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  1. ixaera dishes out the beats~

    Week 1 Day two 1. Gym Tyme Just some easy elliptical while reading. 30 Minutes, and I sweated, but only because there's apparently no a/c in there??? And summer is just starting here in Texas, I walked outside hoping for a cool April breeze and got denied by the spectre of May instead. 2. Fail. 1 Monster, 2 coke zero. No lifesavers still at least. (Full disclosure, I had ONE single life saver during week zero.) Reason for failure: yesterday was leg day and I had to get up earlier than normal for a Tuesday. Waking up after leg day is hard even when I can sleep in, so getting up at 6:15 was fairly cruel. In response I had a caramel macchiato, a monster, 2 coke zeros, then finally said NO, NO MORE and just was tired. Guess I need to TRACK this 1/2 3. Less successful. I'm a dedicated support for a particular product which is rolling out a new version of said product to our 60 clients, which we're converting MORE or less one by one, and on conversion days, product brings DONUTS from a specialty donut place that's amazing (Hurts Donuts). I had two halves. One was half of a fruity pebble cake donut, and the other was half of an especially impressive chocolate cake donut. The catered lunch I did fine. I had salad, guacamole, chicken fajitas, and black beans. I brought a snack of veggies with ranch dip which I ate half of around 4 PM, but I was still hungry so I nabbed flamin' hot cheetohs. Definitely wanting to do better than this, but I'm not at all sure how to ignore Hurts Donuts. Tomorrow there will be bagels though. 4. potato (1) and egg (1) taco then guacamole (1) salad (1) beans (1) chicken (1) mixed dipping raw veggies (1) Points so far: 13 A surprising amount of points for a day with a donut and cheetohs 5. Skipping today I need to turn off because there's yet another conversion day tomorrow. They are very draining. Week 1: 1/5
  2. ixaera dishes out the beats~

    WAS IT EVER. Wow so sore. Wow. Flo is one of my top 5's for real <3 Her stuff is just SO GOOD
  3. Urgan Shows Up, Does the Thing

    No one can use that gym anymore because all the weights were MURDERED and are now ded
  4. Blocky does whatever he wants...

    I feel ya. I did them TODAY and ALREADY have ass DOMS it's the worst :|
  5. courtniemarie's bills bills bills challenge

    I dunno! It works well for chocolate cake, anyway! This is super cool btw
  6. ixaera dishes out the beats~

    Week 1 Day ONE 1. Gym Tyme Today Stephen KICKED MY ASS. Whoa nelly We did a 2x1 at 115 lbs on squats then an "AMRAP" of 5 reps Then he put me on the prowler and let's talk about this for a second here because something weird happened. The first time he put me on the prowler was about 3 weeks ago, we put 2x 25 lb plates on the thing and it was hard af. I barely managed it. The second time I did the prowler I was on my own, tried 2x 25 lb plates and almost didn't finish the first set and had to drop the weight to continue. TODAY he put 25's on there and I was like "blah this is gonna be SO HARD" and... and it was super easy. Like, so easy I was picking up the plates to make sure they weren't styrofoam (they were not). So he puts PLATES on there, the 45's and it felt really tough, but like the 25s did the first time and... I'm so confused. And so out of breath. Then some walking lunges with 15 lb dumbbells Then a 3x1 of pull ups Then dumbbell RDLs (40 lbs total) Then calf raises and then i went to eat b/c omg I was tired all damn day 2. 1 diet soda, no lifesavers 3. Today was bbq at work, and there were good/decent choices. I chose the smoked turkey breast (maybe it was chicken?) and their potato salad was super light on any dressing, so it totally counts as a veggie. I also had turkey meat and pretzels as two snacks. Oh and a mini box of raisins. So work eating was generally a success. 4. Veggie (1) omelet (1) with mixed fruit (1) potato salad that was mostly potato and egg and hardly dressing (1) chicken or turkey (1) also deli turkey (1) Points so far: 6 5. Brainstormed the big main group purpose. What do they do? Why? Week 1: 1/5 Here's a song that's not about drums: Spinach, mushrooms, sundried tomato, cantaloupe (ok that's a fruit), pineapple, grapes, potatooooooooooooo FACTS. Florence is the goddess of awesome dramatic music and I love ALMOST everything she's ever done <3 <3 <3
  7. ixaera dishes out the beats~

    Quick week zero check in before WEEK ONE BEGINSSSS I gotta get out the door for squats. Anyway, I ate too much candy, but I'm ready to get gud this week. There's veggies on the menu today. Last week's workouts included: 123 lb 2x3 sumo deadlifts (these were quite hard but I kept my back safe) Accessories of orange-band assisted pull ups (3x5) T-Bar Rows of 3x8 progressive 60-70 lbs (if you count the empty as 45, which it's probably not) hammer curls for the girls Sunday was shoulders, nothing fancy, I haven't been pushing OHP (at trainer's urging, so ok) Here's a quick song I gotta goooooooooooooo (last one about drums, next is... I dunno, I have a lot of ideas so whatever song pleases me most tonight I guess)
  8. ixaera dishes out the beats~

    worth it I also just built half a manor in our group's new little building area it fancy
  9. Gemma is ISO much of her muchiness

