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  1. 8/26-27 Food things: Sunday-I did not behave myself at dinner. I ate a whole big baked potato and the lemon cake dessert, too. Today-Much better. Calories fine considering I was over two days in a row, stuck to mostly real food. No candy! Only pretzels and 2 lifesavers. Which is candy. I guess. 1790,1110/1499 avg July 31 - 114.4 lbs August 14 - 112.8 lbs Gym things: Lifts--keep doing these. 14/14 OHP Sunday - 3x3 at 53 lbs, buncha arms after. Clean things: cleaning Sunday, elliptical today 21/31 Honestly can't remember if I already shared this one or if I picked Limb from Limb last time.
  2. They do. Sometimes I start to wonder if it's confirmation bias, and then something like snipping them out when work gets crazy happens to remind me they actually do something.
  3. Gets me every time sometimes I eat my feels in lemon cake
  4. Ugh my back's been annoyed with me all day so I'm banning sitting in the office chair at home and moving squats to tuesday I really hope it's fine again tuesday b/c my week is truncated and I need to squeeze everything in before my trip, after which I'm on call and can't really do the loud dirty warehouse gym Edit for noting here that last week I skipped ALL my 15 minute walks (maybe not tuesday's??) due to time constraints and now I know that is not what to skip when time crunched
  5. 8/23-25 definitely doing too much of this Food things: Really gotta get a handle on all these m&ms and alcohol. Otherwise, I'm doing pretty well. I'm still not in cut territory, but I didn't expect to be great at this right away. When I lost my original 30 lbs, I was NOT lifting and lifting makes such a huge difference in how it feels to eat less. Just cardio and low cal doesn't feel too bad to me, but throw in lifts and everything is shit. So I have to do this the right way. Next week I have Friday off (ish... I'm secondary on call so I can't run amok or anything, I'm backing up someone new to the rotation) and I'm going out of town for a wedding and hanging out with some serious foodies who like their booze, so ... gonna do my best but still have fun. 1451,1324,1958/1503avg July 31 - 114.4 lbs August 14 - 112.8 lbs Gym things: Lifts--keep doing these. 13/14 Sumo deadlifts friday - 3x3 at 129 lbs, some high bar squats that felt like trash even lightweight because of my sore legs, some pull up singles and lat pulldowns Clean things: elliptical Thursday, nothing Friday, cleaning yesterday 19/31 Here's a song I've been digging on for a few days (again, I guess, it was already in my stash of liked music)
  6. i was just hunting something vaguely relevant to my mood and since my legs were soooo sore this made my day lol
  7. 8/22 so sore y'all Food things: Breakfast was a smoothie king protein shake (gladiator with kale & apple is my go to), candy snax, lunch was a half turkey swiss wrap and a small side salad. Had pretzels. A bananer. one of those ostrim sticks Calorie-wise definitely on track with where I need cals to be for a cut more lately (overall august average is not there though), would like to cut back a little further on the candy. It was almost just fine though. 3 mini packs of m&m's is basically a regular pack, you see. Ideally, one mini pack of m&ms and pretzels and real food around 5 pm would be better. 1266/1493avg July 31 - 114.4 lbs August 14 - 112.8 lbs Gym things: Lifts--keep doing these. 12/14 Bench, 3x3 at 88 lbs. Tough but not bad. Arm stuff including shoulder presses, band assisted dips, curls, and dumbbell flies, and slapping mosquitos between sets (got 3 dead, about 5 bites) Clean things: elliptical today 17/31 I am tired. Good night.
