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  1. Hijacking the thread for a moment...rumors going around about exciting changes coming to NF. You can find a discussion board here.
  2. fitnessgurl

    Scouts Camp

    There's a thread for that. 😉
  3. The game is afoot! The GLs have a secret. It's our job to figure it out!
  4. Calling all Rebels to help us solve a Mystery
  5. Good enough is not the correct term for this. The correct term is compatible. The two of you may not be compatible.
  6. I used to fight with this too. Things I learned which may or may not apply to you: 1. If I am expecting a man to be my all-in-all, he will inevitably disappoint me. He is human-Jesus is not. Only Jesus can be my all-in-all because he truly knows my heart. 2. No relationship will ever meet all my expectations except my relationship with the God who loves me. God will never leave or forsake me. I can't count on another human being to do the same; that's unrealistic. 3. If I am being the best I know how to be in any relationship; then I am good enough even if the person(s) say(s) I am not. As a believer in God I must use his measuring stick for my behavior, not another person's.
  7. How are you today?
  8. Quote from Steve in an e-mail: In 2020, we will launch at least one new project, one that encapsulates every part of Nerd Fitness from its inception until now. It’s kind of like our own Avengers initiative, in a way!