soon) Write! Every! Day! 4/7 Chapter 3 got a first pass edit and shared with the only 2 people I let read anything because I'm a twerp. If I ever have something halfway finished I may try to overcome that hurdle and share. Reward (big ticket alcohol/food item within average): On Track Study Sometimes! 2! Not only did I bang my head against figuring out piano music, I wrote a tiny program that will spit out random choices for the options in Civ 6 advanced setup that don't have a "Random" choice. :-) I am a productive busy little bee yes I earned and spent that tv time. Do Yer Chores! Laundry, groceries, cooked Earned: 1 smallish treat Spent: 1 120 cal bag of cheesy poofs I battled weariness today and won. I'm not taking this victory for granted. The war is far from over. Work was extremely slow (probably due to the impending holiday) so I carped that diem to get chores done, skill build, etc. Tomorrow I plan to use my protein off day and a sugar off day and possibly the saturated fat off day. We will see. I've promised to do pub night with my guild which means I am exceeding my one drink limit as well. The spoils? A cookie. Pizza. Some Tuaca. My chest muscles will be made of chocolate and cheese. 94 lb bench with my name on it in the morning gah
  5. They are "Suppinated Pulldowns" in my notes. vOv Different strokes
  6. Awesome! I think I would keep up a membership at a 24/7 if they weren't so damned expensive here. The rec center is the only place cheap enough to justify, and their hours are very much not 24/7 (I think on Sundays only one branch is open and only from 12-5)
  7. Whoa, you have gyms open on holidays? That's pretty sweet. Neither of mine are, and the two 24/7 type gyms near me are so busy it's like why bother. Both are also in kinda iffy spots too so I'd feel less safe at weird hours. And SO full of bros. Not good bros, but the types of bros who judge people and don't re-rack their weights ever.
  8. 5/24/17 this week be like Lifts N/A Elliptical 2/4 I went! Earned: Vidja games time! Spent: Nothing, so 1 in the bank :3 Average intake: 1574 Protein: 111g 3/6 Added sugar: 34g 2/5 nope, had a tasty tasty cookie Also some dried cranberries which were sweetened with more sugar. Arg, oops. That's ok. Sat. Fat: 16g 3/6 Reward (buy something fun): On Track Write! Every! Day! 3/7 OMG FINALLY finished(ish) part 3, needs editing still, but I'm actually really happy with the way it opens. Probably happier than with anything else I've ever written. It's nothing special, just banter between characters, but I really feel like the personalities shone through exactly the way I wanted them to for once. Progress!! Reward (big ticket alcohol/food item within average): On Track Study Sometimes! 1 I'm adding "piano practice" to things that count towards studying (it's skill building after all), so I earned and spent tv time last night. Do Yer Chores! Dishes & random tidying, also cooked Earned: 1 smallish treat Spent: 1 beer & 1 small cookie. Bank is now empty. The beer ended up being heavier than imagined when I logged it, but I'm not going to penalize myself for that. So far so good. Not dead yet. My massage therapist cold called me yesterday and I realized it has been a while (3 months) and with anxiety high, it's probably worth dropping money on. SIGH. Self care. It's a sign, right? Training is going pretty well. I'm encouraged by trainee's enthusiasm to shadow and ask questions, which I think are far more important than pre-existing skills. I forgot about Memorial Day, so got a mood boost yesterday when someone pointed out the 3 day weekend. Yay!
  9. Oh and I was poking around in my FitNotes app this morning and wanted to see what it thought my estimated 1RM was (it's never actually right, but I was between sets, as you do) Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
  10. 5/23/17 this week be like Lifts MMhmm Low bar squats 1x5 45 lbs 3x8 65 lbs (Superset banded pallofs for a lil abs, but forgot to superset planks with my rows oops) Bench Press 1x5 50 lbs 1x3 60 lbs 1x3 70 lbs 6x5 84.5 lbs Easy???? weird T-Bar Row 5x5 72.5 lbs Wide Grip Lat Pulldown 3x5 80 lbs Superset with Step Ups 3x10 24 lbs Decided my spine was ready for some step ups, and it appeared to be. (Secondary legs thing is meant as more of a conditioning add on, but this didn't QUITE fit the bill for it, will have to up reps or something.) Elliptical 1/4 not today. in theory I was "supposed to" but it isn't necessary and I was pooped Earned: Vidja games time! Spent: Vidja games time! Average intake: 1443 Protein: 104g 2/6 Added sugar: 24g 2/5 <-- giving credit. Ate a delicious sandwich with 27g, no idea how much is added, but I refuse to allow that sandwich to break rules Sat. Fat: 16g 2/6 Reward (buy something fun): On Track Write! Every! Day! 2/7 Reward (big ticket alcohol/food item within average): On Track Study Sometimes! 0 Do Yer Chores! Litter, random tidying Earned: 1 smallish treat Spent: 1 small bag of cheetos puffs, 1 still in the bank Gave away a cowboy chicken cookie b/c I did not realize those were enormous 500 calorie cookies and that kind of sugar bomb wasn't in the game plan today. Success. Work was hectic but mostly involved training. Gym was empty except for me, got 2 walks in, managed to write several paragraphs despite being tired. Would have liked to do more today but this is plenty good.
  11. My INTP was showing today. Training new guy and I basically infobombed the poor guy. I did my best not to but it was STILL the end result. Oops.
  12. Will decrease if I have to spend more months saving money for the siding!! I've spent so many... but yeah, you have a good point ><;;;; I'm unsure whether they contain any potato. Or whether they taste enough like shrimp. I would say they have a shrimpy taste and are super addictive and I like them more than most other chips! The ones I had recently were wasabi flavored :3
  13. Somehow this is also what gets me out of bed vOv
  14. Mr Ix wants me to take money out of savings to get a special chair, but i really really hate that idea :S MONEY