  8. Thanks! Sometimes I'm less excited about the gym than I once was, but I like what it does so I keep on pushing through the desire to stay in bed in the morning I guess if that's the only thing I ever really nail down, that's pretty good I was a touch disappointed because I was plenty hungry and being more like 1250 makes it feel sadder lol
  9. j/k I forgot about a cupcake and so my total wasn't so dismally low anyway
  10. I like to consider myself an armchair comedian 8/21 Food things: Doing okay. Had to do the quick breakfast thing so I just crunched an oatmeal bar after squats. Did have m&ms and pretzels, but I didn't overload too bad (could still improve). Lunch was greek food, dolmas, pita, hummus, some chicken. Then I spaced everything, got home super hungry and had an emergency tuna packet Went too low on the calorie front because I straight up wasn't paying attention, was busy, and every time I wanted to stress eat I reminded myself I was trying to cut and I should at least be hungry first, and then time passed and I was ravenous and I was low about 200+ cals oops. Still, it's kind of a form of improvement? More work needed. 1039/1493avg July 31 - 114.4 lbs August 14 - 112.8 lbs Gym things: Lifts--keep doing these. 11/14 I must have miscounted how many gym days because I'm going to somehow go over even though technically I missed one. i jammed ohp into leg day today. Squats for 3x3 at 120 lbs (tough, but fine). OHP for 3x4 at 51 lbs (not too tough actually). Lunges & landmine squats Clean things: elliptical today 16/31 I got an ocular migraine today + moderate headache. First one in 8 months, and according to my log I also did squats the last time lol. BTW a super inconvenient time to get one of these is when you need to fire off a lot of queries in rapid succession Not being able to read your typos and eff ups makes it hard.
  11. There was a fella who used to be my amusement at my gym (where amusement is thin, because it's a dirty warehouse gym, so not a lot of people who are too clueless or there to say they went) and I miss that guy b/c he used to grunt at everything. Heavy squat "hmmmmmmmnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggg" and you look over to be sure he isn't doing something NSFG. Curls? "hnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggg!!!!!!" Always with the brow-raising groans. He hasn't been around in a while.
  12. 8/20 the level of stupid I have to deal with on a daily basis Food things: 8/20: Not bad! Turkey sausage breakfast bowl for breakfast, half a giant baked potato with chicken fixin's for lunch, snacks were some peanut butter m&ms and pretzels, and dinner was salad with bacons and ranch. 1440/1515 avg July 31 - 114.4 lbs August 14 - 112.8 lbs Despite that still being way over 1300 I feel like I'm improving. It's not in the 1600's anymore at least? But damn, I lost 30 lbs and it was like, hard, but I don't remember it being this challenging. Going from gaining/maintaining to losing again is SO uncomfortable. stupid biology Gym things: Lifts--keep doing these. 10/14 Nothing today. I did litter last night and my lower back was like "oh hi, you needed me for something? I'm calling in sick" and I woke up feeling a little tugging there and I decided to wait a day on the squats. Clean things: elliptical today 15/31 I'm drowning. Work is a beast that basically vomits all over me all day and says "why are you so dirty"
  13. It was DELICIOUS and somehow still the worst food on the table, that place does shit right Man sometimes I can barely remember last Thursday. Must be some golden oldies in that group VERY. would not trade for anything Plus I forgot about the candy I had yesterday so it turned out to be more like 1250 instead. Whoopsidoodle
  14. Derry is our modern Irish hero saving us all from tiny flying rodents
  15. Yeah I gave up on it and decided to start discworld instead 8/16-19 yeah I've been neglecting things Food things: 8/16: Not too bad, still heavy on candy. Did have veggies and real meat and stuff, so that's good. 8/17: Started out ok, devolved as the day went on. Stress played a big role here. 8/18: Anniversary celebration, so I didn't follow any rules. Gas station burrito (haha), Korean goat stew and some kimchee, a beer, and a dinner of super rare filet mignon, brussels sprouts, fois gras mac & cheese, sauteed mushrooms, wine, champagne, chocolate cake and ice cream 8/19: Not very hungry, but I tried. Lox & bagel, the rest of the champagne, and a turkey sub for dinner. 1510,1399,3111,1062/1512 avg July 31 - 114.4 lbs August 14 - 112.8 lbs Gym things: Lifts--keep doing these. 10/14 Friday I did a 4x3 at 125 lbs on sumo deadlifts, these felt fine. Since I knew I wouldn't get time Sunday I did some close grip bench too, and some 95 lb high bar squats, and lat pulldowns. Clean things: elliptical Thursday & Friday, nothing Saturday, lots of cleaning today 14/31 It was something ELSE at work this past week. I'm up to my eyeballs in production bugs and the new gray hairs are real. I could use some real days off, and I kinda get one soon but I'll be secondary on call for it, so I'm doubting I'll get much of a break there. I spent a lot of today being a real casual gamer and digging in on My Time In Portia. It's super addictive.
