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  1. Jonesy's Magical Christmas

    What a frustrating day, re: the hot chocolate! Ugh! My sister's favorite old Christmas movie is Meet Me in St. Louis I don't really have one, myself.
  2. ixaera does a new program (who dis)~

    Frozen strawberry margaritas only, plz.
  3. Urgan Shows Up, Does the Thing

    Our old holiday parties, the event lady would literally require people from different teams to sit at the same table, and the table with the fewest different teams? Yeah, got to go last at the buffet. Eff mandatory parties in the A
  4. ixaera does a new program (who dis)~

    Day 18 HELLO FRIENDS New Program So, yesterday was 4x10 on the bench, 70 lbs. Pretty tough, cold in the gym and had to take off my jacket b/c slippy on the benchy. I need to get a non-slip shirt for this mess. Still only about an RPE 8, maayyyyyyybe edging in on 8.5. Did close grip with 60 for 5x8 and that was much harder than it sounds. Noticed I get a laggy lockout on this on my right arm. Could not even remotely hope to do all the bro stuff before work, so I just did the lateral machine chest press, then did the rest (some incline dips off a bench and some flat db flies) from home after work. Naturally, my boyfriend came home during a set of flies and was like HELLO HONEY *SMOOCH* HOW ARE YOU and I'm like oh god please wait til my set is done RESPECT THE SET Reverse Diet Did some diet acrobatics to stay under and hit protein yesterday, but it got did, despite literally half a pound of delicious delicious brisket and a cup of mac and cheese. Totally worth it. Weight is STILL drifting downwards a little faster than expected, which is a good thing, I want to have a more muscly body comp and this is indicative that I'm achieving that, and I have a LONG lean bulk incoming anyway. I have already increased the size of the step ups last week because of this, and next week should be averaging close enough to maintenance that it's not a thing anymore, but I've got my eye on it and will make changes if the scale keeps telling me I need to. But seriously, somehow I'm at the lowest weight of my adult life right now and that's nutsballs to me because that certainly was unexpected (but not a bad thing, I've never been anywhere NEAR underweight). I'm looking at this as a really good springboard for a lean bulk. Alcohol none Budget At 45.81/50 for budget, and $11.34 in food budget. Gonna get hairy next week :3 That $11 is for tacos today btw. Well, probably a burrito bowl as that's actually my favorite thing. A Nickel a Word None yesterday. Honestly, life is throwing me some... not lemons... but not something I can comfortably yet discuss? So this has taken a bit of a back burner spot because I basically go home and stare at the wall b/c stress. Week 1 Program - 4/4 | Diet - 5/7 | Alcohol - P | Budget - P Week 2 Program - 4/4 | Diet - 5/7 | Alcohol - F | Budget - P Week 3 Program - 3/4 | Diet - 4/7 | Alcohol - P/F | Budget - P/F Week 4 Program - 0/4 | Diet - 0/7 | Alcohol - P/F | Budget - P/F Total Words: 2270 = $113.50 TACOSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS
  5. ixaera does a new program (who dis)~

    My boyfriend made me stand on the other side of the kitchen while we were talking haha I get the deadlift tireds, too, but there's just something uniquely draining about squats lol bro down sounds like competitive curls for some reason, which is a pretty hilarious mental image Yep! Was worth it. Had to do some serious dinner weirdness to stay in goals yesterday but would not change a thing. Today there's some tacos on site and I have done some budget juggling to make THAT work too.
  6. Deckard Gainz Meats the Butcher

    I feel you here. I have a little equipment at home including some of these, and they're GREAT for getting whatever weight I need, TERRIBLE for circuits and supersets unless I carefully plan on everything using the same weight + bodyweight.
  7. ixaera does a new program (who dis)~

