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  1. Update here - this challenge is cancelled for me because my mom passed away on Saturday night. I plan to start a new one with the next cycle, but I need some time.
  2. Having a bit of a bad brain day today, but here's a check in - my workout stuff is in the garage, and it was SUPER cold (for here) on Thursday so I noped out of using a cold barbell. Probably shoulda just done it, it wasn't that big of a workout I had planned for the day. Anyway - so far I'm mostly on track, the food's not any better this week. The alcohol is still not being drank, and I'm barely getting all the workouts in. But it beats doing super poorly, in any case. Bad brain day meaning I super don't cope well when I've put stuff off and I have Too Much Going On as a result. It ends up with me cancelling stuff I should be doing for The Greater Good and mental health (like volunteering with the kitties and picking up my plates) so I can stop sitting in a pile of my own anxiety instead of doing things. I'm experienced enough with this state of being now that my trick is to focus on my priorities (in this case, my NF challenge defines them), then filter down to stuff like dishes and laundry, break the tasks down into bite sized bits, then make sure there's HOURS for decomp. Anyway the workout program I'm on is in a decomp week too, so at least that's not much of a stressor (when I finally do it). Honestly I just checked my lose it app and this week was actually a good bit better on keeping under maintenance, so I guess I was underestimating my progress.
  3. Monday was meh, but at least I was out of cake? lol I also popped into a fitness store and ordered plates, giving up on fb marketplace having any nearby. (I'm very meh on meeting IRL people in contexts like that anyway) Tuesday I did a squat day and my food was on point, except a lil too much granola. Food is the hardest thing you guys.
  4. I'll reach for any bread and then go "well now I'm MORE sad dangit" It sounds like you're doing great in your accidental no chips campaign! Congrats! I have to keep them out of my pantry or they disappear EMBARRASSINGLY quickly. Family size bag? I'm family! Quick Sunday check in: Did an OHP-based workout, found that 3 reps with the empty bar is where I'm at now. I'll need to supplement with dumbbells I guess to get back to where I was. Pre-covid I was reliably getting 8-10 reps with the empty bar, so we've got work to do! Diet was very meh. I had a big piece of leftover cake for lunch. (Everything else was fine.) With 4 weeks to go, this is too early to think about but here we are anyway -- I think my next Goal 3 will be housework-oriented.
  5. How I'm feeling about my goals about now:
  6. Week 1 Summary! Goal 1 - 2x str 1x cardio workouts - Strength Sunday & Tuesday Light Cardio on Wednesday Goal 2 - Did okay a lot of the time, not as good as I wanted to be. Saturday was a friend's birthday party and I definitely overdid it on the food. Overall like a B- which doesn't get a gold star but isn't a fail. Goal 3 - Saturday was the first time this was hard. Everyone else was enjoying frozen margs and I wanted to join in so bad! Definitely a social pull. I held my ground with myself here though, and stuck to water and coke zero. Friday I also turned down an invite to a pub because I'd had such a frustrating work day that I wasn't sure I could only order the pretzel. 4 weeks to go I'm actually really proud of myself on this one. Week 2 has begun and is already shaping up well.
  7. Haha, I'm all y'alls tea opposites. Earl Grey is my least favorite black tea, and roobios I have tried to love, only to fail. XD I definitely lean toward vanilla and caramel flavors overall, and a smooth black tea unflavored is rare but LOVELY. There exist vanilla chamomile teas that I'll happily night-time sip on! I don't have one at the moment, but I should pick one up when my tea goblin gets low. Yesterday I did some light cardio and my junk food was a single 230 calorie lindor truffle chocolate bar. Not the worst! So that's 2 workouts down. Might get a bonus one in tonight if I don't have to clean before game night.
  8. XD I'm actually very into the flavor of certain beers. I love a good tripel (La Fin Du Monde is my favorite, but other tripels are great too), and heavier stuff like winter ales and yummy lagers. I ALSO like wine. I'm boned, really. That said, so far this challenge of not having any isn't hard, though of COURSE the second day I bumped into a delicious looking temptress stout of the peanut butter persuasion. I resolved to buy some after this is done lol I am also a tea drinker, though! Chamomile is often not my jam (I wish it were, a nice sleepy tea is hard for me to find), but right now I've been enjoying cycling through these: hi caf salted caramel black tea, downtown afternoon black tea (by Driftwood Tea Co), and a gold thread reserve oolong. My favorite is probably the salted caramel for straight flavor. I don't do a lot of nighttime tea, but right now my evening tea if I do it is Tea Goblin's Enchanted Forest (just don't steep that too long, gets very over sweet). ANYWAY Today was good. No exercise cuz no time. I didn't sleep well, so I slept as long as I could justify, then work was crazy pants. Had an appointment after, then my guild was doing stuff. But at least food was solid - not a thing that counts in the "junk" category and I got myself a decent deficit
  9. You're making valid life choices. As a reward, here's my cat trying to climb it: Two more days to talk about, eh? Monday was like so - No exercise, didn't get up early enough. Good at food - nothing that counts as junk. Stayed under maintenance, a feat MADE POSSIBLE by my alcohol hiatus, because I totally would have had half a bottle of wine with my valentine yesterday if I hadn't been abstaining, so I remained (barely) under maintenance. Today was like yo - Strength training (just finished) which included a 20 rep set of barbell squats and a solid 20 min walk with a neighbor. DID eat junk today, because I was strapped for time and work stressing, a bad combo. 600 cals of golden double stuffed oreos. That was lunch. Anyway, everything else was NOT junk, and I had a solid deficit today. Proving to myself the last two days that stressy days don't REQUIRE a beer to unwind from. In fact, I'm seeing benefits: sometimes when I have a drink with dinner I'm just too relaxed/buzzed/whatever to work out so I don't. Since I'm not, this is not getting in the way And it's nice to fill that 200-ish calorie gap with filling foods instead. I'm so BUSY this week *flails* Plates are still on the to-do list. I need to go to the gym store place but it closes at 7 and life is hard you guys.
