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  1. Hello guys! Not sure if anyone remembers me (Dr Who geek from London trying to level up) but I was fairly active in this forum until about a year ago. Moved out of my mums house and into my boyfriend (who 2 months ago became my fiance). Whilst I have kept up my running routine (15 running races in the last year which included 5 half marathons, 4 obstacle/ mud races and 6 km runs) I've really let my body weight fitness slip. Well thats all going to change now. I'll be doing all of this on a budget which means no gym memberships! So instead I've got some home equipment and my body to get me in
  2. [ATTACH=CONFIG]4389[/ATTACH] Me and the boyfriend being silly [ATTACH=CONFIG]4390[/ATTACH] Messing around at Twickenham Stadium [ATTACH=CONFIG]4391[/ATTACH] Re-creating Lion King with my cat.
  3. 5.2 kilometers, 5 fartleks. 100meter dash after each kilometer reached.
  4. Hmm not enough intervals in yesterday's run to count. Will try again tomorrow!
  5. I first started running as a way to keep fit but never really focused on distance or speed. Overtime though I've been setting my own goals. Getting to 5km in under 30 minutes (so close), run 10km in 60minutes or less, survive a half marathon!Of the runners i know, must of them have goals which mix both speed and distance and always looking to improve on both.
  6. Shorty run today, 3.86 km but I had already walked the 2 and a half miles home :-p
  7. Haha or it could just end up with me and a few friends throwing powder paint at each other in the park :-p
  8. Love this weeks challenge. I'm running with my sister tonight so we can mix it up with a few sprints throughout :-D
  9. That would be awesome, but I wouldn't know where to start!
  10. I wish they did a UK one. i did a search for "Colour run UK" and all that came up was advice on laundry mistakes
  11. Rosie

    Rosies at it again

    This has been such a good day for me. I got back out running and managed 5.51km easily at a pace of 6'40" per kilometer. Not bad considering I havent run in 9 weeks! Keeping up the regular runnin I should easily be able to beat my time on the 10km on the 29th. Tomorrow will be a rest day but I'll be right back out again on wednesday and aiming to improve my pace by a few seconds.
  12. Yay! And you're from London too, high five!
  13. Injury followed by a weeks holiday, followed by a chest infection. Bad times!
  14. Sorry for my absence guys but I'm back and ready to clock up some mileage! 5.51 km today, loved it!
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