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  1. I like that! Can we also use it on celebrities who use bad maths? Like those reality tv judges 'It's 150% yes from me!'. 150%?! That's just bad maths! Drop and give me ten!
  2. Well, I definitely lost weight, only a couple of pounds but everything 'feels' better despite not looking a hell of a lot different! I also managed to run 9.78km! Which was more than I was hoping for. This was also dmeasured using my Nike+ thing which wasn't calibrated at the time and was under by about 10%, so I probably did over 10km. Very happy with that. Onwards and upwards! Viva La Rebellion!
  3. Hey, My goal will be to look better in my 'after' picture! (Haven't posted a 'before' one yet, but I'll take one tonight and see how it turns out! Another one I want to do is to run 8.5km. Which will be the farthest I've ever run. I'm up to about 6km. So I think this is achievable. (I'm training for a half marathon in October). Good luck everyone! Al
  4. Hey all! Loving the Nerd Fitness site. Just up my street! I'm upm for this 28 days malarkey. I know I need specific goals, but I'm going to take a pic and if it's flattering enough (!!!) I might post it at the end! Generally wanting to get fit (heart disease & diabetes in the family!) and get rid of the gut! Just managed to get my BMI below 25 last week (on my birthday in fact!) and have signed up for a half marathon in October. So my goals will be 1) to have a better looking photo at the end of the 28 days! 2) to be able to do an 8.5km run by the end. Why 8.5km? Because I've managed
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