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  1. I have assembled all of you here because you all have the potential to be the legends of the day after tomorow. I need a team of heroes to help me save people, prevent crises and rescue the world. Starting off i will need some information about you guys. My name is Rab397, codename viking. My power is my ability to run and climb any obstacle. My weakness is my addiction to simple carbs and high calorie foods. As a hero i identify as a "mover" I am based in gmt+1 This group is themed loosely around a group of almost superheroes working together to become the heroes of the future. This group will have challenges where we have to complete a task together by doing a certain goal during the 4 week challenge. The goal is to motivate each other and keep each other accountable. I don't want this group to grow to big. I am aiming for a group of 6 others. It is usefull if we are around the same timezone this makes communication and motivating each other, this is not a requirement ofcourse. In order to join it would be fun to keep the roleplaying element in this. Write a short intro with your name, codename, power, weaknes and whatever else you find relevant. You can do this as extensive as you want!
  2. The Doodlies: Setting the World Alight

    Cool! then i will join you guys starting next week
  3. Obstacle Course Racing & Trail Running Addicts

    DO you guys still have room for a strongviking veteran?
  4. The Doodlies: Setting the World Alight

    SO do you guys still have room for me?
  5. What's everyone reading?

    Not really reading but more listening. At this point i am listening to the worm audiobook project. Supercool para human stuff
  6. Any other Scadians on here?

    I have no idea what scadian is but it does sound interesting tell me more?
  7. Rabs exploration

    Weekly, daily updates on losing weight would be unresponsible. To much stress on micro losses. Glad to have you aboard! Ill sent you a pm in the yakshead with some more info.
  8. Rabs exploration

    It is actually really simple. I need someone to keep me accountable for my progress. I have to sent an update on my weightloss, and show i made significant progress. For me this is a kilo per week. If i did this everything is fine, if i did not there is a motivator to boost the progress for next weeks measuring. This motivator is Adding half an hour of excercise on top of what i normaly do on a daily base. This is stackable though. For example i could do nothing on monday but that would mean i have to do the monday excercise on another day before the week is over. I would basicaly report in these extra excercise to you guys, if i do not report you guys buzz me about it.
  9. Rabs exploration

    This could work Would you guys be up for this? @deftona @Terah @Korranation And whoever is still active in the yakshead
  10. Rabs exploration

    I am gratefull for these reminders! Thank you
  11. Rabs exploration

    Last week in general It was a good week. Since my classes have ended till february i have some sparetime that i put into doing extra shifts at work. This wil result in some extra money to spend next month. Besides that not much noteworthy has happened. Go vegetarian Still going strong on this one! Reporting results Still no reporting and i didn't lose weight. I think this has to do with a fear of being judged. I should work with this, step over this boundary. Managing the budget This one actually went really well, i only went to the stores 2 times this week. SO win on this one!
  12. Rabs exploration

    Past attempts to challenges in NerdFitness led to dissapointment and failure on my side. This was due to having no time because of a grueling internship, my work, my study and excercising. I simply had no time to get on here and check in every day. Since my last challenge i passed my internship which frees up a lot of time! After some thinking i realised that NerdFitness is brought me a lot of great things and that i find it a waste that i didn't show up annymore. New year, new challenge, new me. So starting this new year i will get back to NerdFitness. In order for this to be succesfull i will need week write ups, clear goals and some community interaction. Goals 1st january to 4th february These are related to my general health, challeges i set for myself or community interaction. Go vegetarian For this challenge i will go vegetarian for a month. In order to experience vegetarianism but also to force myself to eat more veggies and fruits. Reporting results One of my big issues is accountability. I tried to counter this in the past challenge, this worked for a while but after that it faded. Starting january first i will pickup on the accountability aspect again by sending weekly weight updates to a friend. Since there is a health issue with my weight i set a prety steep goal of 1 kilo per week. If i do not hit this goal i will have to do extra excercise the folowing week in the form of half an hour a day walks on top of my regiment. Managing the budget One of my biggest issues is that i go to the shops to often and pick up to many shit. In order to counter this i am allowed to go to the shops twice a week. No more. If i miss something, well that is shit for me. Diary In order to stay engaged to the commmunity i will have to write weekly progress reports on my thread. I hope some of you will stick around!
  13. Since this lead to quite some hilarious responses on my facebook feed i am going to do the same here. POST A GIF DEPICTING YOUR PROFFESION