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  1. Not being a dumbass is always a good plan. I, too, need to remind myself of this sometimes, probably more often than I do. (Not about exercise, though.)
  2. Man, it's been way too long since I spent much time sitting at my desktop and there's so much stuff in this thread that I saw when it was first posted and haven't gotten around to commenting on yet. I've been mulling over some sort of tracking endeavor myself, but mulling is not at all productive; I need to do it or not do it. (Also it would help a lot to have someone who wants to geek out about such things together and then hear how I'm doing, and it's not as if I don't know people who might be up for that.) This Precision Nutrition stuff looks very interesting! The tw
  3. As a former professional cat-petter, I am up to the task!
  4. If only I knew where to find my own breakfast-buying cheerleader! I would get out of bed with more enthusiasm for either the promise of tasty protein-heavy breakfast food I didn't have to cook OR the promise of a low-key social outing, and that's before someone else buying the tasty food even entered the picture. (Can we recruit him for our monastery? Clearly we're going to need a morning person to drag us out of bed for Auge or Anatolia.) If you discover the secret of getting to bed earlier, please share; if it works for your brain, it might work for mine, and I've got nothing. (W
  5. I do like hiking, as long as it's not super hot out. Once my schedule is a little more settled we should plan something. (Next week is a total zoo for me and I have no idea yet what I'm doing the week after (or any of the weeks after) other than keeping up with my usual weekly stuff and working 22.5 hours in some mostly unknown configuration.) It really is easier when someone else is doing the cooking. I hate having to feed myself all the time. Is Gina still camping out? How about Riley (Rilee?)? (She reminded me a little of my ex-spouse, not in a bad way.) I'm sure I w
  6. The master bedroom being done is very exciting indeed! Yay house progress! As an easily-overwhelmed person, I cheer on your scaling back and refocusing. Those sound like good goals for today. Also, once I get myself properly vehicled, we should hang out more (assuming you want to and have time, but I want to!), and I am totally down for helping with the eat-some-veggies thing, because I love me some veggies, raw or cooked. (Or for maybe providing a less-hardcore fitness buddy sometimes, because I am often better at getting stuff done when I have company in general, and when it come
  7. See, I would love to have a casual gym buddy, because social activity might actually motivate me to exercise, but I'm 25m away with no vehicle, boo. (Ughh, ab day.)
  8. There are all sorts of wrist or ankle weights that might work for the idea of attaching more weight to your 20lb kettlebell. (Which reminds me that I should see about digging my ankle weights back out of wherever they've crawled off to and see if they'll help with my poor sleep lately.)
  9. I'm kind of the same about actual roleplaying in person. I've been doing text-based roleplaying online for over 20 years, and I can get REALLY deep into character for that (some of my characters have basically been tulpas, some of whom have persisted (some of whom STILL persist) long after I have ceased to actually do anything with them), but even with my partner (with whom I've been RPing in text for over a decade) I never get particularly deep in character face-to-face. I don't really do improv. I still enjoy tabletop, though; it's just a very different experience than the written roleplay.
  10. I am so there with you on the unintentional vegetarianism and the living on low-effort carbs if left to my own devices. And unfortunately also on the 'my life would be so much better if I could get in bed by 10 or at the very least 11 but everything, especially me, is conspiring against me'. Particularly since I actually DO have a set wake time M-F.
  11. I use a US$2.50ish graph paper composition book from an office supply chain for my vaguely bujo-style planner. I personally prefer 1/5" grid but 1/4" seems to be more common; if you have a preference then be sure to check on whether a given graph paper item is 4 or 5 squares per inch.
  12. I fail at commenting, but I am glad that you were able to identity the long-term progress underlying the fits and starts of the individual challenges. That's one of the things that I struggle with too.
  13. Ugh, trying to figure out wonky sleep is the WORST. Mine's been kind of crappy lately (leading to napping, leading to more crappy sleep habits), but part of that is inability to fix sleep hygiene issues and part of that is self-discipline and part of that is my circadian rhythm not lining up well with my current schedule. (Sleep hygiene is, sadly, a real thing -- sadly because I'm pretty stuck much stuck at present with having 'space that I DO STUFF in!' include not only my bedroom but my bed, and I've had the luxury of separating them before and it really does help. Likewise eliminating light
  14. Ooh, blog! *finds* *adds to Feedly* I think I'm gonna take this month off, because the last couple of challenges have led to pretty meh results, but I'll still be poking my head in from time to time. I probably have no convention tips that you're not already aware of; my main rule has always been that, of sleep, food, and water, if I skimped on any one of them, I couldn't skimp on the other two.
  15. It sounded good once you did find the key, though! If at least one of us still remembers next time I see you, I'll give you a gold star. <3
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