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  1. Okay so somehow a whole week just flew buy and I'm pretty much back to the start. Quest : Brooms up I did some meditations in the morning that where good. I tried to do my sally challenge but found that that's probably not a sustainable approach to adding sport to my daily life...Here's why: Doing Sallys (so push-ups, planks or squats in rythm with the b"bring sally up"(whatever it's called song) might be a nice challenge for us in the team to compare how we are doing fitness wise and to keep us motivated doing it daily just doesn't feel like it brings me real development. I got a book with diffefferent variations on the exercises I'm tying to do and think that might give me more results than just doing the one variatin for max 1minute per day. So I'll try to map out a weekly plan with diffrent variations and will probably look around the forum to find good ones to add and will only do one sally challenge per week to see if I'm improving. Im cutting myself some slack with that challenge part though because a) I'm doing a lot of quidditch training already and b ) I'm struggling with hurting wrist and foot for some weeks already so it's probably not wise to overdo it. Quest : Occlumency Starting tomorrow I'll integrate the 10 minute meditation into my mornings again as well as two 1 minute meditations at work. It's probably good and since I'm kinda in a down phase at the moment (hard to describe but nearest is a lot of small anxiety things +/leading to stress at work + light depressive moments and flashbacks in the evening)I think I would be doing worse without those breaks and lessons. It's good I just need to push to make it a habbit. Quest : Hogwarts Feast: Not really working mainly because I'm making horrible food choices and I know that. Also I think my calorie goal might be a little low (2000kcal) and so it looks worse than it might be. So I will try to do as much tracking as possible but will add. Find out what Macro combination and calorie goal are realistic for me to loose weight and find breakfast stuff that's fast and lowcarb... Quest : Hanging arround the common room Thank you for all your suggestions after thinking about them for some time I figured the following out. It's not really the writing and reading that is keeping me away from the boards in the evening, it's my computer that is annoying the hell out of me (7years old and not so slowly moving towards pc-heaven). So as a first step I'll try and see if I can use my phone more for Nf so I'll give tapatalk another try (or are there other apps that are good for the board and challenges). I already have a book for challenges (Board and from Steves book) but the thing I'm missing with that is the community that keeps me pushed. The first time I started here that was a hughe factor in what I achieved so I need to be more online to get that...(I'm probably the only one in my peer group that needs to spent more time online). Adulting was okay, even thogh I still have quite some things on my list and already another challenge forming in my mind for this area...
  2. It took some time but it’s only a failure if you quit and don’t try again… So after beign away for quite some time I decided it’s time to pick up „Level Up Your Life“ again and do a respawn both working through Steve’s book again (but this time with a little more discipline) and also to get back to the rebellions forums. So here we go Assasin no more (for now at least) but looking to find a new profession that works with the goals and hobbys that developed while beign busy with life The Challenge: „After the holidays Schaengel was eager to go back to Hogwarts…not because oft he learning but because of this special sport…Quidditch. Counting the day’s he could already here the voice in his head:“Ready?“…“BROOMS UP!“ I started playing Quidditch shortly after coming to Berlin. Normally I would spend the next 20 minutes justifiying why I spent my time playing and training for a „invented sport“ (the people always look funny when you point out that neraly all sports have been invented by someone ). But I’m sure I don’t have to do that here. If you don’t know Quidditch here’s a quick introduction: Want to see more try Mudbloods on Netflix But back to the Challenge I’m playing as Keeper/Chaser at the moment but got it stuck in my head to try to play Beater as well sooner than later. Problem is you need more endurance for Beater than or Keeper and my endurance suffered over the last half-year…so this Challenge will tryto get me in a better shape in general. Another focus of this Challenge will be Mindfullnes and getting in control of my own brain…so here are the Quests: Quest 1: Occlumency Harry needed to learn to keep the Dark Lord out of his mind… I need to learn to keep stress and anxiety out of mine. So like Harry did (or more like should have done) it’s time to practice Occlumency. Since I don’t have a Snape to teach me (thank god ) apps will have to do. Goal: Do one mindfullnes exercise per day ( Passing when done 20 mindfullnes excercises) Goal Two: Try both Headspace and Calm and decide whats right form e at the end oft he Challenge Quest 2: Hogwarts Feast One questions that was bugging me always when reading Harry Potter was how did they all stay sporty and helathy with all the feasts, all the good food and no sport in school whatsoever? Did they have a diet magic? Andi f so where can I get it? I would like to get back to eating more good food. Inspired by @Jonesy I’ll start by just tracking the food that I eat fort he next 4 weeks Goal: Track what you eat daily (Passing with 20 days tracked) Goal Two: Try 2 new low-carb recipes. Quest 3: Brooms up Harry was a good Quidditch player because he new how to fly instantly. Sadly our brooms don’t fly (yet ) so I have to rely on my feet when playing Quidditch. I want to be a better quidditch player so I have to do a lot of training. And tob e better than the rest I’ll have to do something every day. I already starte das part of my challenges for Level Up your Life to do „The sally“ challenge ones per day with push ups, squats and planks so to keep motivation up I’ll take that and add a little. Goal: Do 1 set of Sallys every day (passing with 20 days done) Bonus Goal: Do 200 Crunches Quest 4: Getting back in the Game This Quest isn’t Hogwarts related (because I don’t know how connect it…open for suggestions… ) So to keep up the momentum I have at the moment I need to get the support systems back in order and that’s what this Quest is about. Goal One: Post an update at least every second day (passed with 14 posts) Goal Two: Spread Quove, follow and support 2 other rebels (passed with 20 posts in total) Goal Three: Back tot he Muggels, do two adult things per week (passed with 8 adult tasks done)