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  1. I keep re-phrasing my response to this because I don't want to let this toxic thing just sit here, uncontested. But I just keep coming back to this: You should be ashamed of yourself.
  2. Thanks for clearing that up. Of course mistakes happen, it was just weird after the big long discussion to see the results come up like that, and because I don't remember anyone explicitly saying the lifts wouldn't count (except spezzy saying she was happy to drop out), it didn't come across as an obvious mistake.
  3. It's a problem I find with many of these algorithms, they think "hey, if you liked this obscure song, just think how much you'll like this SUPER POPULAR ONE." Also, Spotify is trying to force me to listen to Ed Sheeran - IT'S NOT GONNA WORK, SPOTIFY!!!
  4. Haha, not unless you need more stress at your meet ;-)
  5. a) Don't bomb. b ) Why choose?? One each ;-)
  6. Huh, thought spezzy dropped out because she didn't use IPF rulez on binch? Or am I imagining things?
  7. Hey, thanks for reminding me that I'm supposed to be doing a challenge Kind of fell into a hole after the competition, but in a good way. Skipped two training sessions but then went for a 5k walk on the Saturday, followed by training (paused squats and safety bar squats, because our coach told us to "play" and that sounded like fun at the time). I hadn't been as sore in a good long while! We asked our coach to give us a programme, he said to just keep things ticking over for a few weeks and I get that, but I don't know how to do it! After the last competition, I felt like we fell off a cliff because we were so motivated but didn't know what to do. The "good" news is that he's given in (or is just getting back at us, either way!!!) and wrote a little programme that's basically volume with a side of volume, followed by some volume. As in, 5 sets of 7 for EVERYTHING . Ahhhhh! But at least I know what I'm supposed to do. Walking: Haven't done my mid-week sessions formally, but according to my fitbit I'm walking loads so I'm okay with that. Did 5k last week, aiming for about 5 miles this weekend. If I'm going to Nordic walk the half, I'm going to have to figure out how to get a little faster, because there is a cut-off time... Foods: Using the InstaPot quite regularly! Have made beef rib again, it's sooooo delicious! And cooks in about 30 mins, I'm in love. Still haven't figured out how to make pasta dishes work, I can't get the liquids right. I mean, it all tastes great, but I'd like to be able to control it more. One big success was this: Cooked the beef rib, saved the juices. Cooked chicken breast in the juices, THEN the pasta which absorbs all the tasty. Nomnomnomnomnom!!!
  8. Eyo, not sure why I'm not following dis?? Anyway, doing it now!
  9. I think it's perfectly valid to express emotion. The point has been made many times before. I've personally tried super friendly before (for me!). The tone does not invalidate my point (learning opportunity: tone policing and why it can be harmful). Thank you very much for taking the criticism on board and making adjustments so this is more accessible to all members of the forum. Much appreciated. On mobile so opting for brevity. Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk
  10. Another challenge that clearly disadvantages female participants. Really not sure why this keeps happening. No need to list the reasons again, I know everyone is a volunteer and equality takes time and effort - but why not at least do it by body weight? Simples. I won't be participating in this because I think it's unfair. Best of luck to all our make expert lifters, though, well done. Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk
  11. Right, comp is done. This is how it went: Squat 145, 157.5, 165 Bench 65, 67.5, 70 Deadlift 155, 165, 170 My coach suggested going straight to 160 on squat and straight to 170 on deadlift (2nd attempts), but I wasn't confident enough to do that on squat, and then for deadlifts I was fixated on a 400kg total so went with 165. In retrospect I should have opened higher on squats and not wasted energy on 157, because that really wasn't high enough to get me the total I wanted anyway. Ahhhh well. Pleased I got those squats in. Next comp is at the end of May so there is some time to get work done. I definitely feel like my squats are improving, I still tend to fall forward a bit when it gets heavy, but this time I wasn't anywhere near decapitating myself!! Progress. We're going to work on that, apparently. Bench felt better too, the pauses etc. felt pretty epic, but then I guess they always do. Initially I thought I got away with something in the deadlift, didn't feel entirely locked out, but looking at the video it seems fine. Taking one day off from training this week and will use that extra time to get started on my walking / running schedule. The weather has been nice (ish - it's still England, so...) and I'm keen to get outside and catch some rays. Food: It's been eaten Didn't want to track yesterday and I was at the gym all day today handling the scoresheet, then went out afterwards both days and just enjoyed some nice food. Instapot still getting a lot of use, made some leg of lamb (it was too big so had to inexpertly remove some of the bones - quite the massacre!) that went down really well with my better half, while I still enjoy making whole chickens.
  12. Fairly sure that was after she'd said she was moving up. Amazing lifter.
  13. She competed as a 57 in Iceland recently, took the deadlift record I think. Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk
  14. Competition done and dusted! It was under British Powerlifting, so IPF rules were applied. Squat: 145, 157.5, 165 Bench: 65, 67.5, 70 Deadlift: 155, 165, 170 (center reffing by Joy Nnamani!!) Very pleased with this, especially squats.
  15. About the competition... My advice would be not to worry about the weights you lift, or your Wilks. Competing is a separate skill, your first comp is unlikely to be the one that defines your career as a lifter. It's more about getting it out of the way, starting to develop a competition strategy (attempt selection, but also developing your mental approach), learning how to fuel yourself, forgetting to be embarrassed in your singlet and all that. In that sense, an "unofficial" competition like that is ideal, really, because (I'm assuming! Could be wrong!) it's not an IPF competition (I'm sure there are other feds but I'm not sure I care ;-) ), so there won't be a record of it in any national results - another reason not to worry about the actual performance. Just a thought, though!
  16. Quick update: 1) Heart pumping: Have not done any deliberate walking, but my bike is out of commission so I've been walking to and from the station etc., which adds up to wayyyyy more walking than I'd like. 2) Feet thumping: Having a difficult time not checking the numbers, but I don't think I'm obsessing over it. In part because I think my scale may have arrived broken (Sort of a crunching noise in the glass when I step on it? Not sure it's normal, investigating with FitBit.), so the weird movements don't bother me. It does seem to be all over the place. Scales seem like a reasonably simple technology, I'm not sure why it seems so difficult to get an accurate one. There also seems to be no way of calibrating this one at home, which is a bummer given the price. Another thing I'm investigating. 3) Stop mumping: I'm really enjoying the insta pot. Getting my timing for eggs down. Rib of beef was a real winner here. Brisket was a bit dry, need to work on that. Can find and post the recipes I used if there is interest, although I usually don't have all the ingredients and don't enjoy weighing ingredients, so tend to "innovate" a bit. I'm sure the actual recipes are better! Did openers today, squat was a breeze which is nice, but after a really really (I mean, REALLY) excellent session last week, my bench seems to have gone on holiday. Nothing I can do about it now, will spend the rest of the week mobilising and eating carbs and hope for the best. If I'm lucky, it'll be back to being excellent on Saturday. Not complaining really, it is what it is, but I wish it weren't so variable. After the comp, we're going to do more "stuff" to fix my squat (falling forward when the weight is heavy), not sure exactly what but apparently something! I am liking the fact that I have my two next comps (All England, British) lined up, and they're spaced out nicely so there's time to make some progress.
  17. It's been amazing so far. I'm especially excited about cooking chicken breasts from frozen in like 20 mins!
  18. I don't like to brag, but I did say you'd do it easily Good luck tomorrow x
  19. Alles Gute fuer deinen Deutschtest am Samstag! Wir druecken dir die Daumen.
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