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  1. Ok so got a serious case of DOMS in my quads from workout Sunday. Did light cycle yesterday then did second body weight workout this morning. I thought exercising again was supposed to help but it's even worse now. Legs are shaking can barely walk. Eating high protein paleo. Anything I can do to get over this ASAP? Figured I'd do another light walk or cycle this evening and tomorrow and another body weight workout Thursday. Should I continue or take an extra rest day? Anything I can do to ease the pain in the meantime? Thanks x
  2. That is just ridiculous. If anything it reduces the risk as a stronger pelvic floor resulting from lifting is what holds everything together down there. Nod and smile.
  3. I'm a student midwife, doula and former med student and I can assure you the uterus stretching stuff is complete BS. I've had many patients and clients lift pre and during pregnancy (with minor adjustments to compensate for the growing belly obviously) with no issues at all, if anything they handled labour much better than less fit counterparts! I would second the advice re: tracking your cycle. I'd recommend reading Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler (http://amzn.to/1Xvy3Nk) - it's one of those books I believe all women need to read and understand. Should be handed out when we turn 18 or something! Will definitely help you get a firm grasp of what is going on in your body and how you can influence it. Best of luck with your journey! X
  4. Have you considered mindfulness? I was a terrible sleeper until it became a part of my life. I was a total skeptic too had to take a corse for a certification I was doing an thought it was BS until about a month in I realised how much I had changed. I was sleeping, I was more patient with the kids, more patient with myself, happier, had more willpower etc. It's now a big part of my life and if I miss a few days I can feel the stress rising, I start to sleep badly again and I'm just not as nice a person. The kids notice before I do. If you have that commute on public transport it would be easy to incorporate there. The headspace app is a good way to start with just ten mins a day. Cannot recommend it enough, quite literally life changing for me. Might be worth a try?
  5. This is brilliant! Going to try this today. Lunges are the bane of my existence since breaking my leg last year. They're fine on my good side but on y bad side I am so wobbly and almost fall over every time!
  6. I quit in August this year after 20+ years. I had tried hundreds of times but what actually worked was what everyone says not to do, quit during a huge life change. I returned to university as a mature student to train as a midwife (midlife crisis?) and with childcare and tuition fees when I did out my budget I didn't have a penny for smokes. I bought an e-cig and vaped when I needed a hit but after a week or two I didn't need it anymore. I've been so busy compared to my old life and it's kept me distracted enough to not need to smoke. I hadn't been a heavy smoker at the end, half a pack tops outside when kids were busy or asleep but it was my sole crutch. The only time I've had proper cravings has been on days off when I've returned to my old routine. I swear the change in routine is what's made the difference this time. My husband quit at the same time and he now vapes more than he ever smokes including in bed which does my head in but at least it's not cigarettes. Also mindset. I think Steve talks about it in a recent blogpost. Instead of saying I can't eat ice cream you say I don't eat ice cream. I do the same with smoking. I don't smoke. Not I am a former smoker or I used to smoke or I try not to smoke but I choose not to smoke. I don't smoke. Makes a difference! Best of luck, it's not easy but worth it. I also quit drinking in April, another big change for an irish person but by just saying I don't drink instead of I can't drink, it's been easily doable. I feel so much better! Now to sort this diet out!
  7. Hi everyone, Got started this morning after lurking around for a year or so. Broke my leg playing roller derby last year and have been a slob since. Still having trouble with the leg, won't be able to ever skate again, but sick of feeling like a slob. Did the beginner body weight workout this morning, stuff I would have found ridiculously easy back when I was skating had me out of breath in no time. Scary how quickly you lose fitness. So I'm hoping to lose 50lb and generally get fit again. High impact sports are not an option anymore, but hoping I can get strong and build up a good level of fitness and get back hiking at least. I live in a beautiful part of Ireland and my hubby loves hiking so hopefully once I build up stamina I can join him again on some of the more strenuous hikes. Diet wise I'll be doing mostly paleo, I'm familiar with it and have done it before with good results. I don't eat too much meat though, so that will be a bit of a challenge but I'll get there. I'm an avid cook so enjoy the challenge there although with full time university and clinical practice (I'm a student midwife) it can get difficult to find the time, but no more excuses. Look forward to chatting with and learning from you all! Deb
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