  16. 8/14-15 I have no idea what this is, but it accurately reflects my everything tonight Food things: 8/14: Gas station breakfast burrito, thought of shaar while eating it, probably get another one tomorrow. Some rotisserie and veggies, WAY too much candy 8/15: gas station empanada what was not what I was expecting and yes I have a plan to stop gas stationing soon but it involves some being slightly less tired. Lunch was chips and sandwich. Way too much candy again. 1382, 1442/1443 avg July 31 - 114.4 lbs August 14 - 112.8 lbs I forgot to weigh in this morning like a lunatic so yesterday's will have to do. I feel like it's a fluke weight though because it was randomly a pound lower than the day before. It is probably still in the 113's or 114's. Gym things: Lifts--keep doing these. 9/14 Bench today did a 4x3 at 85 lbs, it was tough so I did not do the AMRAP this time. Some shoulder presses, band assisted dips, curls, flies weee Clean things: elliptical, elliptical 11/31 Was reading a relationship self help book that appears to boil down to "be in love" and "fake it til you make it, if you care enough anyway" Maybe not that simplistic, but... C# things: Thinking about how I want to measure this going forward. A class? A to-do? We'll get this figured. Here's the one I was gonna post yesterday
  17. He doesn't like to share his otherwise wasted fries and I don't understand, I feel like this is throwing away deep fried love
  18. Here is a heart <3 Also since you are enjoying some extra feelings pizza lately, here is a heart pizza
  19. 8/13 my relationship with Mondays Another hectic day behind me, and I forgot to refill my cat's meds D: Food things: Smoothie for bfast, sashimi for lunch with milk tea, a lenny & larry's which I swore I was giving up, then regretted, a tiny sugar snack, some nuts, and like 5 fries and 3 strawberries. Herculean effort of buying greasy burger & fries for my sick honey and not getting anything for myself (except the fries he ignored) Good: breakfast, lunch, not eating a burger or a huge amount of fries Bad: still breaking down and having fries, forgetting the anti-snack pledge, the lenny & larry's Going over limit by 171 1471/1448 avg July 31 - 114.4 lbs Gym things: Lifts--keep doing these. 8/14 4x3 Squats at 116 lbs some leg stuff. I skipped RDL due to some back soreness that I didn't wanna taunt, did lunges, landmine squats, and some leg extensions instead. back didn't bug me for the rest of the day. Clean things: elliptical 9/31 C# things: Thinking about how I want to measure this going forward. A class? A to-do? We'll get this figured. No song today because the sick honey is sleeping.
