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  1. Okay, I officially give up on September. I'll keep logging here to finish it out but there has been way too much chaos. I dunno if I need a simpler plan or what because I think the chaos may just be inevitable now. First off, I HAVE NEWS Mr Ix popped the q while we were on vacation in Galveston, so we'll be tying the knot at some vague point in the future (I basically want to figure out The Things then set a date once I know what's realistic). I was subjected to many foods and desserts and ate way too much. I'm heavier than ever and really need to figure out my shit. So I got to thinking about what causes battle log breaking chaos and the answer is straight up lack of time to do simple things like log a meal or update a thread, which results in me forgetting what I ate or feeling overwhelmed about my goals. You might say "just log right as you're eating" and that works a lot of days, but would not have worked today since I was in a war room with product and development teams figuring out a high visibility issue. Eating while working in front of the founder of the company is one thing, derping on my phone is maybe another. Probably fine, but I'm way too anxious and self conscious for that. Still, that's not most days so the log while eating thing should generally work yeah Updating the thread is something else. That's me getting home feeling like a sad limp old used up dish towel with questionable stains and not wanting the first thing to do with writing an update. I'm kind of surprised I'm writing this one for real (I feel SO tired). I can't do much about the time shortage. Currently, I'm spending 45-50ish hours a week working, 6ish hours doing fitness activities, ?? hours driving / getting ready to go somewhere, and not nearly enough time relaxing with a video game or book. So there's not much wiggle room with goals. Trying to do something like learn piano or C# might be... ambitious... (to say the very very least) Especially with a wedding to plan now \o/ Anyway, so, I'll keep posting with my stuff but it's all BS right now because I'm not following my own rules very well. I'm slowly doing better with food on NORMAL days but when presented with stuff by family I find it extremely extremely difficult
  2. I WILL figure out how to get free food and still not be a crazy eat-y person. I managed it today, I can manage it ANY day Yeah, along those lines--I'm thinking maybe more reps at the prescribed weight? The thing has the % listed but also RPE so I might see how adding 2-3 reps feels for a while. And maybe an extra set? I'll start with the reps and go from there.
  3. 9/20 Food things: did quite well. I ix-nayed on the andy-cay and good things followed. Ate a trail mix bar right after workout, then a breakfast taco. Lunch was a chicken salad and so was dinner, and the salad had a variety of veggies, and there was a banana and an rx bar. I was nearly a saint. 1199/1609 avg 9/16 - 113.8 lbs Gym things: Yes 6/11 More lightness, but I've brought back off-day deadlifts in the form of trap bar deadlifts. Did some singles at 100 lbs then some triples on shoulder presses at 25 lbs (single arm). Then some pulling, seated rows & pull downs. Clean things: Does packing count as cleaning...? 8/19 September To do Do research on what the hell to do for professional development, ask who's gonna do my tickets while I do that Get TSA Pre Book November Vegas trip Get car maintenance Get car ENTIRELY cleaned have some transviolet~