    Oh hi, are we related? <3 i'm glad you're seeking out someone to talk to! It sounds understandably stressful, this is a person who you have to get to know and trust! This is hard, so of course it's anxiety-inducing. But you got dis because you're awesome (btw searching gifs of awesome alice is... well... unexpected for what it is)
  10. ixaera dishes out the beats~

    More zero weeking In style, too. Took a PTO day for decompression reasons. I wanted to last week, post-on call because I just stressed myself to the max, got sick, well you were here for that. But I had so much to catch up on that it was a bad idea at the time, especially since I basically took a sick day on Friday two weeks ago. So today I woke up an hour later, did my bench session, had a 90 minute massage that was top notch A-OK, then ordered pad thai and thai tea and ate halo top (peanut butter cup) and played Dark & Light and built an outpost outside the elfy town. Bench day: Doubles at 85 lbs then an AMRAP, which ended up being 4. I think I MAY could have done a 5th rep. Maybe? It is not a PR. Then I did dips with the orange band for a 3x8 Then a 4x7 of 45 lb dumbbell incline presses (that is, 22.5 lb dumbbells) Then a 3x8 of 40 lbs cable tri push downs with the rope attachment Did not walk because I had to FLEE to make the massage appointment. Here's a song! (yes, I am playing lots of drum songs, that's where my fun is being had, i will not be playing drum songs the whole challenge because I think I only know/like 4)
  11. ixaera dishes out the beats~

    Close call between S'mores and Peanut Butter Cup, with honorable mentions for Cookies n' Cream and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. There are a lot of flavors they do NOT do well, too, unfortunately, but these are super solid. I do like sea salt caramel pretty well too! It's number 5 for sure, followed by red velvet. I have NOT tried candy bar but now I kinda want to! does a sim baby count?
  12. ixaera dishes out the beats~

    I ate like a jerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrk today guys. THREE of those 160 cal bags of cheetos. THREE. One homemade choco chip cookie and one fancy tiff's treats cookie. I spoiled my dinner HOURS ago, basically Also, I have hit the point where it's at least time for a mini-cut. Going to just lop 10% off maintenance and bump up the intensity of cardio a little, nothing crazy, and keep working on intuitive eating, water, and cleaning up the junk. Instead of a steady state cut, I'm going to go for 4 weeks at a time followed by periods of maintenance, and I am considering doing the averaging thing where I have a bunch of calories on a few days and lower calories the rest of the days, but I'm not sure I'm not just using that as an excuse to drink a lot and eat nachos so I'm waffling a bit on that strategy. Tomorrow is my DAY OFF and I'm getting A MASSAGE and probably some halo top OR a cookie monster tea float. Here's a song
  13. ixaera dishes out the beats~

    The Sims 2 was probably the peak of the series, in my super humble opinion (not that it stopped me from playing 3 & 4 heavily). They had it down with the aging and wishes and college and stuff. 3 was superior to 4 in a lot of ways, including being able to make your own map and such, but 4 has been consistently TRYING, even if they nickle and dime you to death with the packs. I'm an adult with a Real Job now so I go ahead and buy them, but if it were like this when I was first playing in college, there is no way I could have afforded to have all the cool stuff. I fear budding adults today (the non-briefcase-toting kind of adult) will not become the avid fan I have been just because who can afford all that (besides established fans) (The Sims 4 TODDLERS are the frickin cutest toddlers ever tho) The siding people came by and did a thing so there's no giant hole in the side of our house yayy It looks crappy (it's that underwrap stuff) but it'll look great in a month or so, so it's okay for now I guess. I guess planks heard I hate them and got offended You're right, house, I shouldn't neglect my abs.
  14. ixaera dishes out the beats~

    Zero week reporting in for dooty: DOOT DOOT DOOTY Today I did 30 minutes on the elliptical, and at least one meal had kale. winning??? Planning to see about my ear piercing on Thursday. So, I don't know that I've talked about this much because BORING ADULT THINGS but I finally saved enough money to contract siding people to replace my rotten-ass masonite. We're also replacing insulation and doing a gutter project on the side of the house that has drainage issues. This is a good thing because wow it took a lot to save up but I did NOT want to do a loan unless hard-pressed WELL You guys. Not a moment too soon. Today, Mr Ix came home to find that half the siding planks above the garage had just, you know, FALLEN OFF. Literal just planks on the ground haha welp. The siding people don't come out for two more weeks, but they're doing us a solid and showing up tomorrow to put something temporary in place. I guess the big bad wolf came over and when we wouldn't open the door he tried to blow our house down????? (This little piggy was at work.) I'm having a bit of fun with songs and while there's no OVERARCHING theme, i might be doing something fun :3 YOU WILL SEE (Song in spoiler)
  15. ixaera dishes out the beats~

    That is Knight Night at the pub! That sim gets invited to it all the time, why I don't know, she doesn't even OWN armor... I remember Ye Olden Days of Sims 1, when it was just called ~The Sims~ and I played it when my roommate was out because she hated the sim sounds DID YOU KNOW that in the Sims 4, the sims can play Sims Forever on the computer and if you zoom in it is just little clips of ~The Sims~ They are so miserable right now because 2 screaming toddler twins I did this on Saturday on twitch for a bit~ My twitch name is the same as here, I do not stream very much as I tend to prefer watching streams while I play something instead :3 By not very much, I have done it like 3 times ever