  20. I decided when I began my job that it'd be super clever to put on 10 lbs nbd I'm currently trying to put them back off~ so far I am going the incorrect direction but progress on the food front is slowly being made my takeaway is never bulk again I bulk too well by default to be that silly
  21. STRESS DREAMS ARE FUN YEP I mean why wait til you're at work to get stressed out? Why not just stress out right there in your own bed asleep? So convenient
  22. 8/9-12 the weekend like Friday was some birthday drinks and I discovered this delightful blue drink thing. It was like drinking the beach, but not really because that would be sandy and nasty, but instead the idea of the beach, in a glass. So nice. And I wasn't even that drunk but I wanted cheese fries and they weren't on the menu but I was HOOKED UP and that's big tip territory y'all. Then a weekend unmarred by plans, so lovely Food things: Friday summary: 1527, and we featured a turkey bacon & eggs bfast with toast, a half wrap for lunch, and dinner was drinks & cheese fries as you do Saturday: 1123, halo top, some frozen veggies and canned chicken why not, some sashimi and stuff (technically poke but it was just fish with fish dressing and some seaweed salad) and 2 beers Sunday: 1358, big bfast of feta & eggs & asparagus & tomato, and toast, lunch was the leftovers from the chicken & veggie thing, another beer, and some chicken noodle soup from a can Could do better. 1358/1446 avg July 31 - 114.4 lbs Getting close to a weigh in day and I do not have good news. Gym things: Lifts--keep doing these. 7/14 Sumo deadlifts Friday, a fairly easy 3x5 at 119 lbs. High bar squats became safety bar squats because it was all easy access so I went for that. a pull up double followed by some pull up singles, lat pull downs. OHP today, just another easy 3x5 (49 lbs) then some close grip bench at 60 lbs, rows, and some shoulder finishers. Clean things: Friday was a nope, Sat & Sun I cleaned things 8/31 C# things: Thinking about how I want to measure this going forward. A class? A to-do? We'll get this figured. Been listening to this one on repeat a bit:
  23. 8/8 Food things: Migas for breakfast, yayus! Then my appetite wonked out on me and I threw away my lunch, which meant I got hungry with no food except chips oops 1340/1488 avg July 31 - 114.4 lbs Gym things: Lifts--keep doing these. 5/14 Bench today, feeling very strong. was supposed to be a 3x5 at 81, but I was like pffft and did a 2x5 then a 1x8 instead. This is not a PR, but it matched a PR. Not only that, the PR was a top working set where the focus was the AMRAP, so this is still somewhat better than that, though not technically a PR. Clean things: No. I am tired. I might be fighting disease, I'm not 100% sure. I had some wacky vertigo yesterday and my face was unhappy today. 6/31 C# things: This might be too lofty a goal. It needs small pieces. <-- continue to work on this
  24. it's really well done! I think you'd like it. And if you haven't read her Uprooted yet, omgosh put that on your list too! He mentioned it again randomly today before I could even remember to ask so I assume he's stalking me now They enjoy doing this I think In his slight defense I was very much rambling because he was doing a weird deadpan stare thing that made me feel like i was an overly silly person (I am, really, but most people are ok with that and I'm ok with that not being everyone's cup o' tea) but still I continue to be weird and rambly when I'm feeling weird and nervous and I was. So. Perhaps he was judging me for being weird and nervous, not pooping with my phone as company? Or maybe that's his resting "I'm listening to a crazy person" face One time I lost the mail key and it was between a couple packages of meat in the fridge so right there with ya buddy
  25. 8/6-7 this week comin at me like Food things: 8/6 - A different gas station burrito, for which I'm pretty sure I got judged at work. No fucks. Lunch was BBQ stuff, not much health going on. Pretzels. Cookies. 8/7 - We done did better today. Eggs, toast, pineapples, strawberries, pita, hummus, chicken, fish, potatoes! Ok and yeah, some cheetohs. And one of those granola bars. 1414, 1308/1509 avg July 31 - 114.4 lbs Gym things: Lifts--keep doing these. 4/14 Rested Monday because there was some slight ick in the hip and the schedule allowed it, so I did squats today instead. 3x5 111 lbs, then some RDLs, landmine squats, and leg extensions, and 15 min walking Hulked out on a resistance band and it doesn't resist anything anymore Clean things: elliptical and still reading Spinning Silver (very good btw) 6/31 Fourth Mystery Goal: A coworker suggested I research a thing but I promptly forgot I'm too ashamed to re-ask Been feeling the idiot monster lately like so today I'm trying to say I did a thing on my phone without doing another thing anyway then I realize I'd left my phone in the bathroom and no one wants your bathroom phone even though everyone takes their phone into the bathroom I turned many shades of red/pink/purple/plaid I'm sure and the guy just looks at me like I'm the biggest moron NOT TOO FAR OFF BUDDY sorry about being gross bathroom phone girl why am I such a giant idiot
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