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  1. Nice training session yesterday. I was worried initially about the weights, seemed like a lot. But, all doable. Have also discovered that my squat shoes have magical powers: I put them on, and people start offering me the rack! Grip continues to be my weakest link. I'm worried about imbalances developing as a result of using mixed grip for all my heavy sets, but double overhand just doesn't work for me there. Something to work on for sure. Doing okay on the breakfast challenge, but have decided to leave the decluttering for the moment. It'll be easier once I know if / where we are moving. Onwards & upwards!
  2. Things have been super crazy, had to go to a funeral on short notice (not someone particularly close to me, but close to people I'm close to) and it was immensely stressful. So I haven't tracked really, but reckon I did okay on the protein front (let's not talk about what happened with the carbs, shall we). Took an early flight on Sunday to get back for training. We're on a 6-week competition prep programme now, I'm excited about that. Upper body session yesterday: Our sessions are short and sweet at the moment, really enjoying it. I'm fretting a bit because sign-up for the competition in February starts this Saturday, but club lifters get dibs on places. Hope here will be one left for me!
  3. Thank you! I'll check out yours as well. Good luck!
  4. Thank you for posting these! I didn't even attempt the bear (my excuse being that I've never done a power clean, but I probably could have worked around that...), so will be giving this a go.
  5. So I did make it to the gym on Sunday - and promptly dropped a 5kg plate on my big toe. Like a BOSS!!! I don't recommend it. But after howling for a minute or three, I decided it probably wasn't broken, and big toes aren't really involved in squats anyway...much. Main workout was 5x5 @90, felt pretty easy and I was happy with my form. Have had problems with my upper body collapsing at heavy weights, so am focussing on keeping upright at the moment. Some accessory stuff, mostly back and shoulders as they are my weak points. My training is still a bit haphazard, but hopefully that'll end this week because we should get a new plan through. I much prefer someone telling me what to do! Plan for today is to hit the gym and do some deadlifts, with some light RDLs for warm-up. The quest for engaged hamstrings continues! Must find some gifs I think, way behind on that front!
  6. Hi, I've been stalking this topic a little because I'm also a lifter! Anyway, thought I'd chime in on the keto stuff. There is a good sub-reddit (/r/keto, it's one of the friendlier parts of reddit!), they have good resources and you can ask any questions you may have there. Keto in a nutshell: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1gZfJejOM8fJsX1iCilmnpp1qmT_KncJwWCR4-EsaEHc/edit?pli=1 And their FAQ: https://www.reddit.com/r/keto/wiki/faq If you are interested in the science of it, there is /r/ketoscience. And if you're REALLY interested, I recommend "Principia Ketogenetica" by A. Simmons (who is also on reddit). It's a brief summary of reasonably current research on ketogenetic diets, by topic. BTW, the colour of the keto strips doesn't indicate how far you are into ketosis (which is more of a binary thing), it's about the concentration of ketones in the urine, so a darker colour could mean you are dehydrated. I'm not sure I like that I know this about pee! Anyhow, good luck with everything! I will continue to read about your journey with great interest.
  7. I started lifting in March 2015, once a week at that point. Then I joined a team and started training three times a week, I think that was in August. My first competition was in November. Fairly new to this still, and learned lots but I'm not sure I'm at the point where I can reflect on it with a long-term view. A few things, though: - I need more experience, just lifting more. At the moment, I still sometimes underestimate my strength and bail on a lift when I don't need to. - Lifting, and especially competing, is as much about mental strength as it is about physical strength. I missed my first two squats at my competition because I got very nervous. - I do much better with a plan. So I'm going to lift more! My big goal is nationals in September. In the run-up to that, I'd like to do (at least) two more competitions, to get more comfortable. I'm also going to work on the mental side of things. In part, that'll be about picking my starting weights more carefully. To be able to start lower, I'll need to work on taking bigger jumps in weight. Not sure if it's super helpful to set performance goals, but in the short term I'd like to get to a Wilks of 300 (I read somewhere on the internets that 300=strong!). I'd need to put 40kgs on my last competition total, which should be achievable in the near future. Letter of intent: I'm going to train consistently, on average at least 3 times per week (recovery weeks are okay if needed). I'm going to compete in February in my current weight class, and again in July (with a view to moving down a weight class for that competition). Then nationals in September. (I'll set targets for that closer to the time.)
  8. Heyyyyyyyy right back at ya! So exciting.
  9. So turns out I'm terrible at challenges! I went to a conference for work on short notice, and things fell apart a little bit, no proper training session at all this week. But this will change today!! Just putting together a session, then I'm off to the gym. Did stick with the breakfast thing, and using a generous definition of the word "vegetable", I probably did that as well. The KonMari however is another story, there hasn't been time. It also looks like our plans may just have changed and our move is pushed back, so that I'm not 100% sure now I want to throw away most of my clothing just yet, as they won't get replaced before the move. I'm also noticing that I do much better when I have a training programme to follow, and at the moment I don't. Instead of deciding on the day what I'm going to do, I'll sit down and make a plan for next week. This week: - Protein: 6 (I missed one breakfast completely.) - Vegetables: 13 (Had a protein waffle for dinner one night...) - Training: 0, increasing to 1 today (!!!) - KonMari: Epic fail.
  10. Hi, thought I'd add this here, hope that's okay! Dates for the whole competition: Sept 17&18 2016Name of the competition: British Classic WomenSport (duh): Powerlifting!Location: HorncastleWebsite: http://www.gbpf.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/2016-Calendar.pdf(This may not be the best one...) Any other relevant details (i.e. streaming): Last year's was streamed by Threewhites.I'll be doing this, provided GBPF don't go changing the QTs again ;-)
  11. I've finally managed to get here in time for a challenge start! It's great timing, too, as I have my second ever powerlifting competition at the end of February and I want to give it my best shot. So here are my goals!!! Nutrition / fitness: 1: Protein-rich breakfast at least 23 times over the 4 weeks. 2: Lunch and dinner to include vegetables at least 23 times = 46 meals. (Have been really struggling with veggies lately, I don't know why!) 3: Strength training on average 3x per week. With the stipulation that I'll push myself beyond what I think I can do at least 1/3, as I tend to play it a bit safe. Life level up: I am likely moving within the next months or two, so my quest here will be to KonMari the c*ap out of my stuff! The goal for this quest is to do: Clothes (have started on these but need another round) - week 1Books - week 2Attic - weeks 3 & 4Looking forward to exploring the forums a bit more, good luck everyone!
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