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  1. I feel like Thor is a bit too heavy-handed to be a goldsmith, but it's important to have dreams, even if you're a thunder god
  2. This sounds like the migraines I have (rarely) gotten Sorry you had to deal with that :/
  3. OKAY. I go on vacation 8/18. It is 7/24. I want to Do The Things inbetween, but I'm bored and annoyed with the program I have, through no fault of its own that I can tell. I think it's a basic incompatibility. The idea is good. Start out near normal and fairly easy, while increasing difficulty just a little bit week by week. Not a bad idea. Just not for me. 12 weeks is a long time to slowly lose calories and do more and more, because each week, if you feel tired you realize "oh, well, there's 6 more weeks and it only gets harder" This is great for many. For me, I just wanted to frown a lot. I have ideas on how to use what I learned and make it better, though. I did not lose any fat. Reason: I kept overeating sometimes, about every other week or every two weeks, enough of a binge outing that a single day could raise my average in the hundreds above goal. Not good. Counter: Shorter abstaining periods. Long periods of low calories mean lots of time where I have to drink only iced tea with friends. I either need to get to where I'm not drinking (beyond, like, one drink, and I feel like I've proven the one and done doesn't work for me), or I need to plan longer programs around it. For now, I'll go around. I came up with a kind of back-and-forth style version of what I was doing, based somewhat off of the 5/3/1 modification I had been doing, with accessories and leg days inspired by the program I just left. I'm taking out the slow descent into hell and doing a static up-and-down method. No more of this "how many dang calories is it this week again?" nonsense. It'll either be 1300 or 1500, depending on if it's an even or odd week. Odd weeks will be lower calories, 1.5 hrs (total) of steady state cardio, hypertrophy/high reps strength training, and circuits. Even weeks will be 1500 calories (near maintenance, just under, teensiest deficit), 2x HIIT 20 minutes, 10 min daily walks, and basically the same strength program, only no circuits and higher weights for lower reps, 5/3/1 style. Yeah, it's more manic, but the hope is that the change ups will help keep me interested and less hangry because sometimes the deficit will be far less. However, I don't have time to do this program before my trip, so I'm doing kind of a round of 5/3/1 instead. I have an extra week, so I'm doing a 1RM test this week for bench and OHP, plus accessories and leg days based on the program I just left. 9 days of road trip will be a super deload, then I'll try out the new program. So yeah, next 4 weeks are a bit of a come-what-may, held together with old programming tape. I hope to lose a bit of that pesky fat too, but I'll take what I can get. Honestly, I've been a mite depressive, so I'm sure that's played a role in my barely-keeping-it-together. In other news, I ate biryani with paneer tikka all over it today and wooo that was good. My back is bothering me a bit, including some nasty toe sciatica, a little more persistent than usual Tomorrow, I try a 100 lb bench \o/ And potentially more, we'll see how it goes.
  4. I've been working on a more medium grip (my grip tends to be pretty wide), in part so I can use the cooler bench press spot, but also because it was causing some wrist bleh. Good results so far, sounds like we ended up near the same(ish) width.
  5. I am definitely taking a break. Still lifting and eating, though!
  6. WELCOME TO IX'S BATTLE LOG Wherein I hack down goals with my big warrior axe and then do something with logs. Am I a lumberjack? HMM. Format: Starting with monthly goals and small challenges, perhaps some mini-participation to fill my challenge void, we shall see, but mainly this here is where I keep getting better doing the stuff I want to do and stay accountable, and occasionally see what new things I can squeeze in (or not, as the case sometimes is) Let's jump right in! It's the last half of April, so here's what I want to get done: Fitness Whole Pizza In My Mouf Pick up heavy things and then put them back down again: 6x Be vaguely active: 12x Don't pig out: Avg goal of 1550 cals Back rehab: 28x Feed The Brainz Write errday: 10x Read writing advice: 2x Read own writing: 2x Read print books: 4x Study things/code academy stuff: 6x (Yes, I realize there are more than 10 days for that write everyday goal BUT last challenge I never managed to write every day of any week, so for now I'm just trying to improve that habit. +1 til I get to everyday.) That's it to start, since not much left of the month anyway.