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  1. Hello guys! Not sure if anyone remembers me (Dr Who geek from London trying to level up) but I was fairly active in this forum until about a year ago. Moved out of my mums house and into my boyfriend (who 2 months ago became my fiance). Whilst I have kept up my running routine (15 running races in the last year which included 5 half marathons, 4 obstacle/ mud races and 6 km runs) I've really let my body weight fitness slip. Well thats all going to change now. I'll be doing all of this on a budget which means no gym memberships! So instead I've got some home equipment and my body to get me in shape! Nice to see you all again and I've signed up to the Academy and looking forward to the accountability and motivation I know I can get from this community.
  2. 5.2 kilometers, 5 fartleks. 100meter dash after each kilometer reached.
  3. Hmm not enough intervals in yesterday's run to count. Will try again tomorrow!
  4. I first started running as a way to keep fit but never really focused on distance or speed. Overtime though I've been setting my own goals. Getting to 5km in under 30 minutes (so close), run 10km in 60minutes or less, survive a half marathon!Of the runners i know, must of them have goals which mix both speed and distance and always looking to improve on both.
  5. Shorty run today, 3.86 km but I had already walked the 2 and a half miles home :-p
  6. Love this weeks challenge. I'm running with my sister tonight so we can mix it up with a few sprints throughout :-D
  7. Rosie

    Rosies at it again

    This has been such a good day for me. I got back out running and managed 5.51km easily at a pace of 6'40" per kilometer. Not bad considering I havent run in 9 weeks! Keeping up the regular runnin I should easily be able to beat my time on the 10km on the 29th. Tomorrow will be a rest day but I'll be right back out again on wednesday and aiming to improve my pace by a few seconds.
  8. Sorry for my absence guys but I'm back and ready to clock up some mileage! 5.51 km today, loved it!
  9. Done so much foot travel this week! Walked to and from work 6 times covering almost 17 miles and got a 5km run scheduled this evening and tomorrow morning.
  10. This ones in the bag. Even if I cant run this week, I walk the 3miles home almost every day anyway!
  11. Rosie

    Rosies at it again

    Things I achieved this week: Made a start on clearing out my room and getting rid of junk Planned my weeks lunches and got everything I need for them. Walked the 3 miles home from work every day (except yesterday, had to take the train as my sister was in a rush to get home) Things I didn't achieve: Any running whatsoever. It's been like one thing after another stopping me from getting back into my training and this week its a chest infection and a 7 day course of antibiotics. Last day of them tomorrow and then its back to the doctors to see if its any better. I'm sorely tempted to go for just a short easy run tonight though as I'm new running shoes have arrived and I'm desperate to try them out!
  12. Great work so far Susie! I think you'll have shaved off the 77 seconds in no time. When I first started running I was amazed at how quickly I went from a 39 minute 5km to a 32 one!
  13. Rosie

    Rosies at it again

    Here's my to-do list for the weekend: Start the 12 week training plan. I'm juggling the days up a bit since I have dance class and rock climbing to fit in the week too so I'll start with a 30 minute easy run tomorrow and then up it a bit on sunday. Start clearing out my room starting with the pile of shoes under my bed. Prepare some lunches for the upcoming week. Go for a swim at the local pool.
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