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  1. Hey, just saw this & wanted to let you know that I admire you. Keep going. You can do this!
  2. Thanks Solunaria. I couldn't figure out the progress bar thing and how to post my stats. :/
  3. I'm ready to change my life!

  4. fitnessgurl

    It Begins

    First challenge & I'm a total noob. Main Quest: Do 10 proper push-ups. Q1 Eat a vegetable a day Con: +3 Q2 Exercise 3x per week Str. +3 Q3 Sub a protein shake for 1 meal Sta. +2 Q4 Read The Paleo Solution Wis. +2
  5. York County here as well. Love hiking!!!!!
  6. I have received e-mails from Nerdfitness for awhile now and thought it was time to up my game by joining the forum. Most of my fitness friends have moved away so it's become harder to get motivated. I have heard great things about the forum so I hope to revive my flagging motivation.
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