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  1. So you're happy with the SBD one? I kind of think I might just go with that as well! Or maybe the black and white one? Or a (more subtle) Titan one? Ahhhh.
  2. Starting to feel a bit better, so here's a boring update: 1) Lift a horse: Training on Tuesday went surprisingly well, but afterwards I was completely knackered. I skipped the session yesterday and will be back at it tomorrow - fingers crossed. Deadlifts are da bomb at the moment, it's so funny how the lifts take turn in sucking! It's not usually my squat that sucks, though. Ah well. 2) Eat like a horse: Food is no fun when you can't taste it. My macro tracking has been a bit off because I haven't been organised, but it's still in the ballpark. Calories have been quite low for a few days now, but I don't think that's what's making me tired so it's fine. Also realising that I still haven't bought a new singlet, and I'm competing in a few weeks! Decisions, decisions. What do people think about this pink Titan one, too much??
  3. Officially giving up on this mini, in case anyone was wondering Still have the lurgy, can't taste anything so can't be bothered cooking. But following to pick up a few recipes for tastier times.
  4. And I mean that as in, the people who aren't able to convert are judging. To be clear. As Obama would say. #fullcircle
  5. Another group of people to add to the list of "don't think their opinion matters much": People who judge other people because they can't convert standard units. IMHO!!!! (!)
  6. Further increases the probability that we're living in a simulation, imo.
  7. Yes, makes sense :-) I meant it more generally, lifts not improving at the rate one might like them to (i.e., the eternal problem for all of us!!!).
  8. Hope not, according to the video above, they couldn't handle it!!! Tiny bit better, but still feeling sorry for myself. Week 2 done I guess??? Training - had to skip my Saturday session because plague. Booh. Food - all tracked, on track, all good. Boom. Very quiet boom.
  9. Mental game question: What's a good thing to say / hear when your lifts aren't going your way? What have you found helpful? I'm finding it difficult to find a balance between cheering someone on and putting the pressure of expectation on them.
  10. Aaaaaaaaand I've got the plague. Started to feel it coming yesterday so took all the things (Vit C, aspirin, NightNurse, I was pretty full heading to bed...), but alas, here we are. Ticks me off because it's a proper fever and if it was someone else, I'd tell them to get better first and NOT go to the gym to do a tough SBD session and spread their germs around. There is also a party tomorrow night that I really want to go to (which is rare for me), so rest and fluids it is, but I'm just so annoyed. I bet horses don't get the plague.
  11. Reminds me of the one where Buffy says "I made cereal." Xander: "How exactly do you make cereal?". Buffy: "You put the box near the milk." I'm in, if late, will get some ingredients later. This week, my breakfasts have been leftovers and crumpets, could do with a change.
  12. Ah, okay. No idea in that case, I have Strength Shop ones which are cheap and fine (not great), my gym has Eleiko and some other brands that I can check, but they'll probably be quite pricey. It's worth looking for the margin of error on the calibration as well, if that's available.
  13. I've got a set that has 0.125kg, 0.25kg and 0.5kg. I would have added 1kgs as well, just to be covered for all increments, but then joined a gym that has an Oly section and they have EVERYTHING, including even smaller increments.
  14. Funny how I usually do best with my challenges during zero week! 1) Lift a horse We're FINALLY back on a programme for comp prep at the gym. I really like having a concrete goal - plus we get to ramp up the weights, I'm so over volume volume volume! Still doing stuff at 4 reps, which I guess is kind of volume, but at least it's not 8. New exercise (for me): Deficit deadlifts. Really pleased with those, they're flying up, but then I think my problem is lock-out, not off the floor. Speaking of lock-out, got a positive remark that my shoulders aren't rolling forward as much as they used to on deadlifts, which is something I've been working on. Lots of shoulder mobility, back "stuff", stretching, but also just letting the bar pull down my shoulders and traps instead of trying to shrug up the weight. And I try to finish off with a little trick from one of the top UK lifters: chin down at the top of the lift makes it look like your shoulders are further back than they are Like so: Minus the foot. 2) Eat like a horse First week of the nutrition plan done. In the end, I actually found it easy to more or less stick to the macro ratios so went with it. Once you get the hang of it (and find the foods you normally eat), MFP is quite useful, I'll admit it. Got feedback on my log and my calories are staying the same because my weight went down. Part of me is happy because yay, calories, but part of me is skeptical because I"m actually finding myself swapping IN stuff like crumpets with Nutella (see above) to get to my calorie goal. And veggies are the first to go out the window when I'm slightly over my goal. Not sure this is the best habit to get into. But we'll see.
