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  1. Welcome! Free weights are scary at first but just put in your headphones and go to town
  2. Your going to love the community, welcome to the family!
  3. My ex could do this to music and they were solid c cups. So its possible but she was super fit
  4. Awesome story and great job so far. Im a mechanic so I know batterys are no joke good job!
  5. Welcome! Sounds like your on the right path! Dont be afraid to ask questions!
  6. In all honesty though welcome to the community, and amazing backstory. Its shit like this that makes me call myself a pussy and bust out my last set.
  7. Crxmahan


    Try drinking lighter things I know when im drink off beer vs whiskey i eat a lot more with the beer
  8. Black bean burgers are always amazing and im not even vegan or veg
  9. None of my bikes have brakes but I have bmx bikes so I have a little more room and tire to foot jam with
  10. Make your own thread!!!! Dont steal sidneys glory!
  11. That seems fine. I have nothing but free time.. Anytime you are free I am, bruce hbu?
  12. Ive done serious mountian bike trails on my bmx bike and hes right.. Some times you have to admit defeat and run up a hill. You get passed a lot on a fix gear
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