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  1. Wait. You got married? Time must be flying. Because I feel like you just proposed, like, yesterday.
  2. Okay, so. I'm still alive. That's good. I get an A for still being alive. The house is shiny. I managed to DO THE DISHES RIGHT AFTER DINNER LAST NIGHT. And then I had a few things to take care of this morning, AND I DID IT. I EVEN MADE THE BED. Which is good, because the realtor is coming over today to take pictures. And the house is being listed tomorrow. Commence Continue Freakout Mode. I did not eat like an asshole. Or drink like one! I only had one beer last night. And then I collapsed into bed around 9:30. All the tireds. My next couple of weeks are crazy busy. This week: Monday - work, therapy Tuesday - work, concert (NICK CAVE, FUCK YEAH but it's in Detroit so tomorrow is going to suck) Wednesday - work, therapy Thursday - work, ??? Friday - ??? Saturday - ??? Sunday - ??? Monday - work, then drive to mom's (2.5 hrs away) Tuesday - come home from mom's, hopefully not too late Wednesday - work, then ??? Thursday - work, then ??? Friday - dentist appt Saturday - air show in Ypsi, dinner in Ann Arbor Sunday - ??? Monday - work, pdoc appt in Ann Arbor at EIGHT PM. FFS. Tuesday - work, figure out canoe trip shit Wednesday - work, therapy Thursday - work, ??? Friday - wax bitch, canoe trippppppp So all those ??? are times when I have to do all the house searching, and doing the last few things that need to be done to get the house in 100% show condition, and lift, and probably work because I got approved for up to 5 hours of OT/week. That's how crazy things are here right now (they almost never approve OT). Maybe it doesn't seem like a lot, but it's a lot when I'm also trying to sell a house! And buy a house! UGH. And I have to sit down and review insurance information from the places we got quotes from. And I know there's other shit that I'm forgetting.
  3. Make The BuddyTM go get some! DOOD. I KNOW RIGHT. <3 ALL the boobage. You know me! ( . )( . ) Yes! I'm validated! Lurking. Because of awesomeness. Oh don't pretend. You love it! SO GENIUS. Oooo I'll have to give that one a try! Maybe if you're nice and come visit you can have some boobs Eh? Eh????
  4. Winning. It's amazing how sets of 10 gas you when you're not used to them! Way to go!
  6. Are you gonna ignore me again????
  7. Believe or disbelieve all you want! If I had cropped it, I probably would have gone a liiiiiiiiiiiiiittle more modest. Oh who am I kidding. Of course I wouldn't have. No boobs = no problem.
  8. #showerbeer. Didn't I show you that pic of me looking deranged with showerbeer during the nerdette weekend? It's on my phone. I'll post it here later. IT'S SO CRAZY OMG. This I approve of. And house stuff is terrifying. But if I have the Bee Gees on my side, I think I'm good to go!
  9. Hahahahahhahahahahahahahahahaha. Okay. I totally used that River gif before I came to your challenge. My apologies
  10. It's #bathwine. Get it right. Winebath is a tooooooooootally different thing. Also I should probably not use my tub for the next few weeks. Because once I'm finished with bathwine, the last thing I want to do is clean out the tub.
  11. Hokay. So. Here's Mir. Background: Near the end of last challenge, suddenly we decided to talk to a realtor. So now our house is going up on the market THIS WEEK and we are beginning to look at houses closer to where we work (right now is about a 40 min commute and we are sick of it). It's all happening way too fast, and I've never bought a house or sold a house before so I'm in completely uncharted territory. This past weekend was spent getting the house in show-ready condition. If I'm not lazy, I'll take some pics of our immaculate house for y'all. If I am, maybe I'll just link to the MLS. Only then you'll all know where I live. And there are probably stalkers on the internet. So maybe not. ANYWAY, other things that are going well: weight loss. I didn't have it as a goal last challenge, but it IS a goal. Since the beginning of the year-ish, I've lost 15 lbs-ish. I'm hoping for another 5 or so and then I plan to reevaluate and see if I want to lose 5-10 lbs more. I'm getting close! Hooray! work. Still a struggle, but I've been doing MUCH, MUCH better about being focused while I am here. Yes, here. I am typing this at work because I need a small mental break. And I keep getting harassed about making a challenge *cough*Raev and Chairbrokey*cough*. And it's good that I've been more focused because HOLY HELL AM I BUSY. Between work and house stuff, I haven't been to the gym on lunch. In like three weeks. Seriously. And I'm considering taking my PC home tonight and/or this weekend because I have a LOT to do. And I haven't been having too much trouble getting to work on Mondays. I did miss Tuesday, July 8, because I don't know why, but at least I went into work on Friday to make up for it so I didn't use as much sick time. I also used sick leave on Monday, June 23, but again I made up for some of it later that week. Before that, it was May 27. And again I made up some time. So yeah, I mean that's a lot, but not nearly as much as it was. And I have almost 20 hours of sick time banked (wooo). Seriously, huge accomplishment. Things that aren't going well: workouts. I've been too busy at work and with the house search, as stated above, but I've also been making excuses. I want to step it up, but at this point I'm unwilling to make it a challenge goal. I just want to keep it in the back of my head. planning for Japan. Eek. That is all. WITH ALL THAT BEING SAID. Challenge goal #1: JUST DON'T DIE. (with apologies/thanks to Blueberries) I can't believe how stressed I am about selling the house. For serious. So this will be about managing my stress levels. I'm not good at that. In a crisis (or other stressful situation), I'm a whiz. Until I get overloaded, and then I shut completely down. Like, can't get out of bed completely. I don't want that to happen. Hence the goal. Challenge goal #2: KEEP THE HOUSE SHINY. Seriously, this is THE WORST goal for me. I am not good about keeping on top of household things. Now all of a sudden not only do I have to do things like wash the dishes and put away laundry DAILY (when I'm normally a once a week kinda gal), I have to remember to do stupid shit like keeping the toilet lids down, making the bed EVERY DAY (I never ever make the bed), probably emptying our trash daily and vacuuming on the regular because you never know when someone is going to request a showing. I cannot overstate how horrible this goal is going to be for me. No I'm not being overdramatic. Challenge goal #3: DON'T EAT LIKE AN ASSHOLE. I'm usually good on this front. I haven't been tracking calories lately because with all the med stuff, I just haven't been hungry. So many days I'm only eating one meal a day. NOTE: Please no one yell at me about this. My energy levels have been fine (actually GREAT, to be honest) and I'm not wasting away or anything. I'm assuming at some point the side effects will wear off to the point that I have an appetite again. In the meantime, I'm riding the coaster. Or whatever. Uh. And then hopefully I can get back to the gym on the regular. That's pretty much it. I'm ready to go home and have a bottle of wine now.
  12. Damn straight, and proud of it!!! This was a great challenge for you. Glad to see it was such a success!!! <3
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