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  1. So it has been a looong while. Things have been going down like a whirlwind. I was in the last leg of my job, so i had to get those things finished up. There was some problems on the homefront that required some mental health proffesional help. Then there was excercising, therapy and finding a routine that works. But i am still here, my updates may be sporadic but i keep coming back In the weeks i was away i discovered that intermittent fasting is something i can keep going, which is surprising but seems to work I didnt meet my goals, but at least i found a diet and excercise regime that works for me
  2. Last post 8 days ago. Wow that went fast. The past 8 days have been a rollercoaster, a lot of stuff happening at work, very busy with aplications for a new job and just in general busy. I however owe all of you an update. Things went up and down. The 1st week of january my weight went up, in the past 2 weeks i managed to get it down again to almost 124 kilo's. I started a new regiment and that is working out! I feel good, sore but good. I kept up with my voice excercises and my walking so i am proud. Posting might take a while again, but i will be back
  3. Life update Today i had my first laser hair removal appointment to get rid of my facial hair. This is a personal victory as the beard is a thing that kept giving me big waves of dysphoria, so stoked to start with the facial hair removal. I also had an appointment with my therapist and we spoke about doing prep work for future surgeries. One of the topics that came up is my weight and BMI. before i can undergo any surgery i need to lose at least 40-50 kilo's and reach a BMI around the 25, thats 11 points lower than i have now. In about a year i could start getting surgeries and to be honest i don't want to wait any longer than necesary. So there is an immense pressure on me to lose weight, and i now the philosophy is slow and steady wins the race. But i feel a huge urge to start losing weight. I can use all the advice i can get. So please help me, what are steps i could take to climb this big mountain.
  4. I owe 3 updates here. On the sundag i did 20x3 incline push up, 20x3 wide squats and 35 seconds planks. I also added 2 KM to my distance target and did my excercises. On monday 04-01 i did 20x3 incline push up, 20x3 wide squats and 40 sec planks. I didnt add any distance. Today, 05-01 i did 20x3 incline push ups, 20x3 wide squats and 40 sec planks, i added 4km to the distance.
  5. Thank you, i needed to hear that. The trying is what god me through to today. I felt demotvated, but i did my excercises and afterwards i felt better. That is a good realization for me.
  6. Saturday 02-01-2020 Goal 1 20x3 incline push-ups 20x3 wide squats 40 secs plank Goal 2 I didnt add any distance to my distance goal Goal 3 I did my homework I didnt do annything on sunday because life got in the way. All in all i think this was a prety good week. I didnt hit everything, but i sure did try.
  7. Update 01-01-2021 Goal 1 18x3 incline push-ups 20x3 wide squats 35 secs plank Goal 2 I did a 14 kilometer bikeride So that is prety good Goal 3 I did my homeworks
  8. Update 31-12 Day 4 Goal 1 16 x 3 incline push ups 18 x3 wide squats 30 sec planks Goal 2 Nope Goal 3 Nope There is to much going on today, i have to prep for new years eve and put some work in my d&d livestream. SO i made sometime to do the excercise but unless things go faster than expected i have no time for the other 2 goals. An update might follow tomorow
  9. Update 30-12 day 3 Goal 1 No progress made their Goal 2 I added 2 more KM's Goal 3 No progress made It was a day where i was a bit down and had a hard time to motivate me. So i decided to take it down a notch and just go for the walking and give myself some rest. To accept i had a scummy day and let it be there, so i can move on from it the next day
  10. I am so happy to see the love my challenge is creating between Yeti, Sci and Tank! This is an aspect of nerdfitness that never ceizes to amaze me Keep on going strong everyone
  11. Thank you! Glad to have you here! Excited to have you here Thanks! It was a test yesterday, but i am back in
  12. Sad to hear your family has such an issue with who you are, luckilly you surrounded yourself with a good chosen family! If you ask me a chosen family can be more important anyway.
  13. Day 1 update Goal 1 3x18 wide squats 3x15 incline push ups 25secs of planking Goal 2 I went for a short patrol around my neighbourhood and actually helped a kitty! One of our neighbours has a cat that follows him everywhere and i found him near the grocery store loudly meowing, so i convinced him to follow me and led him home. THe neighbour was very thankfull. That patrol earned me 4kilometers Goal 3 Speechtherapy was done! nothin special to report The push ups hit hard today and i am definitly going to feel it tomorow
  14. yay! Happy to have you! The difference is huge, it is like their is a huge weight of my shoulder.
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