  10. First day check in! No exercise today, but I did a LOT yesterday, so it's fine to start on a low note there. I used my new squat rack Saturday with the empty barbell, and I didn't find any second hand plates so I'm gonna give in and buy a 160lb set from Rogue. Stayed barely under maintenance, and did eat frozen pizza. Obvs had no alcohol. Tomorrow I am hoping to get up early or take a lunch break to get some movement in, since I won't be able to after work, and should be a good-food-filled kinda day~
  11. The squat rack is here! It's in 7 boxes! Well, like 5, the other two are spotter arms and a bench. I guess I have plenty to do tonight~
  12. ~ I don't have a theme! ~ Get Fit (again) Used to be fit! Am not now fit! Week 1 - 3 workouts, 2 strength 1 cardio Week 2 - 4 workouts 2 strength 2 cardio Week 3 - 5 workouts 3 strength 2 cardio Weeks 4 & 5 - keep doing 5 workouts! Bonus points for more End goal is a 5:2 pattern on workouts, nothing fancy. I've never been much for cardio so my version of it is basically like a brisk walk for 20-30 min. Strength workouts tho are my jam. I've BEEN doing bodyweight at home stuff since COVID began and I cancelled the membership I had to an indoor gym that hosted medium sized indoor boxing classes for safety and health reasons. As the 2 years have gone on though, I've been less and less diligent and now I could use the movement again. Good news! I moved in October and I have a small garage, big enough to host a squat rack and barbell, so I'm working on finishing out that setup now. I have the barbell, the squat rack is due tomorrowish. For plates and such I'm planning to visit a second hand gym store if I can find one. HOPING that this is in place for this challenge, but I will just be doing my bodyweight/home stuff until it's there. Don't Eat Your Feelings I like bread when I'm sad hbu Goal - stay under maintenance, stick to better-for-you foods overall I'd like to lose about 20 lbs. I gained it eating bread and stuff. That said, I don't really want to focus on a specific deficit this challenge, so I'm keeping this one simple. Stay under maintenance by any amount, keep junk to a minimum. 5 weeks no alcohol Bit of a social drinker here, which isn't super conducive to fat loss. Gonna kick this one in the shins for a minute and give more room to nutritious foods. So there you go. My super simple reboot challenge
  13. 2/5 - Ready for that new challenge c'mon let's gooooo Yesterday I did OKAY except for polishing off the last of the wine b/c I wasn't sure when the challenge began and didn't want delicious red wine to go to waste. Ate brunch at 11 - toasted bagel with guac spread and smoked salmon like a sandwich A kind bar somewhere around 2 Pork tacos for dinner at 5 b/c I was sooooo hunnnnngryyyyy A beer the rest of the red wine I was very productive but did not work out. Kinda been a lump lately. But today I pressed the button on that Rogue SML-2!!!!!!!! I'm Excruciatingly Excited!!
  14. 2/4 - Kinda went to bed early without updating, just had a productive but quiet night and wanted to hit the hay. I didn't end up having another snack (the munchies passed). The not starting my eating til 11 thing has been working well these last few days so just gonna keep doing that for now. Had a kahlua pork taco of unusual size for lunch (mmmmm red onions). Might qualify as a burrito. Anyway. Snack of bagel and butter again, yes fam i have a favorite. Dinner was the last of the veggie gnocchi leftovers. Somewhere in the morning I had a nitro cold brew thing with vanilla sweet cream in it. Got on that stepper thing and watched an ep of Ted Lasso, cried like a baby. I love that show. Today's off to a good start. Woke up at a decent hour (shockingly late really considering when I passed out). Cleaned some. About to head up to the pet smart in a couple hours. Anyone else with cats ever feel like your entire life is just sweeping up litter?
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