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  1. Boxer briefs are what I am looking for! There are no Aldi around here unfortunately As for the number two issue.... I have been so paranoid of a mishap I pre-emptively eject beforehand already lol!
  2. You have the funniest Spanish memes! Which I of course love to steal 3:) Perhaps some of these here warriors would disagree with me, but I reckon something lower impact like yoga would benefit you more than HIIT or something else that would possibly affect your ability to lift heavy (At least that is what Mehdi from Stronglifts would say on his emails) On a side note I will definitely be participating in the next challenge! I am not actively training martial arts but the monks have given me permission to stay aboard (Even the mighty Kishi himself!)
  3. Recent respawner here, planning on jumping in on the next challenge. Much respect for those goals, and I am jealous that you're learning leatherworking! Best of luck, you can do this!
  4. True but I a boxer briefs man... too old to change my ways now!
  5. Sounds affordable. More along the lines of what I can buy several pairs of at once. Thanks~
  6. Hey Shogun! Caponerd here, back after a long hiatus. Will be keeping an eye on your thread, looks like you have a ton of stuff planned for yourself, as usual!
  7. Hey guys! I have not been on this forum for 4 YEARS but it's time to come back. I'm here for accountability, hoping to get myself fitter and more productive this year. This community helped me tremendously back in the day, and I am ready to jump back in!
  8. Hey fellas! Ok so here's the situation. I've started the Stronglifts 5x5 program which includes doing a lot of squats. Aaaand... my underwear can't hack it. Sadly several pairs have bit the dust, ripping from the movements. Any suggestions for sturdy underwear that is not too expensive?
  9. *Sigh* Its good to be back
  10. Hey all! I used to be on this forum but I have not posted for the past.....4.... years?? Question: I am not currently training martial arts but the monks is where I started and where I feel most at home here in NF. Permission to come aboard?
  11. Prepare to be pestered! I'll be checking in from time to time to cheer you on, Shogun!
  12. Kishi! I am not challenging this time around but Imma try and stick around and support all of you guys. Glad to hear you seem to be in a better place, and congrats on those push ups!
  13. Thanks for all the suggestions guys!
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