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  1. I just signed up for the Warrior Dash in NorCal. I've looked at mud runs like this for the last few years, but never felt like I was able to do them. Last week I stumbled onto this one and realized I was finally fit enough to run one. It's hard to believe. I'm getting a bunch of my friends hyped about it as well, and we'll hopefully be a good group. I'm excited, and ready to finally test myself out.
  2. The Convict Conditioning series has vertical pulls and push ups for the absolute beginner. They are the starting blocks to pull ups and push ups. For vertical pulls, stand in a door frame and grip one side with both hands, like it's a large pole. Alternatively, use a pole. Place your feet as close to the frame/pole as possible. Keeping your body straight, straighten both arms. This is the starting position. Pull your body to the frame/pole and then straighten your arms. That's one rep. For vertical push ups, also known as wall push ups, face a wall. Stand about six inches away with y
  3. How long do you plan on staying at the school? IIRC, Krav is a system that is supposed to teach you fighting simply and quickly, and BJJ will take more time to develop as you learn the basics. Both will, of course, be more beneficial the longer you go, but if you don't see yourself sticking in one place for a while it might be a consideration.
  4. Hey now, re-grade that Strength goal. Our official grading metric is A - 100% B - 75% C - 50% D - 25% F - 0%. So if you got 44%, that's technically in the C range! Give yourself some points!
  5. His shoulder throbbed, his knuckles hurt, and the deep bruises to his abdomen would ache soon; yet Whiteraven smiled. Discouragement, his enemy, slowly walked away, hate flashing from his eyes. It had been seven rounds, six of them boring and workmanlike. This fight would never make the highlight reels. For six rounds Whiteraven had steadily jabbed at his opponent, countering whenever he needed. Not once had he tried to end the fight with a hard strike, not even when Discouragement had taken advantage of a momentary distraction to deliver some hard shots at his body. Discouragement never
  6. Hey Jezzie! Hope you're still kicking ass and grading names! Maybe that's not how that quote goes.... Oh well, one last weekend before the challenge ends! Keep kicking all that ass!
  7. We're almost at the end of the challenge! Be strong and awesome this weekend!
  8. Whiteraven


    Ok Monks, Monday is the end of the challenge and we've gotten really quiet around here. I know some, nay, all of us have had troubles but it doesn't matter. You get injured in a fight for your life, you keep fighting! Unless that injury has already rendered you unconscious. Yeah, you really can't do anything about that. But the rest of you, keep fighting! Now I'm not advocating that you need to push yourself to injury. And for those of you who have legitimately had to bow out due to circumstances beyond your control, I hope things work out for you and I'm glad you were Monks for this cha
  9. Perfect example that real progress is made slowly. Your consistency is an inspiration to me.
  10. Don't knock yourself too hard. Half the point of doing challenges like this one is to see where we are weakest. It would sure be a boring challenge if all of us always posted "Doing great! Knocked out another one!". At one of my fire spinning workshops last weekend the teacher said he wanted to see us drop our staffs. It meant we were pushing ourselves. Sure, if you are performing you go with your safe moves, but when you are among friends (and NF totally qualifies) you try your new moves and fail spectacularly! We'll cheer you on anyway. On a diet note, I remember a few months ago I wa
  11. HAHAHAHA! Yeah, hitting on drunk people is kinda like playing video games on God Mode. It's fun to have all that power but ultimately unsatisfying.
  12. Ok, I'm back in the real world after 4 days of being away and one day of readjusting. First off, I probably played havoc with my exercise and diet habits, so this week will be crucial to keeping the groove. Second, it was totally worth it. I'll probably detail my experience more in my personal blog, but I had a damn blast over the weekend. I pushed myself physically and mentally, and am super excited about trying to keep up with everything I learned. I fueled my body properly, with good food and good sleep. I drank so much water because I needed it all. I learned more contact staff moves
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