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  1. Batman Arkham Origins, just finished the main story now working on all of the side stuff only 45%. Also just got back into WOW a bit. Have GTA 5 and Resident Evil 6 waiting.
  2. If you don't mind me asking, which tang soo do organization does your school belong to? I ask because Tang Soo Do is my art and it is always good to me new students. If you are a brand new student, by February you will have a good three months worth of training in and while nothing beats training with an instructor who can help you alogn your path there are a couple of things that you can probably do. As was already said, anything generally fitness related that you do will always help. More specifically at you level, the things i would say to also focus on would be stretching and flexi
  3. Hapkido is in alot of ways is Aikido with korean kicking added. The founder of Hapkido studied Aikido in japan before returning to Korea. So if Aikido is interesting to you go for it. They will be alot of rolling and falling on your part as a beginner. Wrist locks, arm bars, throws, and takedowns will be alot of what is done for the Aikido part, then there will be alot of Korean style kicking.
  4. I have to agree that FF7 was an amazing game, I was using the KotR as an example of over use of graphics to inflate game time. Probably a better example would be something from the PS2 generation where it really took off, in games such as MSG2 and others with lots of cinematics. Not trying to sounds like a grumpy old man about modern games lol.
  5. Lol, I was joking about the retro vs classic thing, it really sad though that people anything prior to playstation 2 "classic". Personally the original playstation is really the transition point. For me it sadly marked the rise of graphics which in my opinion ended up cause bloated game play times while reducing actual game play, final fantasy 7 with the auto double summon of knights of the round, you could basically run a 5k in the time it took. Zelda 2 was a good game, it sadly suffered from the fact that the original was amazingly popular, in fact i still have an original gold cart, but
  6. I believe the politically correct term instead of retro gaming is classic gaming, lol. Does having snes, nes, genesis, and gba emulators on my droid count? Old school RPGs such as dragon warrior, final fantasy, chrono trigger, lufia, phantasy star, shining force, and zelda consumed many an hour in the day. That style of game is by far may favorite and also one of the reasons that i love working on stuff with RPG Maker and playing some of those games. It just brings me back to then.
  7. Not sure if anyone here has seen this yet but if you haven't you need to check this out. www.youtube.com/user/EnterTheDojoShow‎This series is brilliant and amazingly accurate for a number of people in the martial arts world, I'm sure some of us here have run into someone that Master ken will remind you of. All of the actors have some martial arts training and it is just plain funny.
  8. The New England Region of the World Tang Soo Do Association is hosting our second annual 5k run and 2 mile walk. This is a fund raise for a scholarship fund to help students achieve their higher education goals, since mental growth is just as important in the martial arts as physical. Last year was a fun event and this year looks to be as well. The race starts and end in Mixville park in Cheshire Ct. That atmosphere is very friendly and informal, the emphasis for the event is fun and completing personal challenges. I will be out there this year looking to beat my time of last year. If y
  9. I'm not from NYC myself, but a friend of mine helps run a small school in NYC. The school is located at 440 Lafayette Street New York City. Its a very small school, i dont believe that they teach kids so you wouldnt have to worry about being in a room full of ten year olds. The instructors are very good. Here is a link to there website. http://www.nyctsd.com/
  10. I believe that Chloe Bruce has a video on youtube explain how she does it so that may be a place to start. If you can do splits with easy I would suggest start practicing kicking very slowly with a hold at the end of your kick. Its good strength and balance work. Start with the kicks low and maintain perfect form and slowly work on height. During this maintain all your stretching and flexibility. Those are my only ideas.
  11. For the plantar fascitis you can look up on the internet tennis ball therapy for it, involves putting a tennis ball under your foot and rolling / messaging it withe tennis ball. Also the are shoe inserts and taping methods that can provide support for it. For the back, there are many different types of back injuries that can occur, a common one from lifting involves the hip flexors pulling/ twisting the hips that then puts the back out of alignment. A kneeing hip flexor stretch and a hampstring stretch can help but seeing a chiropractor or other medical person should probably be a first st
  12. I wont find the results for a couple of week but I am pretty certain i passed. It is for fourth degree master, in tang soo do, specifically World Tang Soo Do Association. One of the most impressive thinks was watching the sixth degree senior masters testing for seventh degree, I was one of the attackers for self defense on them and it was humbling what they were doing to all of us, it really give a knew goal to aim for.
  13. During the martial arts clinic i attended this past weekend, i got told i was testing for my forth degree masters belt that night. i pushed it and left it all on the floor, got to see some amazing senior masters testing for higher rank and got a couple of complients from the examining panel on my performance after the test.
  14. I ran, really jogged and walked, a charity 5k on sunday and finished in 40 minutes. I was happy since i gave myself a goal of 45 minutes and i didnt do any prep work to prepare for it. Also did a king of the mountain run up a ski slope about ten minutes after the 5k finish. Since this charity event is going to be annual, i need to start actually preparing for it.
  15. Ulsted has som great points there, really just go and find a place/style you like. Your own enjoyment will make it much easier and will help your growth as a person and as a martial artist.
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