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  1. Funny thing, I thought last Sunday was the end of of the 4 week challenge...
  2. wanted to wrap up the challenge with an awesome success post. Down about 25 lb. been off the bandwagon for about a week and a half. but still lost a few pounds. had Thanksgiving at the in-laws tonight and did an amazing job and not eating too much. I put a stick of gum next to my plate and after it had the plate and a half Inches chewed the gum and skipped dessert. I talked to my wife beforehand. when her parents asked why I was skipping dessert she said that I lost 25 lb and was shooting to be in range of better life insurance rates in the next month or so.
  3. 6:00 not sure what to post. I did have a few giveup days but was back at it yesterday
  4. Hay, I mustard the motivation to check in. It has been rough since Friday. Prayers are welcome. I kind of lost a close brother this year... So family holidays are getting solemn.
  5. First to celebrate: I did the strength training thing: it does and has been... I had not really thought about it... taking that a bit further... I am my own friend Thank you. It is a two-edged 'big' why. First stating that What and how it works is less important than how you get there... I have been working to identify my big why for 2+ years, nothing felt real and hit home. I understand the 'play with kids, enjoy sports, live to see their marriage... But none of them felt real, i did not strongly relate to them.
  6. 8:19 Contrasting last week- i was excited to step on the scale this morning 24# lost
  7. Mid Aug I was turned away from donating blood because of high blood pressure. Dec 12, 56 days from them, I have another donation scheduled. I hope I can donate. I have slightly increased my activity. I don't know if it is the best activity (strength vs cardio) I have lost 20#. I have tracked my bp almost weekly. I have discussed weight, cholesterol and blood pressure with a family doctor under traditional medical and insurance. But only got answer of, eat healthily, exercise right, oh and hear is a pill... Fast forward to last week: The insu
  8. Week 3 Plan: Manage calorie intake: less than 1700 Great food prep this weekend! Beets Sweet potatoes Black beans Engage others: Make 1-5 supportive and engaging fitness friends Post to NF rebellion forums - Shoot for daily, 2nd only to calories. Test habit apps- test morning alarm in HabitBull, looks promising Log to NFA Battel log- Daily. Fitness tracker leader board Neighbors Chat to a
  9. The transition is wonderful. I had a similar transition 2 weeks ago.. but let excuses break the habit... so I need to respawn on it.
  10. Not completely sure why, but this hits home for me. But I love the attitude!! Challenge accepted another great response/attitude
  11. Week 2 Report: Manage calorie intake: less than 1700 Take a moment to realize what I've have done- Helped me feel great. Still a skill I am getting more natural at it. Food prep by cooking vegetable soup- We had a great beet dish and tomato soup I have been little afraid to weigh in... Did weigh-in - and it was exciting Engage others: Make 1-5 supportive and engaging fitness friends Post to NF rebellion forums - Shoot for daily, 2nd only to calories - did great and it helped me feel better L
  12. 9:09 30 days logging calories!!! I have attempted that 5+ times! Feels like beating the First level boss. The whole level has been showing you different skills. Either you picked a favorite and where unprepared and died. Or you deliberately did each skill and moved on! Combining that each skill theory and feeling like I got pass the tracking wall ( it is easier again) part of week 3 plan will be daily activity.
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