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  1. My update is that I'm all out of sorts. This past week was spring break, and I spent it in Oregon with my family. We haven't visited before and for us vacations are all about trying local popular restaurants. Needless to say, My calorie counting has been non existent for the last 7 days. Also, my water intake tracking. I forgot to bring my water bottle and just didn't commit to trying hard enough to finding a solution. At least I finished reading Catcher in the Rye? Also, I'm halfway through American Gods so thats something ...
  2. Here's my end of the week updated! 3L of water: 14/14 1400 Calories: 9/14 Gym+ swimming: Week 1: 1 gym day Week 2: 2 Days at gym both with swimming! Books : 1/4 Guys, I swam! I'm so happy I got myself into the pool twice this past week. I was in there for about 30 min, and I'm trying to work up to 45 min. I'm mostly working on breathing and butterfly kicks. I've also been doing 15 min runs and 15 min of walking before going swimming, as well as a short set of body weight exercises. The thing I'm really frustrated about is food. I wa
  3. THIS. I think we all need to get acclimated to this sort of mentality, and practice makes perfect, no? Thats why you're here! I can definitely tell you are pushing yourself to persevere you've been doing a good job challenging yourself. Hope you're body healed up a bit. Looking forward to hearing about those races!
  4. Tuesday again? So, how did It go tackling your Tuesday goals?
  5. Wow that looks pretty friggin cool! Those mindset quests are super helpful. They are definitely very centering and motivating when it comes to approaching goals. Good luck!
  6. Wow I have been super MIA the last few days. I'll keep it short though. I did great at my water drinking and reading (10 pgs away from being done with Pride and Prejudice), OK at my calorie intake goal and crappy at my gym going. I didn't go but once last week and I haven't gotten to the gym yet. I'm trying to take care of as many responsibilities as I can today in order to make sure tomorrow I get some swim in. Trying to motivate my exercise self... All of your praises for American Gods has me so excited to read it!
  7. Haha, as the bilingual child to a non-spanish speaking dad I love that you're trying to improve at the language! I think its great that you are going to make an effort to eat a fruit or veggie at every meal, and its definitely a great mindset step. What are some fruits and vegetables you like? I should probably try to eat more veggies too....Best of luck!
  8. Yesterday was a rough start to my 4 week challenge. Totally forgot I was doing brunch with my friend, so I had a hard time estimating calorie for that day. I picked a light meal as best I could, but the salad was drenched in a yummy vinaigrette and the half chicken sandwich had melted cheese and pesto. Still, that was the heaviest meal of the day, I didn't have lunch, and for dinner I made a rockfish and clam stew. I managed to get myself to the gym, but no pool yet. Hoping to swim on Friday. Today I ate 1,406 calories (which I'm totally counting as a win) and I'm still feeling a
  9. Its so cool you do aikido! You've been at it for a good number of years so I'm sure you'll pick it up again smoothly. I did Judo for about 6 months freshman year of college, and martial arts are such a great workout. Literally the only thing I know about cycling is from anime, but good luck with that race!
  10. This is my favorite goal yet! I'm a little biased though since I recently started keeping a journal of my own . If it helps, I usually try journaling in the evening. Even if I write something as simple as "I'm really tired; today was crappy." its a win cause I wrote something. Intermittent fasting is definitely a challenge so kudos to you for giving it a shot. Good luck!
  11. Awesome! I used to have an app that locked me out of certain websites on my computer, I had no idea they had one for your phone too! Good luck with your goals. Your running plan looks really solid. Have you tried Zombies, Run?
  12. Thank you guys! Best of luck to you too! Thats so funny, I actually just finished reading the handmaid's tale myself! Hope you enjoy it. I haven't read much science based non-fiction, but it might be worth a try. The books currently on my list to read are Pride and Prejudice, In the Time of the Butterflies and American Gods. I haven't decided on my fourth book yet. Yea being in college and counting calories can be rough. This is the goal thats going to be most challenging for me I think.
  13. Introduction: Hi all, I'm just your average MunckinLion (also Lil'Lion or just Lion) and this is my first challenge--after about two years I mean. I've lurked and munched away at snacks for far too long; I'm the laziest Lil'Lion in all the pride lands. I'm in college right now doing a Literature major ( so obviously I kind of like reading) but aside from that, I enjoy swimming and soccer.I'm trying to expand my interests! My ADHD brain makes me love trying new things, but makes me not so great at sticking with them. Main Quest: Lose 20lbs by June. I'm kinda doing a lot of f
  14. Truthfully, It's been a more than a couple years since I've been on this website, so "soft reset" might be too generous of a term. Still, I'm the same person with the same issues---now I'm just working with different stats. I was at a big university, but struggling with my mental health a lot, so I'm at a community college for now. I've lost a lot of the healthy habits I built, and being at back at home now has made me less motivated in my physical health. Right now I'm planning to focus most on water intake and calorie tracking using MFP. I'm hoping this time around I can work o
  15. Missed a day of drinking water yesterday, but managed a solid 3 days of working out unlike last week. I have finals coming up so Im hoping to be able to finish the challenge out strong.
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