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  1. Following for lifts because lifts.
  2. Back at it... Dates for the whole competition: February 25th-26th, 2017 Name of the competition: Greater London Powerlifting Divisional Championship Sport (duh): Powerlifting Location: Bethnal Green Weightlifting Club Website: http://www.gbpflondon.org/ Any other relevant details (i.e. streaming): Don't think this will be streaming.
  3. And so the boringness begins! Training - done. We're easing into things with 5x5. Two of my training buddies are prepping for the national bench championship and I've been doing their programme (at a much, much lower weight), but ducked out now that they are peaking so did my 5 sets. They hadn't finished so I upped my weight a little (just to annoy the loaders really) and did another 4x5. Then we did some pin presses with purple bands at that weight, just for funsies. After that, I kinda had enough but there were squats so I did 5x5 of those, and then I skipped my accessories because the gym was supposed to have closed half an hour before I finished. So much for sticking to the plan. We did discuss comp targets to use as a guide for training percentages and part of me is annoyed that my coach put my squat where he put it. I would have liked it to be 5-10kgs higher. But then "wanting" it higher probably isn't going to get it there, and I'll just have to deal with it. At the same time, he put the deadlift higher than I'd like, so that part of training is going to suck big time. Apparently, we've also changed around the structure of our training and moved deadlift day from Saturday to Thursday, which means I'm going to be a complete noodle on Fridays going forward. You may not know this about me, but I don't like change! Got the info from "my" nutritionist, I got two sets of calorie goals (workout days, non-workout days) and macro breakdowns, the difference being in the carbs. I'm supposed to record my weight and macro totals each day on a nice little spreadsheet. I quite like it, straightforward. For this week, I'm going to focus on logging food and aiming for the calories, then move on to macros next week (provided this goes well). It's all a bit of a faff really but should be interesting.
  4. It's a proverbial horse, and there will be no pictures of horses here. Except for that one, which came from a site titled "Is your girlfriend a horse?". I tried taking the test from my boyfriend's perspective to find out if I'm in fact a horse (how cool would that be!), but it was weirdly specific and took forever, so I still don't know. Anyhow. I have a competition coming up in 8 weeks, now is the time to prepare. I'm also going to be working with a nutritionist for that time, just to see if I can change things up to improve performance. Not interested in getting back into the whole diet mindset. Goalz: 1) Lift a horse I should be able to get a 400kg total at the next competition, which is the weight of a small adult horse. Things to do to get there: - Lift 3x per week - Don't skip accessories... - Mobility 3x per week - "Cardio" x2 (bonus goal) 2) Eat like a horse I don't really know what horses eat, but I'm assuming it involves vegetables. Is grass a vegetable? <-- Good to know. Anyway, it's a nutrition goal: - Check in with nutritionist weekly - Record weight daily - Track macros or whatever (I don't know what I'll be asked to do yet). The goal is just to do these things. Happy new year, peeps!
  5. Nah, it's a great excuse not to do it ;-) Our coach doesn't really believe in lots and lots of reps and I don't want to have to have a discussion every time I'm at the gym.
  6. I looked at the hashtag on insta, and what comes up is... well, a lot of pink and a lot of fluff I was disappointed.
  7. This must all be happening in some kind of parallel powerlifting verse that I'm not a part of, because I haven't seen the meme, nor any battle cries ;-)
  8. Guess I'm teamless then! Might as well bow out of the challenge anyway. Onwards & upwards everyone.
  9. Little snag in my master plan: I leave my notebook where I record my lifts at the gym so I don't forget to bring it from home. But I don't have internetz at the gym. So my notebook and the internet are never really in the same place! Will try to remember to ferry it home this weekend, have actually tried to do some volume.
  10. People need to get a life. More lift-y, less meme-y!!! (Also tell me who it was and I'll troll them.)
  11. Possibly unrelated (but probably not), we're considering teal and orange as contrast colours for our living room area. It'll be like living in a Power Rangers movie.
  12. I won't spoil it for people but I do hope you post your "psyching up" because that was pretty awesome
  13. Nice challenge! Following (sort of, because I'm not really supposed to be challenging!!! Shhhhhh!).
  14. Not having read everything (yet): a. You got this!! b. GILMORE GIRLS!!!
  15. I'm not doing a challenge really, just need a place to log muh numbers for the mini challenge! So, this will be a place for mathing. Enjoy! Edit to add the weights that will count for the challenge: Squat: 100 and up Bench: 45 and up Deadlift: 100 and up My 1RM for squat and deadlift is 160, which would mean I should go with 105, but I'm working on technique right now on squats, and for deadlift my 1RM is higher than you'd think based on what I can do for reps - plus 105 just isn't a number that ends up on the bar usually, so I'm going with 100. Complaints to be submitted in triplicate. Carbon copy is fine.
  16. My point exactly, so why continue doing it that way? Equality and equity are just too hard? Not sure that's such a great argument in 2016. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate that everyone is a volunteer etc., but I think this sort of thing needs to be challenged if this is to be an inclusive community.
  17. Not to be THAT guy, but I feel like this is a little bit discriminatory?? On average, women as a group have a lower max weight they can lift. So it'll be harder for a woman to get to this total, or they'll be more likely to have to form a team, with associated smaller rewards. Seems like a structural inequality yo.
  18. Welcome, welcome! Feel free to get in touch. I'm visiting family in Germany at the moment, but will check back in when I'm back. Rock on, nerds!
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