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  1. Not a problem, an opportunity to practice your challenge! For alcohol, I recommend finding a substitute drink. Club soda, lime, and bitters worked for me. For sugar/sweets, what about keeping a pack of sugarfree gum on you to pop in your mouth when temptation hits? Pardon typos; sheep have hooves, not hands.
  2. Hokay. So. Here's Mir. (not round) So yeah I've been around NF for like a while and stuff, but I haven't been active for...I dunno. A few months. Life has been interesting to manage - bought a house, sold a house, bought a car, sold a car, took a couple vacations, etc. Got assigned to a huge project at work. Which is a huge clusterfuck, but that's another story. Warrior at heart, but very not-warriory goals this round (see below). Struggle with depression and have since my teen years. Recently (within the last year) diagnosed with ADHD. Been in and out of therapy, on and off meds (currently on), and only recently figured out that I have a LOT of shit to work out. Which is incredibly depressing and overwhelming to me. But I have recently decided that I am worth it. And I am finally ready. For anyone who doesn't know me, I'm super open, and super honest, and I swear a lot, and I have word vomit a lot of the time. Oh. I should also mention, from a fitness perspective, that my fitness is fucked. I haven't lifted seriously in many, many months, although I have been going slightly more frequently (like...4 times in the last month). Which is better than nothing. About a year ago, I'd had a really bad holiday season and I weighed the most I have ever weighed in my adult life. I started losing, and then I started on my meds last summer, and then I REALLY started losing. I've lost around 30 lbs since a year ago and that's probably all I really need to lose. HOWEVER, along with my fitness being fucked, my diet is fucked. At this point I eat like once a day (thanks appetite suppressants and busy project times). I am undernourished and malnourished, FO SHO. I am not anorexic or have any type of eating disorder. I just...sort of got used to not eating. So I need to re-establish the habit of eating more, at some point, and eating enough to support my lifting, and actually, y'know, lifting. However this is a mental health challenge - one thing at a time. So... goals 1. Start using dbt skills workbook with therapist. Probably also diary cards. Not sure what this will look like yet. 2. Check out Buddhist temple I am interested in. Go to 3 meditation sessions. 3. Continue daily habit forming with tiny baby steps. Need to keep up my momentum. 4. Be actively MINDFUL. Participate and live in the moment and appreciate that it will never come again. Ichi go Ichi e Gotta admit, as a warrior, I'm pretty intimidated coming in here. Especially after being gone for so long. Pardon typos; sheep have hooves, not hands.
  3. Tommyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy I miss you! We need to plan something FO SHO Pardon typos; sheep have hooves, not hands.
  4. Oh boy. Double post win. Pardon typos; sheep have hooves, not hands.
  5. /me sneaks in Hiiiii nerds I miss you all very, very much! /me sneaks out
  6. Wait, is this challenge over already? HOLY CRAP. I feel bad about not updating more, but you know, life. I don't even remember what my goals were, other than not dying. BRB. Okay, back. So obviously still alive, although extremely stressed. More about that in a minute. Keep house shiny ended up being moot after the first 72 hours, but that kind of transitioned into "get shit ready to move", which I have done a decent job at. We don't have a TON more to pack, and we should have 10 days to move between houses. Should. Mostly not eating like an asshole, although the drinking has ratcheted up a bit due to stress and also doing fun things - camping/canoeing trip, Labor Day weekend up north with friends, etc. 145.6 this morning, so really about where I want to be, although still entertaining the thought of dropping another 5 lbs (but haven't been able to with the junk food and the drinking) to see how that feels. But it's not a priority. Okay I have a meeting. I'll have to update on house stuff later. Sorry for being so absent this challenge! I <3 you all!
  7. I am down for posting llama pics. And I am still alive. Still feel pretty good! The house stuff is falling into place. Time is moving along. Etc. WHEN ARE YOU COMING TO GET YOUR MONOPOLY GAME. Also, I'm waaaaay too tired in the morning to scream ANYTHING. But I certainly think it! I'm making a tablecloth for Mr Mir for our anniversary. This was a ridiculous project that I totally bit off more than I could chew. I was thinking I would stay up all night and complete it. I made it until 2 am (even with an extra dose of adderall and lots of coffee), called it quits, and got up at 630 Friday morning. Worked on it for a good portion of the weekend and it's STILL nowhere near done. Here are some pictures! I am excited. It looks awesome.
  8. Okay. So things are good. Very stressful, but good. House stuff is not moving as fast as we would like, but it's still moving. The inspection on the new place is today. Today is also our 4-year wedding anniversary. So I'm sure the inspector is going to find lots of stuff wrong and we are going to spend the rest of the day stressed out and wondering if we should back out. Our house inspection went alright; the inspector found a couple nitpicky things (like a cracked basement window and moisture in one of the garage windows), so the buywers asked for some concessions and we just agreed because it's not that much and we are tired and stressed and kind of feel DONE with the whole haggling thing. Work is good. Very busy. VERY STRESSFUL. I am being switched to a huge ERP project, which is awesome, but there's a lot of transition. I'm basically in meetings from 8-3 Tuesday-Thursday and since I don't work Fridays, that means I have Monday to get my regular 40-hour-a-week job done. But seriously, I'm on fire. It's amazing. I feel like I could accomplish anything. But definitely still stressful because of the whole transition, which will take a couple of months at least, I'm guessing. The project should last another 2 years or so and so they are backfilling my position with a limited-term position (so I get my job back when the project is over) but after the project is over, our team is going to have a lot more work, so they are considering making the limited-term positions permanent. So I actually have someone I am trying to recruit for that. Weight loss is happening. Hit 144.8 this morning. Trend is still above that, but that's ok. Partly due to the canoe trip and all the boozing. I think I might keep going another few lbs - reassess after another 5 or so - but I'm very pleased.I'm actually over a month ahead of my linear projection from the beginning of May. Gym has not been happening. Because I have been working through lunches. But that's ok. I'll get back when things are settled down a little. Sorry I haven't been around much! A lot of my time has been taken up with doing productive things, and then I've been needing ALL the sleep. Self-care ftw. Japan is also coming up - and we haven't finished planning yet. I don't know if I mentioned that we are closing on our old house THE DAY BEFORE WE LEAVE. Should be good times. (OH! MoC, the canoe trip was super fun! Less crazy than in previous years, and that's both good and bad.) Okay, I've gotten 4.5 hours of sleep because I'm working on Mr Mir's anniversary present that I waited til the last minute to even think about and I want to get as much done as I can while he is still asleep, although I imagine he's going to be up soon. It's going to take me for. freaking. ever. I'll post a picture of the finished product if I don't completely fuck it up. <3 you nerds!!!!
