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  1. Hey, I'm at work so this will be short, but we are here for support! Seems like you have an established fitness routine. With yoga, I found some free YouTube videos that were decent, think they were the "30 days of yoga" or something like that. I usually do whole body strength routines for about 1 hour 2x a week, but I focus on compound body weight exercises. I also do HIIT, and if your having difficulty doing it on the treadmill, I found starting it on the elliptical had helped me, I recently went to start doing it on the treadmill and I noticed the difference. As far as diet goes, I've f
  2. Welcome to the rebellion! You have taken the first step in preparing in your mind the desire to change. There are plenty of resources for motivation, and communities to help you out. Remember, the beginning is always the hardest, so don't get discouraged early on. Small, sustainable changes are what worked best for me, if I tried to take too much on at once it made everything difficult. Good luck! Sent from my XT1080 using Tapatalk
  3. Well, as far as scheduling goes, mine can fluctuate as well, abeit not as much as yours. For me, I usually get off work, eat a meal (usually dinner), let it digest for 30min, and then workout. Don't feel you need to conform to typical workout times, I'm often starting a workout at 8pm. If course if working out affects your sleep, you will have to adjust. I enjoy bodyweight exercises, especially since most of these can be done outside a gym, thus you can get a workout in at home or outside your house. As far as what exercise to do between the two you mentioned, I would choose which one soun
  4. Hello Everyone, I have been a reader of this website for about 7 months, and since it helped me when I was starting out in my weight loss mission, I thought I would share my story (not to be confused with the title of a Scrubs episode). My background: I always was a bigger in high school, but I managed to get healthier in college when I joined a sports club. At my best, I was 160 pounds but had little strength. My height is 5'10. As college went on, I eventually left the club and gained weight slowly for 5 years, until I ended up 250 pounds and was completely out of shape. I struggle
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