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  1. Yo, still about here. I work in JC, maybe we can meet up some time. Still working with Nerd Fitness, though through Rising Heroes more than through the forums now.
  2. Day 3, March 2nd 2016 Walk: TBA Routine: TBA Plank: TBA Japanese: Next round is March 3rd
  3. Thanks! Glad to be back- It proves to several people (myself included, sadly) that I'm serious about getting in shape and fit.
  4. Back in the saddle for the March challenge! I can totally do this. :)

    1. Kilyra


      Heck yeah you can!

  5. Day 2, March 1st 2016 I intended to pop this update in last night, but my comp crashed. So here it is this morning! Walk: 1/5 I completed my walk yesterday for lunch! It was pretty cold, and sucked because of this, but I did it. I walked 13 blocks, running 4 of them. Routine: Cycle, complete! I did 20 minutes of cycling last night. I didn't cycle fast, but I also didn't stop. (The bike actually stops tracking time once you stop pedaling, so sitting idle won't increase your time. Keeps me honest!) Tonight will be the BBWW. Plank: Starts 3/2/16 This will be worked on during my BBWW
  6. For yesterday: I didn't really have my goals planned yet, but here's how I did: 1. Walk: 0/5 for the week Worked through lunch, so no walk yesterday. That's okay, the weekends supposed to be amazing and then I can bring the boyfriend. 2. Routine: Not accomplished. I didn't start this last night, but I'm starting it tonight. I already have calendar alerts set up to help with this. That should keep me on track. 3. Plank time: 50 seconds My current standard is 50 seconds, so that's my starting point. This should be fun. 4. Japanese This starts tonight, along with cycling. I can do this!
  7. So January I crashed and burned. But I'very reflected on the failure and now I'm ready to take another shot at this. For goals this month, I'm going to try to get myself back on track: 1. Walk at least 5 days a week. I was doing great at this, but I stopped with the winter. I shouldn't have done that. The past week, I've been out walking every day on lunch, and getting in some running even! This isn't just a walk around the block- this is several blocks, up and down hill. I've been getting some good exercise out of this, and plan to keep it up. 2. Get a workout routine going. One night wi
  8. After a failed January challenge, I've spent my February sorting out and prioritizing what I want out of life. I think I'll have a good run on the March challenge.

    1. LordKronos87


      Wish you all the best!

    2. Grayspeed


      Glad to see you back :)

  9. So... life's bites sometimes. Between anxiety attacks and illness, I tanked the last half of this challenge. I think things have settled down a bit so I can get back into challenges, at least.
  10. January 19th, 2016 Push-Ups: Got my 15 elevated push-ups in. Tried another floor, and couldn't get it. But I feel close! Plank: 00:50:50! Woot! Meal: Since the week started yesterday and Mom and I made dinner last night, I've hit my goal for this week. I'll probably still make something this weekend, I jsut don't know what. IN OTHER NEWS! Tried a pull-up again. I can get my chin as high as about my elbow, so about half-way. I feel pretty rocking about that.
  11. Another update for the weekend! (I had a long weekend due to Martin Luther King Day on the 18th.) So... I ruined the chilli. ^^' But at least Mom was here- She took the reins and taught me a new chicken recipe and we had that and mac and cheese Sunday. Monday, we had another chicken dish with green beans (she found a way to get me to eat those!) and baked potatoes. We learned you can make baked potatoes in the slow cooker, so I'll probably have those more often now. (I love baked potatoes. I don't like baking them.) I managed the 15 push-ups each day of the weekend. Still on elevated, but
  12. My mom visiting really helped with the stress. It's always relaxing to spend time with her. And I managed to fit my exercises in both nights of her visit. That made me feel better about myself overall. Hopefully this week will be calmer. (Partially because being busy and stressed kept me from hopping on Rosetta Stone for some lessons the last half of the week. >.>)
  13. It's been a bit- I should update right quick. So... Things have been... Hectic... I still haven't been doing my writing, due to my eyes. I've managed the bare minimum on all my other goals so far (cooking I'm still planning to do today) because all hell's broken loose. My boyfriend was fired from work for "not making enough money" recently. We found out Friday he also doesn't qualify for unemployment. So things are... Stressful. We're sorting things out, slowly but surely. (To avoid badmouthing the company, I don't wish to say where he was working. It would be rude of me.) I'm going to s
  14. Day 6, January 9th 2016 Late update for yesterday! We had a power outage, so I lost access to the internet and didn't want to waste my phone battery posting here. Power didn't return until two this morning, so it had to wait a bit. Push-ups: I managed 6 knee-high push-ups last night. Woo! I finished up with nine waist-high to round it out. I'll try to get 9 knee-highs tonight, but now I know I can at least do 6. (That already shows improvement- On the fourth, I couldn't even do one at that elevation!) Still haven't been able to manage one floor push-up, but I keep trying. Plank: Anothe
  15. I majorly cut back my computer time (By just not getting on it the past few nights period) and I feel a ton better. I also started wearing my sunglasses at work- They aren't perfect, and make it harder to see my code in visual studio on a dark theme, but they do seem to be blocking some of the more harmful light, so I'm thankful for that. And thanks! I'm super excited to be an assassin! I'm small, I'm light, I'm quiet, I'm sneaky... Now I just need to work on speed, reflexes, strength, and deadliness and I'll be golden.
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