  4. This typo amuses me the cake is a lie you are not a lie but you are doing science!
  5. 9/18-19 Food things: NOT doing well. I dunno where my self control is, but it's been MIA for a while. I won't even bother to itemize. Candy and pizza. Plus more candy and pizza. 1539,1872/1711avg 9/16 - 113.8 lbs Gym things: Yes 5/11 The light stuff. some SSB squat singles at 100 lbs and some close grip bench at 70 lbs. I'm not sure if this part of the program is SUPPOSED to be this easy or not. Clean things: elliptical while reading a trash vamp novelx2 7/19 September To do Do research on what the hell to do for professional development, ask who's gonna do my tickets while I do that Get TSA Pre Book November Vegas trip Get car maintenance -- scheduled! Get car ENTIRELY cleaned
  6. 9/17 Food things: I fekked up. A not bad breakfast of eggs, toast (diner toast!), and some fruit, then lunch was some chicken, beans, potatoes, and guac, but I was so busy I never got salad packed away and ate a TON of candy, was SO hungry after work and ate PIZZA sigh 2030/1717avg 9/16 - 113.8 lbs Gym things: Yes 4/11 4x1 Sumo Deadlifts at 140 lbs 4x1 Overhead Press at 57 lbs ALMOST easy somehow. Have made my next 6 weeks program based on how the final week of this one felt. I've added only 2 lbs to my squat training max, 2 to bench, 5 to deadlift and 1 to OHP. Clean things: elliptical while reading a trash vamp novel 5/19 September To do Do research on what the hell to do for professional development, ask who's gonna do my tickets while I do that Get TSA Pre Book November Vegas trip Get car maintenance -- scheduled! Get car ENTIRELY cleaned here's some metal
  7. 9/16 We're just gonna pretend the 11th-15th didn't happen Food things: I accidentally got a sandwich today because I forgot I'm not doing bread carbs except for diner toast. I did, however, eat a salad and a kale smoothie. 103 over on calories because I misread the count on a potbelly sammich (490 not 370!) 1403/1403 avg 9/16 - 113.8 lbs Gym things: I actually got a lot of this done while I was flailing in my extra zero week. 3/11 Aside from 2 successful gym visits last week (no accessories, no time, but got the main 4 in for heavy doubles), I did heavy singles on squats today for a 4x1 at 130 lbs. and a 4x1 at 95 lbs on bench. Then some dips and some flies. heavy squats still scare the crap out of me. Clean things: Actually got a few elliptical visits in, and cleaned this weekend. 4/19 September To do Do research on what the hell to do for professional development, ask who's gonna do my tickets while I do that Get TSA Pre Book November Vegas trip Get car maintenance -- scheduled! Get car ENTIRELY cleaned so, car cleaning and the professional development decisions need to happen by NEXT weekend. I for one am excited to have a clean car? A summary of the last 2 weeks: I've been working up on near 60 hours both weeks which is not a thing I'm in any way used to so it felt like all I did was work. My on call week wasn't actually that bad with the night time wake ups and they left me alone on the weekend, but I ended up with 10-15 high priority tickets, and one client thinks it's super smart to constantly request conference calls when we're waiting on stuff like moving a change to production that needs a maintenance window. You want a call? I mean, okay, but all I have for ya is a speaker to play music on so you're entertained while nothing happens for 3 days. (Plus, those calls tend to completely shut down any other work that could potentially happen while we wait.) Not only that, my normal work piled up so high it felt like Juggernaut bearing down on me, and then I get various bosses (cuz I have like 6?) adding stuff to do before all the other stuff. I'm trying to tack on knowledge I have onto other people but it's hard when you also gotta get through a pile like this. (Plus I'm not gonna lie, I'm a terrible teacher and my thoughts don't organize well in verbal communication.) I managed to not eat everything in sight, but I didn't log so I don't know exactly what I did besides maintain my weight. I read some trash vampire novels to unwind on the elliptical, and I also read the new Kate Daniels and I think it is my favorite one. I started playing Monster Hunter, which is fun and I have no time for. I booked my Vegas trip, scheduled my car maintenance, did the airport thing so I could get TSA pre for future flights. I planned a Halloween party. I also got my first Stitch Fix box. I talked to my mom, who is pretty sure I've been kidnapped because I haven't seen her in a whopping 3 weeks, but she insists I come visit soon because she has lots of spare black licorice jelly beans for me. This Friday I'm taking A DAY OFF and hopefully i won't feel compelled to work more and actually enjoy the beach. Thursday I'm going to a Meg Myers concert
  8. UGH this is so my family about everything. I live an hour away and I don't do last minute social things because social things take psyching myself up and, well, that takes time!
