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  1. Well that last challenge blew by! Not that I managed to log on much towards the end...but I did keep up with my tracking! This challenge will be much more stable! No movesNo trips (planned yet!) I loved my main challenge (track things) last month, so I'm keeping it. This time, I'm adding on to that main challenge: Not only will I continue tracking my food...but I will track to Marco goals! Last time the intention was just to get in the habit. I made it to a 25 day streak in myfitnesspal GOAL 1: Hit the Macros I have a spreadsheet started for that with some nice formatting to
  2. you've made such awesome progress!!!
  3. As, apaprently, usual I missed the last day or so of this... But I did really well with at least goal 1 (tracking things) Maybe a little too well...I now have a google sheet with all my macros and weights since I moved. Conditional formatted to change to red or green if I'm spot on or off my goal by more than 10% and weekly averages/over unders. its been fun, but seems a little OCD in retrospect. I like it though! Grade = A Goal 2 not so much: I've done some training but not consistently. Grade = F for this round. I'll carry this one over. Goal 3 was German...I have to practice by def
  4. My new apartment....4th floor (germany measures that as 3rd...we start at 1 in the US though not 0) Laundry....basement. There is an elevator, but i'm trying not to use it!
  5. Feel better!!!! Chinese and Pizza are tasty...but...I always feel terrible after eating chinese and try to remember that. I forget from time to time ;-)
  6. InPursuitOf


    We were poking around tattoo shops this morning too! I'm only at 2...but more coming ;-)
  7. InPursuitOf


    Did you make it into the class?
  8. I found you too! I think...Do you have a challenge thread too? I haven't been so regular on time frames, but between 18 and 30 (now) I've lived in 4 US states (moved a few times within Massachusetts too) and 3 countries (USA, Ukraine, and now Germany). Less certainly is more
  9. secondary status update: Did I mention I was tired? I finally converted the kg measurement to lbs, and am down 9 lbs from my initial starting weight. I think I'll try to set my scale to pounds...its much harder to get excited about kg! This new scale does body fat % too...I know impedance measurements aren't the best but its better than the nothing I had before imo! It was in the 36 range..I was expecting 40-something so that was a decent surprise. I don't want to say a good surprise since that number is still sort of shocking...but certainly not a bad surprise
  10. I am so tired! I just came home after an afternoon of geocaching with my coworker...and passed out for 3 hours <3 you both! So far the move has been uneventful, with nothing lost or broken and no major incidents. Just a whole day of lugging nearly my goal weight in luggage ;-) There have been some challenges, like the TV and outlets, but nothing beyond expected. I did have to buy more stuff for the "furnished" apartment than I originally anticipated, c'est la vie! Miming "down comforter" and "pillow" was fun Having a kitchen again is weird...especially one "des
  11. Yes! 🚗ðŸšðŸš ✈ ✈ðŸšðŸš—
  12. InPursuitOf


    Mini 2: I tried Curling last week..that was new (and fun!), and Skijoring the week before (the dog pulls you while you're on your cross country skis. Highly recommend...except when the ADHD dog gets the scent of an animal and tries to drag you off trail into the woods. Gotta love dogs...) And I'm moving to Germany today. Thats likely to be full of new things!
  13. It's moving day! At the Denver airport en route to the next adventure...which so far has consisted of getting up at 5am followed by a car, bus, train and (in several hours..) 2 planes, 8 time zones and another train. But at the end of the yellow brick road is a company sponsored apartment and work permit in Germany! Imagine how nearly impossible this day would have been 100 years ago...crazy
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