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  1. Had my first flat "casting" the people seemed really nice, would be cool if it works out but I'm not starting to get hopes up to soon...will know on friday. Also talked to my boss and will now get an contract for an unlimited period. I told them otherwise I would have to look for another company and that worked. Since I'm filling in for a friend who's long-term ill, that's kinda special though cause if he get's better (which I hope cause I like him) I'll probably have to leave the company nonetheless. Everything challenge related was rubbish...bad food, no tracking no meditation or I could manage was to not start smoking again...
  2. Doggie, also that pancake looks really you mind sending me the recipe? After a lot of testing I pretty much found out that it really depends on the supermarket you by from how good the baccon is (I love the one from "Edeka" but sadly none near my work/home at the moment :/ )
  3. That streak was awesome but if something stops being fun then you have to change it Hope you'll still be around even without a now to keep us updated and also to keep in touch with NF Surgerys just s*ck. Hope it's the last for a long long time :/
  4. Good day overall. Work was okay. I'm pushing for my contract negotiation because I need/want a long time contract otherwise I'll have to look for another companie (I really like the company and the people but I want to stay in Berlin for at least the next 1-2 years so I need something more longterm). Went to the gym with my colleague after work. Tried deadlifts and failed horrible again (I forgot to make a video but Tim and also the Girl from the gym both said that my upper back losses any tension as soon as the weight begins to be at work leading to around back and bad form). I'm really dreading deadlifts already because I just don't get them (and I already spent quite some time the last week reading about them and watching youtube clips). The rest of the training was diffrent back-exercises and some situps and curls. Good news on the flat situation. Got an invitation to meet with some people from a flat not far away (and in the same price-range) on wednesday. I hope they are nice and this works out (at last they are the same age and not 40+ that's one part of the actual situation not working...) Quest 1: tracked and should be really okay today Quest 2: Tried yesterday but didn't worked was to distracted Quest 3: Nope tomorrow again Quest 4: Still stuck at day 3
  5. Yeah Welcome Oops I didn't planed to do can I fix it?? O_O (and I hope that stays this way cause I like it)
  6. So update, update, update I started looking for a new flat and that's a lot of work (there's like 20 new per hour on the site I'm using) but I still feel more or less positive (but knowing me that will change in two weeks latest if I don't have something fixed by then :/) Went to the Kreator/Sepultura concert yesterday that was awesome (like always because Kreator are always good). Went to play Quidditch today and it's fun and I will try to keep going...but it's really really exhausting too. After that I choose to spent some time at a weekly yard sale arround the corner (at RAW just for Ada because she's the only one that has a benefit from this information ) not to buy anything but to be outside because it was sunny for once...and only for like 20minutes The rest of the day was housework, watching ROH and Bull and playing Stardew Valley. Quest 1: Tracking: Was done the last days, I'm okay meaning not hitting my calorie goals but not far away from them. I need to check my weight at the gym next time because I'm walking more than at home so maybee it's enough to lose a little. Quest 2: Meditation and reading happend on some days on others I just forgot. Also found out that Stardew Valley (like Harvest Moon) is good for my mood and helps me relax Quest 3: Looked for a place to stay and wrote to 12 shared flats so far Quest 4: I did a lot of other sports the last day so still stuck at day 3 of 30 days of yoga
  7. Auf jeden Fall! Sag einfach (mit etwas Vorlauf) Bescheid wann du da bist So we only need a date it seems
  8. You are awesome as a "choach" hope we can do it again soon (maybee I will conquer my "fear" of deadlifts then )
  9. Yeah so today in the morning the person I'm sharing the flat with said he wanted to talk tomorrow morning because it isn't working out... On one hand I'm okay with the general thing because I'm not feeling welcome at "my own home" on the other side that means searching for a new place without knowing if my contract will be extended (it looks quite good but nothing binding so far). So I will see what he plans and depending on what he's imagining we're probably going to get into a legal fight (he's that kind of person that's one part of why it's not working out here) even though I am super stressed and upset right now I managed to keep stress-eating (mainly) at bay. Had a second breakfast for my nerves but nothing more so far. I started looking for a new place to stay at work and also phoned some people already.. Later I will meet with a colleague to go to a "Moscow Death Brigade" concert (hooray for all the concert connections ) I planed to go to another concert but hanging around with the colleagues sounds like a good ide today. Tomorrow I will also go on a concert and on sunday it is quidditch time so the weekend will hopefully help me get into a better mood again :/
  10. So I'm kinda arriving in Berlin and now it's time to get fit again!! I'm going to take my challenge goals from last month and change them so that they will be nearer to the point I'm at the moment: 1. Track what you're eating, track what you're doing Goal: Track kcal and macros daily via myfitnesspal Goal: Update this thread at least 3 times per week Tracking was good the last challenge but posting wasn't. I'm going to follow not as much threads this time (I'm sorry you're all so amazing but it kinda keeps me away if I have so many things to read... :/) 2. Good food Goal: Cook at least 2 days per week The first weeks I realy had time to cook but the last days I either had things to do or didn't feel like it... Improve my mind Do meditation daily read at least half an hour before going to sleep 3. Do shit that improves your situation -Read job postings every other day -work on cv/linkedin/xing -look for new place to stay 4. Sport, that's the thing! 30 days of yoga challenge + 30 days of meditation