  9. NORMALLY I anxiety eat/drink but time has been a problem and getting a mountain of things done interferes with eating too many chips it turns out. Well no really it interferes with remembering to eat regular food and I just have a tiny bfast, a small lunch, and a whole buttton of m&ms which upsets my stomach and I don't eat more. or the stress has decided it does that now IDK Either way I'm hoping to get some time to catch up on everybody's threads at least this weekend \o/ Off to do a deadlift/OHP day and maybe see if I can go home early b/c I slept like hot garbage and I'm super tired
  10. Not a thing that normally happens to me IDK??!! Just too busy / chaotic to eat as much as normal I guess
  11. I'm still here I'm just too overloaded to log anything On the plus side, I've stress-lost 1.8 lbs And I got squat and bench in yesterday Here''s a song at least:
  12. well last night of on call tonight and it is kind of leaking into my lifts because now I can't lift tomorrow morning b/c I didn't catch my shower tonight (my dirty warehouse gym has no shower and I'm just super lucky I don't sweat) OH WELL WE ADAPT squats & bench on wednesday, TOGETHER It's really that magic deficit that is not so low that lifts always feel like hot garbage every time but where you also slowly lose the excess and it's way harder than just not going over 1200 and getting on the elliptical a few times a week but you all know that A+ gold star lol
  13. September Goals It's lookin' familiar up in here 9/11-9/30 Food things: I have stopped gaining! Progress. Don't ever let anyone tell you there's an easy way to drop fat y'all They are lying liars who lie All the good ways are hard (that's what she said) Okay, we're going to continue working on actually getting a calorie deficit. We've managed maintenance, so we're making progress, so a goal with that in mind is bringing back MORE VEGGIES. Nearly every free work lunch has a side salad option, and I nearly always skip a full dinner in favor of chips. So, instead, I'm going to be saving off a large salad full of VEGGIES and having dressing instead of chips and pop tarts. Yup. It should both decrease the calories by some, increase satiation, and give me actual vitamins and minerals. We are also REDUCING BREAD CARBS. Not counting carbs specifically, just gonna only do the toast with diner breakfasts (since those happen a max of 2x per week) and skip bread products at free lunch. Easy? Easy. On the weekend of the 21st, I'll be having to navigate a family vacation with too much food. I don't really know what will be there so I'll have to make decisions on the fly. TRICKY. That's all we're tweaking here. Don't want to explode while I'm doing well. 0/1300 avg weigh ins 9/11, 9/30 may or may not do a pretty graph at the end, it's not much of a month since I chopped off the first bit for on call week. Gym things: Lifts--keep doing these. No changes, stuff still appears to be working. 0/11 Clean things: Cleaning OR elliptical. 0/19 September To do Do research on what the hell to do for professional development, ask who's gonna do my tickets while I do that Get TSA Pre Book November Vegas trip Get car maintenance Get car ENTIRELY cleaned here's you some indie alt rock stuff
  14. This and Gay Bar were two big defining hits of my late 20s, very very popular with my get-together-having friends haha, so they both have a special place my heart
  15. Life is still literal chaos but here's a song
  16. Yeah it helps me a lot. i really do spend the huge majority of my day basically still (whether sitting or standing) and not using my heart for physical things at all. In general I would say that most mildly active people probably don't need my little regimen but dang I do he's good people even if he does throw away french fries Yeah, and it went SO FAST too. like, no issues then one questionable start up then BOOM KAPOW no juice for you First thing the roadside guy said when he saw it "wow this is an old battery" I know fella I know I wish I'd thought about it 5 months ago and replaced it like a sane person
  17. I AM STILL ALIVE somehow who knows how what does not kill you, etc I continue to have literal chaos, but I'm surfing it like a wave at the moment. Every moment is an adventure~ YES OKAY SO I wasn't super good at food, but I was also at the general mercy of Social Stuff. Friday I arrived in Detroit around dinner time, got my rental car and checked in, then headed to a friend's house. The hotel was 40 minutes from the airport. The friend's house was 40 minutes from the hotel. But eventually I got carnitas and booze and good times, except that my friends are generous with alcohol and the tipsier I get the less intelligent I am about drinking it. I ended the evening with a trip to the toilet and then the couch. Saturday I woke up hungover. Thinking I was mostly fine I had breakfast (more carnitas of course) and then found that I was not fine and did a toilet thing again. Sigh. They were headed to a museum thing, but I needed to wash up etc and was 40 minutes away, so I did not do the museum thing but instead went back to the hotel, cleaned up, napped, and woke up in time for THE PUB CRAWL which was essentially like a bachelor/bachelorette party only in which both bride and groom were in attendance (it was a non-traditional