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  1. Following along. For keeping track of freezer inventory, make a spreadsheet with check boxes.
  2. Lol, yes, sharp things are fun! I used to love the Ren. Faire...but it's not the same anymore...even before Covid. I think I gave my Breyer horses away, but I'm not sure.
  3. Ooh, wait! Do swords & daggers count towards nerd cred? They're not character-based though. Oh, and are those Bryer horses?
  4. Yeah. Raised heel plié squats. I will probably have noodle legs when I'm done! Haha! I'm just glad the call is over & done with.
  5. I don't really have knick knacks either. Some cosplay stuff...but I even gave some of that away.
  6. Don't let a bunch of old fuddy duddys ruin your church time. My hubby wears shorts to church in the spring & summer time. He had a couple of women say something & he pointedly looked at their exposed cleavage & then back at their faces...they never said another word. Lol!
  7. I have Podcast Republic & your podcast is not on there. ☹
  8. Today was much better! Instead of prayer readings, I used my prayer app. I also practiced piano (still working on the same song), I exercised & will post those videos below (had to do the mods for the last two moves of the inner thighs vid). I need to journal yet & meditate. I think that's everything. Fair warning: don't be fooled by the 'beginner' in the title. It may be harder than you think!
  9. Ok...sooo....today = WHAT HAPPENED!? Was puttering along nicely & then WHACK! We got a call from the doctor for a phone appointment that wasn't supposed to happen until January. An hour, mostly on hold, to let them know my mom is fine. Arrgh! So crazy. I just couldn't get myself back into gear after that. *sigh*
  10. When I started, it was a bit scary for me too. I started just reading peoples' posts & if I liked it; I'd hit like. I didn't comment all the time & still limit myself as to how many challenge posts I follow. You got this! *hugs*
  11. From The Imitation of Christ chaper 56: To be void of all desire of external things produceth inward peace, so the forsaking of ourselves inwardly, joineth us unto God. *If thou wilt enter into life, keep the commandments. Mt. 19:17 *If thou wilt know the truth, believe me. *If thou wilt be perfect, sell all. Mt. 19:21 *If thou wilt be my disciple, deny thyself. Lk. 9:23 *If thou wilt possess a blessed life, despise this present life. *If thou wilt be exalted in heaven, humble thyself in this world. Jn. 12:25 *If thou wilt reign with me, bear the cross with me. Lk. 14:27 For only the servants of the cross can find the way of blessedness and true light.
  12. I do memorize them. I use Charlotte Mason's system. *goes off to find link* Here you go! I have made some modifications to this system which you may want to adopt for yourself. 1. I have 2 cards in the daily section: last week's memory verse & this week's memory verse. 2. I have 2 cards in the odd & even sections & 2 cards in the weekly sections. 3. I have only 3 cards in the days of the month section, with the exception of the 31st day. That contains all the verses I know well & don't need to review that often. On day 31-because I have so many-I only go over those & not the others. This gives me 9 cards a day total. One new one & 8 review. 4. I don't date my cards, I just rotate them back through the box every week until they end up on day 31 where they take up semi-permanent residence (unless I run into a card I'm having trouble with, which then gets placed back into rotation). That being said, sometimes it takes me longer than a week to memorize (ex. Psalm 19) & so I adjust accordingly. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. @Elastigirl
  13. A lot of food has changed. It's become smaller & I think they're using more filler which = wayyy less healthy. Fig Newtons, Oreos, Lorna Doones...just not the same. Packaging is smaller too; but they're charging the same price. *sigh*
  14. When going to the farmers' market, library, or parks; check their activity boards to see what is going on. Our libraries here have activities via Zoom to participate in as well as live events with limited registration. Our parks have nature programs which are pretty cool. Hopefully you can find some of the same things.
  15. Great job with your challenge & especially jumping! *hugs* So proud of you!
  16. Is it bad that I read dry brined goose as dry brained goose & was like...what? I must be more tired than I thought, lol!
  17. Sorry I was MIA, wasn't feeling the greatest. Today's Bible plan: Week 4: the prayer readings for today
  18. Book recommendation: The I Never Cooked Before Cookbook. That's where my cooking journey began.
  19. Ok, I'm just gonna say it: what a bunch of ungrateful little brats! Your co-workers are awful. Don't apologize for complaining here. We are your sounding board. *hugs* Yay for book progress!
  20. *raises hand & shouts* HERE FOR THE SHIN KICKING! LET ME AT 'EM! *practices kicking*
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