  9. Still alive! Still exhausted! It's amazing how tired the waiting game can make you. My hygiene has been suffering because I've been going to bed at 9 and getting up just in time to head to work. This weekend we have a canoe trip so it will be nice to get away and not have to worry about stuff for a bit. The current owners came back with a very reasonable counteroffer which we accepted. So we have a house, pending the inspection (set for next Friday) and appraisal. I'm getting less nervous and more excited. The inspection on our current home was yesterday and I'm hoping it came back ok. I'm assuming it will because it's a fairly new house (like 8 years old). Work has been happening. I've made it every day this challenge so far, and I have over 20 hours of sick time (WOW). Seriously that's a lot for me for the past year. Weight loss is also still happening. Hit a low of 146.6 yesterday. Up a bit from that today, but meh, fluctuations. Gym has NOT been happening. At first it was house stuff (showings, etc), but lately I've been working through my lunches because we have a TON of work to do, and we have a huge ERP project that I'm getting dragged to a lot of meetings for. Lots of requirements validations, JADs, decision paper meetings, things of that nature. Most of them I don't really think I have much of a say in any of it (squishy face on the totem pole, here), but I think it's a good learning experience and maybe once we get further down the road in the project, the meetings will be helpful. Still trying to figure out what to do with my newfound focus, work-wise. I have a lot of vague, ephemeral ideas on how to improve things, but no real action plan, and I'm not sure how to create an action plan. But that's ok. I'm stuck doing a lot of busy work right now anyway
  10. Yes! Mr Mir wanted to wait for the inspection to start packing seriously, just in case something goes wrong. In theory, our inspection is this Wednesday, then I can pack all the things. Thanks!!! So exciting! I already did a LOT of that. But there may be more to come Thanks! More on that below. The first task has been completed! ---- So yes, I'm still alive. Things are going well; I've just been VERY busy and have had almost no time to relax. Which really is ok. We wrote an offer on a house yesterday and our realtor submitted this morning, so now we play the waiting game. If our offer is not accepted or we cannot come to agreeable terms in the next few days, freakout mode will commence. Japan is looming and we'd like to get into a place before then so we don't close, go to Japan, and then be homeless when we come back. So things are good. Weight loss is still happening, but now that I've hit 150, it's happening much, much slower. Which is ok.
  11. Still here! At my mom's house for her bday. Sucks to come in the middle of the week because I have to go home tonight BOOOO Looked at a place last night (finally hooked up with our buyers' agent), have 4 more for sure we are looking at on Thursday. Things are moving along apace! I guess I have to change my "keep the house clean" challenge goal to "pack the shit up"!
  12. Yeah we are walking away with some cash which is good considering he bought at the end of 2005. We have a place we are looking at tomorrow (the one we are most interested in) and some more on Thursday. The good thing is that our buyers are kind of in the same situation as us, so we pushed closing out until Sept 25 at the latest. Wiztrip - mawby is awesome! I try to go to chateau fontaine because I love their cherry wine. Other than that, I like to try one or two new ones every year, but haven't found anything on leelanau that is super great. Gill's pier, good harbor, leelanau cellars, chateau de leelanau....all good ones!
  13. GODDAMMIT! Yeah really it's pretty awesome. Do you guys do the wineries up there? Maybe sometime I can come meet you! Mr Mir doesn't do the wine thing. ........... Thanks for all the compliments! Shit has gotten crazy. We had an offer from the first people to look at the house. We have another showing tomorrow, but none today which is nice. I never knew how exhausting selling a house could be! Dammit people, stop making me leave my abode! Things are good. No weight loss the last couple of days. That's OK. I'm hanging out right around 150 which I'm alright with for now. Not sure what else to say. My mind is a whirlwind!
  14. On my phone so no kana for me. Benkyooshimashita masen. I have no idea if that's right. Oops!
  15. Quick update. I have to leave soon for our third (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) showing. End of Feb, end of May, today. YAY!
  16. I know the positivity is hard. I've been experiencing this at work myself. Feeling like an idiot because I'm looking for a complicated solution to a simple problem....and the solution turns out to be as simple as the problem. Remember the dysfunctional thought. How can you turn the thought on its head? You said that it's something completely out of your skill set. So what about trying to view it as an opportunity to learn something new? Easier said than done, I know well. Looks like the workout stuff is going great! You got this Bro. You've got what it takes.
  17. There was never room before. Yes I'm serious. You have no idea how much cleaning we did. Also, I'm terrible at saving $$$ for that kind of thing.
  18. <3 You are doing great! Remember progress is not linear. YOU GOT THIS MOC.
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