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  1. One of these days we need to do a meet up.
  2. So I spiraled down into the Black Abyss on Thursday & clawed my way out of it today. On Thursday I was given antibiotics for Lyme disease. The doc freaked out about my blood pressure as well. The nurse took it twice & he took it once after that & yes, it was still high, but it dropped each time it was taken. I explained to him that I had two other medical appointments before this one + errands + a ton of caffeine (I normally only have 1 glass of tea in the morning) & I was wound up over the possibility of Lyme (I also have white coat anxiety😬😬😬) & was certain this was the cause. I now have to go back in two weeks for a recheck. *sigh*😞 I did go running; but wasn't into it so I did not do well. Was very tired this afternoon so I slept through most of it.
  3. I'm with ya! Let's emerge victorious!
  4. So today was a bit of a bust. Stupid headache. Tomorrow is appointment day. 😕 Eye doctor & dentist, then doctor (to check for possible Lyme). Then a bunch of errands.
  5. Hi everyone, I'm back! 😃 Took a break due (from the forums, not exercise) to the whole Covid thing. I was not sick & neither was my family; it affected my mom mentally, however, as it advanced her dementia because routines were interrupted.