  15. To the point where our coach is now looking at ways to limit the number of friends people can bring to meets he hosts because he finds it a bit OTT
  16. From my experience, people won't care about either. If anything, they'll see that you're giving it your best shot and cheer you on even more Doesn't matter how much you lift, only matters that you lift!!!
  17. I think the singlet is so they can judge your lifts properly, so it does make sense to me. I don't know about Germany, but there is a facebook group called "Powerlifting Kit for Sale UK" where people sell their used PL gear - might be worth asking there, maybe you can snap one up? If you know what size you're likely to need I can also ask around my gym to see if you can borrow one for the meet? But I think you'll get hooked anyway, and then you'll be wanting your own A lot of people like their SBD singlets. One thing about them is that the legs seem quite long, so you have to be careful to roll them up because they can't touch your knee sleeves. I've recently heard people say they like their Titan ones better than SBD because they provide more support. Matter of preference, and you're unlikely to go wrong with SBD.
  18. Thought I was following here already, but guess not! Sounds like you're (finally???) getting some feedback from the new coach, also sounds like you're enjoying it and pushing! (Push it goooood lalala.) How are you finding the sumo? We did a bit of it as an accessory, my first time. Quite liked it and my positioning was better BUT I had a hard time keeping the bar close using mixed grip - and my hook grip doesn't go much above 120 right now, coach doesn't think it's worth switching because it'll take too long to get it up there (but I may secretly work on my grip anyway, muahahaha).
  19. Might steal some of this. I've added a sheet to the spreadsheet I was given so I could have a graph showing weight, weekly average, projection (very crude linear trend that I'll play around with) and projected weight at end of the 8 week cycle. I used to use weightgrapher.com, which had the option of showing weight over a, say, 28 day cycle, so you could compare to the previous cycle and see if your weight is increasing because of hormonal stuff etc. Might do something like that, but with a variable cycle (TMI - mine is irregular coming off birth control) - or maybe I could focus some of that spreadsheet love on stuff I actually NEED to get done ;-) #datalove Nice session at the gym today, quite a few people in which can be annoying, but good "atmo". Did some endurance bench, was supposed to be 5x5 but I ended up with 7 or 8 sets because I kept benching until my buddies were done. Then deathlifts from a deficit, which is a special kind of awful - but we got it done. By that point, my hands were shredded so we kept the RDLs to a justifiable minimum - still counts as accessory work!!! ;-) Food on track, I woke up to realise that the giant crumpet I was banking on had disappeared. Turns out I mis-remembered our crumpet situation and actually had thrown that out myself a few days because it had been around for a week! Obviously had to go to the store and get crumpets, because that seemed easier than re-planning my food, and ended up with this delightful morning treat: Not much else to report really, I'm thinking about getting a new fitbit (used to have a Flex but would like a heart rate monitor). But may be best to wait until they've absorbed Pebble (which I had on order from their latest Kickstarter...so bummed) and see what they can come up with... #firstworldproblems
  20. I'm doing both! Tracking on MFP, but then there is a separate spreadsheet where I record muh daily macro breakdown & weight for the nutritionist. It does a few things she wants that I don't think MFP does (or maybe I haven't found the button and this is all very redundant), like weekly average for weight etc.
  21. I do like a spreadsheet, my issues are around balancing things in a way that don't lead to obsession and misery So far, so good. Food tracked and I'm finding that I actually enjoy planning out my day on MFP (although the database is infuriating, OMG!). I've already done tomorrow and no spoilers, but I've basically constructed the day around a giant crumpet I'm planning to have for breakfast tomorrow. I feel like I'm eating more than I usually do, especially more carbs, so it'll be interesting to see what happens. Training yesterday was good, we did 5x5 squats and 9 (!!!) accessory things and just had a bit of fun. Deadlifts on Saturday, where they belong!!!
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