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  1. Okay...that didn't worked out as planned so far XD. So since the masters degree stuff got really busy. I had to adapt and correct my plans. My NEW Goals are: Nutrition Substitute the morning veg. latte with, black coffee [done it the first week and a half] my goal is to do it regularly this week. Also I added drinking water with my coffee in the morning at least that works well so far and I feel more energetic because I'm besser hydrated Eat a healthy lunch with at least 1 part vegetable per day Same as above. First 1 1/2 wee
  2. Hey everyone. NF Prime finally gave me the motivation to get back to the forum. Since start of the pandemic I’m working out nearly every day but since the results are not yet where I want them to be (because my nutrition is sh*ty) I want to get back to tackling those as well. My biggest Challenge long term is to make it slow and steady. I’ll like to do everything at once and that will not work (with having a full-time position (at least when Covid is gone) working on my masters degree in the evening and spending time with my SO and friends). For this challenge I choose
  3. Would be awesome (but we have to change it to bi-anual run now I think )
  4. Sadly no. I'm back to work but only because I must, not really healthy yet
  5. Hi all, I'm Schaengel from Germany and I'm ob NF for 2 1/2 years . I started with the Assassins but after a break and a respawn I ended with the rebels for now:). I'm 28 living in Berlin and use my freetime for training (Quidditch!!) concerts and cinema time. My good Quality is that I'm very self-consious and don't make my decisions based on feelings alone. Also I'm a Steelers Fan (just saying that Gehäuse it seams to be important around here )
  6. First Update: My plan for today was to go to work and after that join the running meeting I read about. I changed that plan this morning to staying in bed with a cold but at least read one of the books of my to do list (probably a travel guide for my Marokko vacation). The bitter reality is that I've fallen asleep watching Critical Role for the 3rd time already ;/
  7. PMA! FIND REALISTIC WAYS TO IMPROVE WHILE KEEPING ALL THE POSITIVE THINGS IN MY LIFE IN MIND! My Overall Goals for 2018: Fitness: - Run a marathon in 4:30 (Status: Marathon booked for October) - make running a habbit again - do speed-work (interval sprints and all that annoying stuff) - Make Powerlifting a habit (Status: Gym found, form and technic needs a lot of work) - change Gym payment to automatic wire so money isn't an excuse anymore Finances: - Invest money for my future (
  8. Or at least I try. After succesfully completing the longest respawn ever I wanted to start working on my daily structures more (this challenge was planned to improve my evenings) BUT live got in the way so this challenge will all be about doing adult stuff that needs to get out of the way sooner than later. I will keep my year goals and will work on those as well. In part's this challenge is for those goals in other parts it's just stuff that got delayed for way to long. Also it will be a lot of work related stuff. Quest1: "We're all MAD here" This one is
  9. Thanks @zeroh13. quick update. Mornings are working out well (with weight lifting integrated into them) and can stay as they are for the moment. So the main goal of this challenge is a succes. finding time for Nerd Fitness isn't working out as I'd like it yet but at least I'm checking in kinda regularly. Running will need to be done this month. That didn't worked out yet :/ Overall the challenge was okay I would say. Second week: - monday try to create a weekplan that sets a wake-up time for every day and has 3 morning workouts in it Managed t
  10. Thank God there's Quidditch training, so I was able to add some km for the team
  11. And another update: I'm trying to do NF but there's really! not enough hours in the days at the moment. but on the upside I'm having a lot of drive at the moment and I'm using it to work on improving my life as well as my health so that's a good thing and when there isn't so much time for internet thats a sacrifice I'm willing to make. Also updated my year goals. I already like those and will probably stick with them from now on Second week: - monday try to create a weekplan that sets a wake-up time for every day and has 3 morning workouts in it Managed to pla
  12. It reminds me of my work everytime I look at it...not sure if thats a positive though Yes I think it's somehow coming together this time Uhh that sounds like it could be my wedding (with the little problem that I don't plan to have one ever )
  13. CHALLENGE UPDATE So what happens with the respawn? It's still looking okay, definitely better than last time but of course the busy life got kinda in the way I went to a little 4 day vaccation with my girlfriend in Madrid last week so in that time we didn't realy had a morning routine in the way that I planed it to be but more like 1) sleep in 2) eat unhealthy at the breakfast buffet 3) walk the whole day. So unhealthy food was eaten, a lot of walking was done and most importantly a lot of sun was enjoyed. Definitely worth taking a break to the challenge. Of course the mo
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