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  1. Nice! Looking forward to seeing more of your projects. I've been eating horribly as well. I eat when I get bored & I've been snowed in. I will have to revisit food tracking for the next challenge.
  2. I am as well. I rarely get sick & at the present time; it is truly a blessing.
  3. You have inspired me to make stretching every day part of my next challenge.
  4. Glad everyone is ok. You have some amazing people in your life.
  5. Ended up not going to the gym, but did exercise at home. Prayer & Bible reading done. Got caught up in office work yesterday & didn't do much else.
  6. Prayer readings for today: --Morning--Psalm 119:49-72; Zechariah 3:1-10 --Bible + time--watching a documentary & (if time) working on Draw Near study --Evening--Psalm Psalm 49, 53; Matthew 24:45-51
  7. He may just be busy with holiday stuff & the logistics of actually having one with the pandemic.
  8. I really need to figure out how to break stuff down like this instead of being so random. I feel like last year & part of this one have been complete randomness & lack of progress towards my goals. *sigh* I'm not even sure the goals I started with are feasible now.
  9. Wow!!! I can jump as high as the 4-5th weight; but I haven't tried any higher.
  10. I write a gratitude list almost every day. I try to remember to be grateful for things that are usually overlooked as well as the big stuff. I try to list three things every day. For this challenge I will up it to five. Today I am grateful for: 1. Long-standing friendships 2. Freedom to pray & read my Bible 3. A warm house 4. A loving husband 5. The ability to read & process information
  11. My gym is back open-yay!!! Heading there tonight. I need to get back into playing piano. It has been neglected lately. Knitting is going well. My stitches are more even! Squatmas approaches & I'm wondering what I have gotten myself into, lol
  12. Prayer Readings for today: --Morning--Psalm 45; Zechariah 2 --Afternoon--Psalm 47; Revelation 3;14-22 --Evening--Psalm 43; Matthew 24:32-44
  13. Sorry I was MIA...life stuff. Anywho: I prayed, reviewed memory verses, got lost in playing SIMS. & did a bunch of housework.
  14. Today was volunteering, listening to a sermon, playing Wii with the hubs, & rest.
  15. Today's prayer time readings will be done this evening when Sabbath begins & are as follows: Genesis 37:1-40:23 Amos 2:6-3:8 Zechariah 2:14-4:7 Matthew 1 John 10:22-30
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