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  1. ixaera trains the breadlift~

    I made it from the carcasses of Cowboy chickens past, it is definitely dense on chicken juice (and DELICIOUS) when in doubt, a nice average is smart!
  2. ixaera trains the breadlift~

    I made some stew/soup (intended to be a soup, came out a bit more stew-like, no complaints), anyway, are these ingredients for real or am I missing something??? I used a random entry for bone broth b/c I'm never sure how to log it, and I guess I'm wondering can it really have THAT much protein??? Seems too good to be true >.> (Not listed, the spices, cuz why)
  3. ixaera trains the breadlift~

    I'm still alive! I feel less like a cheap overpacked duffel bag! I was pleased. \o/
  4. ixaera trains the breadlift~

    things my stomach cannot handle anymore, a short list: the state fair of texas I'm gonna die y'all In better news, my 100 lb set on the bench went swell, so that's a repeated PR.
  5. CM keeps it simple, keeps it safe

    a pull ups goal! I like it
  6. ixaera trains the breadlift~

    that you could keep in your bag-uette sorry. that was crumb-y I'm such a heel
  7. ixaera keeps on going~

    Yesterday I did a quick circuit before some cardio, since I wanted to get a bit more arms in. Circuit x4 25 sec forearm plank 15x 24 lbs EZ bar skullcrushers 17x 10 lbs (each hand) seated db curls 10x pushups 30 min elliptical Today I did leg day (which was fine but it's massively difficult to keep my heel down for all the reps so I'm thinking instead of 8-12's on lower a, doing 15-20s with less weight to drill it. Today I was doing a 4x7 with 70 lbs and I did not make a ton of progress on heel issues, but I'm sure of what yields the best results at least. I just need to keep drilling. Shenanigans: This gym is like a big open warehouse. It's small, so it's full of equipment, but it's also not crowded in the early morning so getting to what you need isn't difficult at all. I was finishing out leg day with a superset of bulgarian split squats next to the roman chair I was also using and this dude appears and walks within an inch of me to get to the treadmill across the gym. There were about 15 other ways he could have gone, but no, he basically interrupts my set! THREE TIMES (because he kept going back and forth)
  8. ixaera trains the breadlift~

    I somehow missed these in the aftermath of the punwar~ There IS bread maybe It's not forbidden it's just not actually about bread, sorry bread! I don't eat a ton of bread so there's a small chance of a zero bread challenge by accident, but never never on purpose! (I tend to eat more rice, potatoes and noodles for carbs b/c I find them more filling, etc. But I will definitely bread, this girl enjoys a nice sandwich and/or breadstick.)
  9. ixaera trains the breadlift~

    I bagel you to stop muffin good can come of this waffle have you done to my thread
  10. ixaera trains the breadlift~

    too legit to bis-quit them's some floury words, I pasta admire I'm loaf to admit, this is inbreadable
  11. ixaera trains the breadlift~

    Puns are my favorite, no matter how you slice it. I'll even take the crusty ones.
  12. ixaera trains the breadlift~

  13. ixaera keeps on going~

    Throwing Sunday's workout in here so it's somewhere: DB OHP 2x5 30 lbs 1x3 30 lbs OHP 1x5 45 lbs 1x3 45 lbs 1x7 52 lbs (8 would have been a rep PR... so close) 1x4 54.5 lbs (quick drop off of energy) 1x2 57.5 lbs (3 would have been a rep PR) failed the 60 lb set altogether, though it was a near thing 2x8 46 lbs 1x6 46 lbs My shoulders did that thing where they just didn't show up. I had 1800 calories the previous day, lots of carbs, not enough protein, and a bunch of wine. I did not have any hunger for breakfast before training, so I just had some BCAA's and pre-workout. Clearly, if it helped, I was in bad shape. Bench 5x5 76 lbs Lat pulldown 4x9 70 lbs Superset T-Bar Row 4x8 65 lbs Hanging Knee Raise 4x20 Rear Delts 4x15 10 lbs (5 each hand) This is my last week in this 6 week cycle, next week is a deload. I'm thinking on programming and while I want to try something that uses RPE, I'm not quite in a position to go purchasing programs at the moment, or new books. I'm also still in the homestretch of my cut (about 6 weeks to go) so I'm not eating enough to go gung ho on something like juggernaut. Soooo I guess it's another round of semi-5/3/1, even though I'd like to maybe bench/press 3x a week instead of 2. Plus I'm doing more of a 5x5 on squats and trap deads instead still, and probably will continue that approach since I don't actually want to max those out at any point soon. Been thinking about how best to get everything I want done in a 4x week 1ish hour sessions. A light bench day on Fridays could work, a little 2-3x5 after leg presses or something, maybe. I don't want to go to 5x per week, but I could do stuff with these circuits so that they have db ohp or bench incorporated. I might have to move them to after work on lift days though so I'm not impinging on my recovery time on cardio days. I'm not totally sure, but I'd LOVE to afford a personal trainer at some point. Cut's getting old, but I like the way this approach deals with variance and averages and if I have to do it again at some point, this is absolutely the way I'd go.