    Day 17 squat day tireds New Program did my 4x10 at 90 lbs on squats, it was about an RPE 8. So, easier than last week, probably right around where it's supposed to be for this?? Then some bro stuff, too many sets to do in time to leave for work, so I did a buncha sets of feet elevated glute bridges at home. Kinda too easy, hip thrusts aren't on the list but I might switch to them instead of doing like 40 reps on this one. Reverse Diet Very slightly over, not counting such a tiny amount though. Smashed goals again, also contracted Death Farts and need to give beano another shot. On a related note, the Trader Joe's turkey chili with beans is super tasty and has great macros. Alcohol none Budget At 41.76/50 for budget, and $21.90 in food budget. Got a reprive on the sharing, so the last bowl is FOR MEEEEEEEE. A Nickel a Word None yesterday. Week 1 Program - 4/4 | Diet - 5/7 | Alcohol - P | Budget - P Week 2 Program - 4/4 | Diet - 5/7 | Alcohol - F | Budget - P Week 3 Program - 2/4 | Diet - 3/7 | Alcohol - P/F | Budget - P/F Week 4 Program - 0/4 | Diet - 0/7 | Alcohol - P/F | Budget - P/F Total Words: 2270 = $113.50 Today is kinda a repeat of yesterday, unless they really do have bbq on site today and it's not a trick, in which case I will be eating bbq. As one does.
  8. ixaera does a new program (who dis)~

    Alton Brown is how I learned to bake a potato for sure Though I've been trying to adjust/perfect the method for non-ideal-for-baking types, because baked yukon golds (the bigger ones not the baby ones ofc) are amazing but so easy to mess up because they'll burn sometimes. Someday I'll figure that out. Random potato chat Yeah, I definitely "practiced" a lot by knowing what I like to eat lol
  9. ixaera does a new program (who dis)~

    haha yeah he asks for some then digs in and goes "THIS IS SO AWESOME HOW DO YOU KNOW WHAT SPICES TO PUT TOGETHER" I dunno man I used my nose glad you like it though lol whatever keeps the guy outta trouble
  10. ixaera does a new program (who dis)~

    Ha! I'm easy. All I require is hugs and unequivocal acceptance of my many idiosyncrasies, which he does in spades
  11. Taddea Zhaan - tackles inertia

    My actual life goals
  12. A JustCallMeAmber Christmas

    I really like your 20 min reading goal, I might have to steal that one next challenge.
  13. ixaera does a new program (who dis)~

    They went! I did a thing though, wherein I narrowed my stance, because I noticed a thing while doing some bodyweight low squats and that is I can get lower and more comfortable at the bottom with a narrower stance. It went fine, but threw me off of my "sit back" cue so I gotta do some work on that, because I liked how much lower they were. And stronger. They felt about 20% easier than last week. Form vids show I'm a little too much on the balls of my feet and when I get tired at the end of a set my knees try harder to warble inward, but improvement was made on depth and I'm assuming last week was just a bad day in the gym. So focusing on getting more over midfoot and keeping knees out. No such "luck" for me. I'm no amazing cook, but Mr Ix seems to be convinced that I'm Gordon Ramsey (I'm not) and will eat more than his share of the foods. So, I just gotta 1.5x what I pick up for dinner-making, because he's likely to eat all of it (even though personally I don't think it tastes better than his usual dinner of fast food). It's a compliment, and I'm 100% sure he associates my cooking with deep abiding love, so, I'll make do lol
  14. ixaera does a new program (who dis)~

    Day 16 sharing food woes New Program Rest day, but I did 10k steps and that includes 20 min of HIIT on the elliptical. Reverse Diet Bam, smooshed. Even resisted the lure of PEPPERMINT BARK which is like my favorite Christmas treat. Tomorrow, though, I have penciled in some peppermint joe-joe's. It will be replaced with bark if there's any left (there won't be). Alcohol none Budget At 41.76/50 for budget, and $25.95 in food budget. Mr Ix has shown unprecedented interest in my dinners and I find myself sharing because love is so weird, y'all. Next week my calories should accommodate swapping to chicken thighs (which he don't like as much and would avoid, but that I prefer greatly to chicken breast) BUT all I can think is that he eats like butt when I don't share. KIND of running out of food early, though, and the food budget would need a "I'm apparently sharing now" injection. A Nickel a Word A little, like 135 words. Week 1 Program - 4/4 | Diet - 5/7 | Alcohol - P | Budget - P Week 2 Program - 4/4 | Diet - 5/7 | Alcohol - F | Budget - P Week 3 Program - 1/4 | Diet - 2/7 | Alcohol - P/F | Budget - P/F Week 4 Program - 0/4 | Diet - 0/7 | Alcohol - P/F | Budget - P/F Total Words: 2270 = $113.50 Still doing quite fine. Already planned tomorrow's foods (maybe too high in sugar, hmm). Ready but nervous for 10's squat block. Hoping it feels better than last week.