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  1. Your playlist sounds fabulous, what else is on it? Circus pants huh, that your usual practice attire?
  2. Must say, love all the cats, a definite check in the plus column here. My PT told me squats were definitely helpful, I should do more of them, though I try to sneak in some when I go to the bathroom. No one's watching you like you're crazy if they can't see you. What kind of injury did you have? I may have missed it in between all the posts, or maybe an earlier thread.
  3. Ooh, shiny, I'm right there with you.
  4. After a semi-successful first challenge, I'm returning for a second challenge with the ever awesome Assassins. I'm keeping my challenges simple again this round, partly to get back into some healthy habits and partly since I'll be on vacation for 10 days of the challenge. I had foot surgery back at the end of May and have only just started back to ballroom dancing, I took my first class last Tuesday and went to my first dance and danced on Saturday! I have class again tonight. I definitely still am sore and my muscles are so out of practice, but that will go away with time. Fitness/Activity Goal 1: Take 1 dance class a week (exception when I'm on vacation) and sadly practicing on my own isn't something I'm comfortable with yet since my balance isn't great, which leads me to goal two. Goal 2: Do a minimum of 5 minutes of balance/flexibility training each day Goal 3: Get a minimum of 10 active minutes on my fitbit at least 5 days of the week, 7 is better but I'm counting 5 as a win Diet Goal 1: Add at least one fruit and one veggie to my day, can with meals or a snack Goal 2: Cook at home at least 2x a week (exception to when I'm on vacation and that's not an option and then I need to pick a healthy meal option as a substitute for those 2x) Life Goal 1: Unpack at least 1 box/bag per week that is in my room (I moved in around a year ago and haven't unpacked everything) I think I'll have this as a success if I get through 4 boxes/bags total, rather than requiring one per week, though if that's how it works out, that's fine, but the week I'm on vacation will have to roll into a different one. Goal 2: Go through my clothes/shoes and weed out things that are old/don't fit/don't like. There you have it, reasonable goals and I should be able to work through them while I'm gone as well. You have permission to send me a message on here if I disappear for more than a few days (other than when I post I'm gone and may have limited ability to post). I tend to be on here primarily on week days, but occasionally on the weekend/evening, especially if I get a message.
  5. I get a message in my personal email that I have a message on NF, so yes. That last message prompted the return here and the realization that it was multiple weeks that I was away. Time just sort of flew by the last couple of weeks.
  6. Power yoga, I've mostly been doing relaxation type yoga/gentle yoga since I don't stand/hold positions while standing very well yet. But I think once I start moving more that I'll find that I can do more. My step count this past week+ has been really high for me, though not by choice and I am feeling it in the evenings. I'll have to think on the next challenge and see what might be a good way to ease back into the activity without overdoing it. Suppose I should actually see what kind of success I had and see how points would go. And definitely need to add in a component for checking in at least 1x per week even if things get busy.
  7. And on again today, though not as early as planned, work actually wants me to do real work. So I'll have to settle for home in the evening to check in for now. Had my last day of petsitting and the last day of walking the dog, won't miss having to drive over there and the run, stop, run, stop of getting out with the dog, but it was definitely nice to be back walking. I've been given a clean bill of health and told that nothing I do will cause damage to my foot, which is great news. It's obviously no where near as strong or steady as it was so I can't just straight into everything I want full force, but it does mean I can start dancing again. Woot! Probably some low level classes to ease back in, see how it feels, build up the muscles, test out its boundaries and see about trying to unlearn the bad habits I picked up compensating for the bad foot. Since it's still sore and the cold makes it hurt, I can see compensating still but at a lower level the demands on it aren't as much so I can let it gradually get back into the habit. I'm hoping that the movement and motion will help loosen up muscles and start the strengthening. I didn't realize how many little muscles there were until I started using good frame, my poor arms whimpered after a class of waltz with them outstretched and held up. I had been doing consistent weight training at that point and it didn't help get them used to it, stronger sure, but basically time was the key. If you've ever seen ballroom dancing, you just hold them up and out to the side fairly consistently for a good 20-30 minutes straight and you find the muscles you didn't know about. Same with holding poses and getting into weird contortion type positions, I've accepted that I won't be able to join the dance team at all this season, so I'll pretty much just have to watch and cheer them on. But I have to admit it'll be nice to just dance for fun without any specific goals immediately. Joining midseason means learning the routine that others have had months to work on in a short time and I'm just not physically ready to put that kind of effort in. Next season though I see no reason I can't. There are some things I still need to work on for the next challenge, posting and checking in more consistently (even when all hell is breaking loose) even if it's short is needed. I'll likely be able to up my steps/walking goal and should have more time free since I'm only planning on one class next semester and that's assuming I decide I like the online class method. I don't in concept since it's hard to motivate myself to do the schoolwork or show up sometimes, but without the physical showing up, it might be hard to get everything done. Plus that means more time on a computer, which may not be the best idea. We'll see once classes start though what is expected. I don't want to repeat the class that pretty much sucked up all my free time for the past 5 weeks. Final, only the final. I will be ready with a big big glass of wine to celebrate, then deal with the craziness of Christmas.
  8. I'm here. Can't believe it's been weeks since I was on. I usually post from work, but actually have been really busy at work. School has taken over my evenings and many weekends. Good news is I was fairly on for my goals, freggies may have had some unsuccessful days, but I track all my food and steps, so I can easily go back and see and report back on my missing weeks and play catch up. I'll try and pop in tomorrow for more, but wanted to wave before bed and thanks for posting, probably should say if I disappear anyone can send me a message since it'll show up in my email which I do check and I feel guilty if I don't reply to a message.
  9. I haven't been home long enough in the evening or weekend to do anything remotely like cooking or food prep. I usually buy fruit and bring to work, I can probably do something like add prepped veggies. I was better yesterday and have a banana right next to me for my morning snack. If I have time to cook, or actually be at home, then it's not a problem, but when I leave home at 7:30am and get home between 9-10pm most of the week days then I just can't talk myself into doing more afterwards, pretty much just crawl into bed. If I'm home on the weekend, then I can do some prep, but I left Friday after work and got home Sunday around 9:45pm. Holiday next week, so it'll be a short work week, for which I am eternally grateful. Hopefully I can have some stuff prepped for when I go back after the holiday.
  10. You seem to have some successes for this week. Definitely listen to the ankle and make some adjustments according to what it says. Walking versus running when it doesn't want to cooperate is absolutely the way to go. I pushed it more often than not, then had to stay off my feet for several weeks, then the routine would start again. Is there anything you can be doing to help your ankle? I don't remember what you said was wrong with it, injury that hasn't healed? Your dinners sound super tasty. I think grilling veggies or chicken or anything with teriyaki sauce is tasty, though when it rains then I can do it in the skillet more stir fry like.
  11. Though keeping only the front end inside seems a good compromise.
  12. One reason I am happy with my cats, this is not usually a problem. Though they would likely try to take control of said fort for their own comfort.
  13. School is definitely taking up more time and as it gets closer to the end it's taking more time still, only 4 more weeks to go, but those are going to be 4 crazy weeks. I need to be better about working on the big projects now so that I'm not cramming the weekend before. Another day of meeting my step goal, veggies not so much, PT not at all. 1 out 3, that would be a good percentage for a batting average.
  14. http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/73677-new-recruit-monsupee-has-entered-the-building-and-reporting-for-duty/ I have had no luck using the link feature, at least from this computer. I suppose I should actually think about how I'm going to try and become more stretchy.
  15. Finished is finished. Barely or not. Maybe next time it will be less barely.
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