wedding okay). I did much better on booze but not better ENOUGH. The party ended at the hotel, I felt fine but sleepy so I went to sleep, then woke up at 5 am and did another toilet thing. SIGH. WHY, SELF Sunday I woke up feeling fine in spite of things, really fine not just pretend fine like Saturday. So I got some trash food for breakfast, worked 4 hours from the hotel room because I was SO FAR BEHIND at work, showered, and got on the party bus to the farm house in the middle of damn nowhere. I informed on call person that I had no signal then proceeded to enjoy the party. Non-traditional wedding was DELIGHTFUL. It was just here, have some food, here have some booze, here's some music, here's a 5 minute sweet ceremony (also funny, lotsa jokes), then socializing. I got sleepy around 11 and went back on the party bus, went back to the hotel and went the hell to sleep And I slept until I could not sleep no more on Monday, check out being on the late side. Got my stuff in gear then checked out and went back to boozy friend's house until flight time. I did not booze however because of driving, but instead enjoyed the Great British Bake Off while hanging out pre-airport. Then we went back to Detroit, got on a plane, went home. WHERE I COULD NOT FIND MY CAR. The numbering system in the parking garage was confusing and bad. But I got home, home was got to. Tuesday appears and now I'm on call, so this will be a zero week for me with no goals (though I'm trying to hit the elliptical daily). I'll post September stuff by Tuesday, which will look a whole lot like August stuff. So naturally I got a page 3.5 hours before my normal shift starts (but AFTER I woke up at least), then proceeded to work an 11.5 hour day, got on the elliptical, got in my car and boom dead battery This morning there was a moment where it was clear to me my battery did not actually super want to start my car for me, and I was like "how long has it been since I've replaced this thing again?" and I realized it's been at least 6 years Judge away I'd hoped it would get me home but it chose not to do that, so I had to wait on roadside assistance to get a jump, and since I'm on call Mr Ix is handling the actual battery replacement because Murphy's Law states that the moment I turn my car off at an Autozone with no internet, I will get paged by work. So it's been a day, but I'm still good Part of it is knowing Mr Ix is like, amazing in some super awesome ways that turn up and turn the whole day around. I kind of wanted to cry a bit when my car wouldn't start after such a long day (week/month/whatever, tickets pile up and it's all hard) so having him just offer to go get my new battery was like a little rainbow in the clouds
  18. Final August weight was 113.8 lbs Here's a chart This tells me 1477 results in a slow steady loss. I'm still aiming to bring that average down a bit, but this boat is moving finally.
  19. 8/28-30 If support tickets were physical objects that attached themselves to your body while they waited on your response, I would be buried under an actual mountain and probably dead also I'm so tired Don't get me wrong, I really love my new job, but WOW WHEN IT IS BUSY THERE IS NO ROOM FOR AIR plus today bosses be like "haha when you gonna do that development goal" ayyyyy what I mean I know that's a goal but you do know that if I'm away for 3 days to study something that may or may not help these fuckin' tickets will just pile up (more) Speaking of being away, I'm actually taking A DAY OFF tomorrow to go to a wedding in Michigan, but I am back up on call so we'll see how much actual unwinding happens. Kinda wish Mr Ix was coming along, but well we can't have everything can we? Anyway I'm also closing out shark week. When it rains it pours etc Food things: Lettuce talk of foods. Tuesday- Little granola bar breakfast, candy, tex mex lunch (healthy as possible, chicken, beans, guac, cheese, lettuce, no tortilla), pretzels, sun chips and a granola bar. Not great. Not the worst. Wednesday- Frozen power bowl egg white scramble thing, some raw almonds, salad & chips for lunch, pretzels annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd 2 pop tarts. You thought it was gonna be a good one didn't you eh Thursday- little nut protein bar thing, big lunch of chicken fried steak, tatoes, a bit of gravy, corn, biscuit, more pretzels, 4 lifesavers, little granola bar 1181,1372,1284/1477 avg July 31 - 114.4 lbs August 14 - 112.8 lbs Gym things: Lifts--keep doing these. 15/14 Rolled up deadlifts and bench today. 3x2 at 133 lbs on sumo deadlift, 3x2 at 90 lbs on bench Some assisted dips and shoulder presses back magic walking Clean things: elliptical Tues and today, nothing wednesday because I was at work til 9 pm 23/31
  20. I'm still here, it's just been the week from hell I'm buried under a ton of tickets and I can feel clients breathing down my neck. Some of them require super deep research and a lot of time. The stress is super real, but no hives so we good I'm doing the things still, well, even. Update inc
  21. how's your poo In my questionable adolescence / young adulthood I played a game where you chose your daughter's blood type and if she had B she would just up and run away occasionally. Like, hasta I'm out cheezits peace
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