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  1. Congratulations on passing the first step on the way to your new job
  2. Looks like you're doing pretty good so far
  3. Schaengel respawns once again

    CHALLENGE UPDATE Challenge 1: Starting the day right 0 points so far for this one. Nothing new so far but I really need to get this going. I'm so stressed the last weeks but somehow haven't found the time yet :/. Challenge 2: Morning Sport 3,5 points. Gym is working out better now even though I didn't get to go today (we had our big tourstart yesterday so I got nearly no sleep + drinking in the evening, so today I'm just trying to stay awake at work...). Challenge 3: A good breakfast 0 points. Challenge 4: Community work 1 point Even though this doesn't looks to good when just looking at the points in perspective it could be worse...Here's Schaengels ultimate list of why this results don't suck (yet): - I changed positions in our booking agency from doing logistics to doing marketing/social media/grafics for that I need to elarn new skills and also do some extra hours to get ahead of the deadlines. So some time for fitness is used for that instead but soon will be free for running and gym again. - Overall food quality and cooking improved. So even though breakfast isn't good yet the rest is normally better than before and improving - Even though I'm stressed the relationship with my girlfriend keeps that down to a managable amount at the moment since we always plan some downtime and I'm not out and about for 2-3 weeks straight like last year. So overall it could be worse. Now the bad part of the update. We have Shows troughout the whole weekend (including traveling and Hotel breakfast) so from yesterday on till sunday there will be no sport, shitty food and some stress :/ but on the other hand I'm part of the biggest hardcore tour in Europe and get to see Terror, Hatebreed and Madball 2 times
  4. Schaengel respawns once again

    You described the tuna-cream sandwich perfectly (I just realized when you asked that this term is one of the so called "denglisch" meaning deutscha dn english badly mixed), didn't realized taht before XD I tried the mayo and it's pretty mentioned before the sweet potato and I still have some issues but we will work them out soon I hope thank you for the recommendation will definitely check it out I did the first try with olive oil but when that's used up I'll definitely try one of the other oils. Before that I'm too Scrooge-Like to buy any new stuff I had over 1 1/2 month without any real tryining so of course it dumped me back to the start. for the last trainings I just doubled the weight (5kg more per training) but now I'm already at a point where I feel it's best to get back to the original programm...need to try to be less impatient with this stuff... Hey no problem. thank you for joining my threat. Overall challenge is going okay. Could be worse for the surroundings here at the moment (our biggest tour starts tomorrow so a lot of work to be done) That sounds good, like mentioned before I might need a better knive if I keep cooking that much with sweet potato. I'll try the microwave thing soon Thanks again
  5. Schaengel respawns once again

    And as always late to the party I’ll use this January Challenge to respawn and try to get going better this year again. 2017 was overall good but in the fitness and food area there are still a lot of goals to achieve and habits to learn. But this time I’ll try to take it slow one ministep at a time. So I decided to write down my overall Goals for 2018 as a reminder of the general direction I’d like to go. Overall I’m okay with where I am at the moment. I have a nice job, my fitness is okay and my relationship with my girlfriend is working out so well so far. So my most important goal for this year is: PMA! FIND REALISTIC WAYS TO IMPROVE WHILE KEEPING ALL THE POSITIVE THINGS IN MY LIFE IN MIND! My Overall Goals for 2018: Fitness: - Run a marathon in 4:30 (Status: Marathon booked for October) - Finish a Spartan Sprint (Status: Race not booked yet) - Make Powerlifting a habit (Status: Gym found, form and technic needs a lot of work) Finances: - Invest money for my future (Status: Planning at around 80%) - Read 5 books on finances Job: - Decide work goals for the next 2 Years (Deadline May 2018) - Go to at least 5 networking events - Read 5 books that help finding a job you enjoy Personal Grow: - Learn Spanish - Make time for Date-Night at least once per week (and try to make something special twice per month) - Use Nerd Fitness Academy - DM a P&P round - Try Wrestling training - Start a positive & achievement journal - Participate in more VCA charity events So for this Challenge I decided to start working on my mornings and my morning routine: Challenge 1: Starting the day right First Part of my morning Challenge will be to find a good timing for my mornings. At the moment my routine is like this: Bathroom time + Listening to the news Walking to the Subway while listening to my Spanish podcast Listening to my finance education podcast on the train and on the way to the office I will integrate meditation into this routine as my first goal - Meditations done (1 point per meditation) - Passing this challenge with 20+ points Challenge 2: Morning Sport I was waiting for my gym to start opening in the morning and since it does since some days there’s no explanation for not going. Also I’d like to go running in the morning again. - Find a running rout (20min) near my place and near my girlfriends place (5 points each) - Going to the gym (1 point per training session) - Going running (1 point per morning run) - Passing this challenge with 20+ points Challenge 3: A good breakfast I tried fasting in the morning and it works from time to time. Problem is the times it doesn’t works I normally end up with to go food that’s burning a lot of my daily calories and is in general garbage- - Find 5 morning meals (paleo) that can be prepared for 3+ days in advance (2 points each) - Fasting or eating good paleo breakfast (1 point each) - Passing this challenge with 30+ points Challenge 4: Community work I really enjoy the supportiveness of the NF community so I want to participate in that again - Follow 4 NF rebels (will follow @Jonesy and 3 more that I will decide on tomorrow XD ) and check in and leave a supportive message every 3 days. (1point each) - Passing challenge with 30+ points So let’s see how that works