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  1. Did ok yesterday. Flagging a bit. Need to up my game.
  2. Hang in there, you'll get through this. *hugs*
  3. Was going to comment about something else & then saw the word tacos...
  4. Today was stellar though. I did all the things except journaling. I've decided to focus on changing my inner dialog for the rest of my (originally 21 day) challenge. I will continue with the rest of the original challenge at a later date.
  5. This weekend was crayyyzay! Busy, but not much challenge stuff done. How did it get to Wednesday already?! I was like: So this happened: And some: but I got over it.
  6. I did not exercise or stretch yesterday. For the 21 Day challenge, I was to record any negative thoughts & replace them with positive ones-citing a biblical example to back it up. I was doing ok until I misplaced something & then internally wigged out. I was not kind to myself. I need to remember that everthing happens for a reason & God works all things for good.
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